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Vlit – Get Vape Stay Lit

Discussion in 'VZone' started by Vzone_yolanda, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Mar 6, 2018
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    Vlit – Get Vape Stay Lit
    Vzone are proud to announce the launch of our new Brand Vlit. This is an exciting time for the team here at Vzone as we have worked hard on this for the past year perfecting all aspects of this brand. This brand will be under our Vzone umbrella and will continue to strive to bring the latest innovations first to the market. We remain committed as ever to our long standing goal of always producing quality reliable products.
    The reason we have chosen the name VLit is to continue the legacy of Vzone with our new brand by attaching the the V to the start of the name but Lit is the main focus for this brand. Everything we launch and everything we do, we aim to be Lit i.e. amazing, popping off.
    We would like to introduce our first product launched under the Vlit Brand – The Preco 2
    We are positive you guys will love our brand and our products and we thank you for supporting us on this journey so far and sticking with us.
    Stay tuned for more Information on the Preco 2.
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