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Review Raspberry Ripple / Candyfloss

Discussion in 'Cakes, Sweets and Desserts' started by Miss Pepper, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Miss Pepper

    Miss Pepper Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 23, 2013
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    Just thought I would post a quick review up of some concentrates I picked up from Emporium in Edinburgh.

    Usual disclaimer, my opinion, own cash for the purchases, taste is subjective blah blah

    One of the usual shops where we pop in for a chat, see what one of the guys is up to etc happened to be having a little clear out of some of their concentrates (own brand) and it was five for £10.00. I picked out "raspberry ripple" and "candyfloss" as I am quite partial to these in real life.

    Got round to a quick mixing session yesterday and made them up as a single flavour 100ml bottle with 2mg of nic. Shook them, popped them in a warm bath so the could do the back stroke, changed the water and left them swimming overnight. This morning they made it to the lounge and the colour change has started on the raspberry ripple.

    What the heck I may as well give them a quick toot.

    Raspberry ripple -
    Does taste like the ice cream, has a hint of coldness to it and isnt too sweet. It is nice as a single flavour and I am looking forward to seeing how it changes over the next few weeks.

    Candy floss -
    Wasnt too sure what to expect with this one as normally it wouldnt be used as a stand alone flavour.

    However it is working, it is almost like a sherbert / love hearts type sweet, you know the fizzing on your tongue? Yup, this has that effect. It has a fair amount of sweetness to it (no where near like some of the USA juices) but as to be expected, after all isnt candy floss just sugar, food flavouring and food colouring...

    It is working as a stand alone flavour.

    Again I will be interested to see how this changes over the next few weeks.

    The reason I am trying these, and will be mixing others as stand alone flavours, is I threw myself into mixing and never tried just mixing one flavour.

    Give it a shot and put your own comments up, you may be surprised, be more creative, feel inspiration and slash your vaping budget a bit.
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