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Flavour of the Week - Watermelon Slices by Dinner Lady

Discussion in 'Go-Liquid' started by Go-Liquid, Sep 2, 2020.

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    Dec 20, 2013
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    This week’s Flavour of the Week is courtesy of Dinner Lady, who are one of the world’s leading e-liquid manufacturers. Dinner Lady are without a doubt one of the most recognisable vaping brands in the world: you can find their e-liquid in over 95 countries worldwide.

    Despite only being founded in 2016, Dinner Lady have continued to grow exponentially with help from their strong brand image and tasty flavours. Lemon Tart is without a doubt one Dinner Lady’s most iconic flavour of all time. Lemon Tart is one of the world’s most popular e-liquid flavours and has undoubtedly helped contribute to Dinner Lady’s success.

    It goes without saying that Dinner Lady’s most popular e-liquids tend to be dessert flavours. Today however, we are going to be focusing on a criminally underrated Dinner Lady flavour, which just so happens to be a fizzy, fruity candy flavoured delight.

    The flavour that we are focusing on today is Watermelon Slices, which pays tribute to the classic taste of fizzy watermelon Pick ‘n’ Mix candy. On inhale, sweet and fresh notes of watermelon get things started and are followed by a burst of sour candy on exhale. Watermelon Slices also boasts fizzy, sherbet-like undertones, which add to this flavour’s charm.

    Watermelon Slices is a magnificent flavour that manages to perfectly capture the taste of sour watermelon sweets. Personally, I am a huge fan of candy flavoured e-liquid, so I was intrigued to see whether or not Watermelon Slices reached its potential. It’s safe to say that it did. It’s also worth mentioning that Watermelon Slices is very conservative towards coil life when considering how potent its taste is.

    Although Dinner Lady’s dessert flavours seem to attract the most praise for the British company, Watermelon Slices is a demonstration that they have the awareness and capacity to create a delicious candy flavoured e-liquid.

    You can purchase Dinner Lady on our website now in a variety of different variations. Watermelon Slices is available as a 50ml shortfill with an optional nicotine shot at 70% VG. You can also buy it at 50%VG as a 10ml e-liquid and a 10ml nicotine salts e-liquid.

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