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three new Boom's, three new Fallstreak available

Discussion in 'Colonelboom' started by Colonelboom, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Mar 16, 2013
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    For those of you who didn't get to Vape Collective and try the new releases, we have all six flavours available to buy on the site right now (though it's selling out quickly)

    As with the rest of each range, Colonel Boom's is a smooth 60% VG and Fallstreak is our 80% VG option - there's loads to choose from in either range.

    Colonel Boom's: 60% VG

    LT. Ripley: A simply stunning representation of a traditional raspberry ripple ice cream - with syrupy raspberry running throughout a delicious vanilla ice cream base

    Silver Fox: Our twist on a menthol cigarette and the only tobacco currently in the range, this has a couple of little twists to keep it smooth though and one of them being a sour apple hint right in the background but uber freshness throughout

    YumYum: Another traditional recipe - American Cream Soda. Not as sharp as the stuff you get here in a can, this is sweetened vanilla that has a little fizz to mimic the real thing - it's smooth and almost powdery in the mouth.

    Fallstreak: 80% VG

    Fractus: Banana poke cake (a light white sponge cake) with hints of both cinnamon and rum right at the base. A real hit with dessert fans and banana lovers.

    Translucidus: Sharp, bright and tangy sarsparilla root beer laced through a creamy vanilla ice cream float. This is a ballsy flavour and great to keep vapers tongue away.

    Calvus: Creamy and tangy natural yoghurt blended with delicious, juicy and ripe peaches. This is an amazing light and refreshing all day vape

    Https://plumeblu.co.uk - fill your boots (and please do not use the POTV12 discount code, unfortunately we have no way of removing it at the moment and cannot manually check each order so you will get a discount)

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