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Ape Vaping has been around since 2013, we were the first vape store in Hemel Hemsptead also one of the first in Hertfordshire. We have always prided our self on very hard to get products like Grimm Green's KVLT Juice, VAMP Rig Mods and more closer to home favourites like Digbys. We opened our second shop in St Albans In 2017 to extend our fantastic service and products to more people!

We take pride in helping customers get the most from their products and not just selling them a kit sending them on their way. We can supply our customers with starter kits, more powerful mods and even Unregulated devices!

Shortly after opening Hemel Hempstead we decided to stay open late thursday so we could concentrate on the more cloudy customers. On Thursday evening we aim to help people with RDAs, Coil building and High VG Juice Selection.

We hope to see you soon and Vape on!

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21st January 2021

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