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Review Blu-bacco - Flavourwest

Discussion in 'Tobaccos' started by cheersm8, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. cheersm8

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    Jul 26, 2012
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    Flavour Name




    Bought from

    Ecigarette Depot Eliquid and Accessories



    Costs & Value

    Price paid (£x.xx) 2.20
    Bottle size (ml) 10
    Price per ml (pence) £ 0.22
    Percentage used in review 20
    Concentrate cost to make 10 ml of e liquid £0.44


    This concentrate was purchased by myself,with my own money,and for my own use.

    I'm now vaping my second batch using this concentrate and it's gradually creeping up to being one of personal Top Fives. I mix this at 20% (the whole bottle for a 50ml batch easy peasy style), and IMO it does need a 20% mix for an even balance of flavour otherwise any less and you lose out on the tobacco flavours. The fruit part of this concentrate has staying power, so, if you like more of a fruity taste, just cut back to 15%.
    The flavour is classified as a "Fruity Tobacco" and quite rightly so! I have no idea how this perfect balance of fruit and tobacco is blended, and I don't particularly care to know. It works, and that's good enough for me.
    Going by the name, I suppose it's likeable to a Bluberry/Tobacco combo, and well it may be to some folks. On vaping, I get the fruit,but it's not Blueberry. My taste buds tell me Kiwi and,sometimes a Kiwi/Watermelon. Overall, the juice is sweet (but only just sweet) with a hint of acidity that you would expect from fruit.
    For me, the Tobacco part is definitely "Turkish Blend" but nowhere near as 'in your face' as the off the shelf Turkish Tobacco e-liquids.
    A hint of Liquorice appears with this juice after maturity,and noticeable when returning after toking on other flavours.
    This lovely Fruityness is in perfect harmony with the tobacco flavours with none taking the shine away from the other.
    I've tried this mix with mech mods, vv/vw, and ego's and it gives a great flavour with all battery styles and powers but it does bite back if chain vaped at sub ohm levels. (maybe I should lower the nic? :P )
    Scratchy Nose Tingle - Some liquids give this sensation when exhaled through the nose, for me, this concentrate is one of those.

    Doesn't need lengthy steeping. I found that once the colour change has occurred, it's ready to go. This doesn't take long, 1 - 2 days in the summer, and 2 - 4 days in the winter (depending how high your central heating is on). Of course, like most DIY juices, this does improve with age,but Blu-bacco is not compromised if you make an early start.
    It is one of those juices that can be helped along a bit by an initial hot water bath for an hour or two (not hot hot, just hot tap hot )
    From 'new' this is a colourless liquid and only gets as dark as white wine on maturity.


    One of those Big White Fluffy Cumulus Cloud types (this is with a 50/50 PGVG mix)

    Throat hit

    A strange throat hit sensation. It's there and it hits, but a real good comfy hit nowt like sandpaper.

    Value -Any juice I make that gets used up is good value in my book, and Blu-bacco will never get shoved to the back of the drawer.

    Effects on tanks and atomizers and any known ‘nasties’

    OK with stainless and pyrex (obviously) No issues with Plastic (pmma) tanks.
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