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Welcome to Naja Vapes, a visionary enterprise conceived amidst the lockdown, drawing upon our collective 20 years of vaping expertise. This deliberate undertaking has led us to create products that defy convention, aligning seamlessly with evolving standards for sustainability and user satisfaction.

Our staunch opposition to disposable vaping products is rooted in a multi-faceted commitment. We recognize the adverse environmental impact of disposables and acknowledge the 85% additional financial burden they impose during periods of economic uncertainty. In response, Naja Vapes proudly presents three exceptional products tailored to meet diverse vaping needs:

  1. The Kit: A fully adaptable, premium stainless steel kit with external batteries, offering three size options. It features durable coils with remarkable flavour profiles catering to Mouth-to-Lung (MTL), Tight Lung Hit (LH), or Sub-ohm preferences.
  2. The Tank: A versatile solution covering a spectrum of vaping experiences. Compatible with existing 510 mods, it boasts six coil options, ranging from tight MTL to 0.2 mesh coils, with corresponding adjustable airflow.
  3. The Rego: A cost-effective alternative to disposables, emphasizing "Re-fill" and "Re-go." This option encourages users to retain and recharge both the battery and tank, promoting recyclability and allowing for the replacement of durable coils as needed.

Our curated selection of e-liquids, meticulously chosen to complement our hardware, reflects our dedication to excellence. These liquids boast premium compositions, featuring superior quality nicotine and enticing flavours. While we have been fortunate to taste some of the world's finest e-liquids, it's worth noting that the costs associated with our products pale in comparison to traditional smoking expenditures and disposable vapes.

At Naja Vapes, we invite you to experience a harmonious blend of sustainability, affordability, and unparalleled quality in the realm of vaping.

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