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E fast eliquid review.

Discussion in 'E-Liquid Reviews' started by Vape lord, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Vape lord

    Vape lord Postman

    Feb 23, 2018
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    Hi there guys. Here's just a really quick review of one of the most affordable e liquid brands I have ever come across. They are called e fast and you can get 6 bottles of eBay for under 7 quid.
    The question is, are they good though?

    In my opinion yes they are. I have had slightly higher quality brands like vampire vape and can taste the difference but even still, e fast liquid has a really string flavour to it. I have tried many of their selection and never been disappointed with any of it apart from the really sickly ones like 'mothers milk'.
    On my mech mod this liquid produces some decent clouds even though its only 70pg/30vg.

    The last thing I want to say about the liquid is the packaging. For every liquid it comes with its own very vibrant cardboard box. It all feels extremely high quality considering the price.

    All in all I would recommend this to anyone who is on a tight budget but still wants decent liquids. I think, they also sell a version in 80vg/20pg but I may be wrong.

    Last but not least, here is some pictures. Sadly I can't show you the packaging but can show you the liquid.

    Thanks for reading!
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  3. paul2566

    paul2566 Postman

    May 27, 2015
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    Thought I would order some 10ml samples as its cheap enough and you never know your luck. Ordered off ebay, which I would not normally do but since the sealed bottles are rom a genuine producer I thought for a couple of pounds why not.

    Well I ordered;
    Custard Cream
    Milkman Banana + Milk
    Sucker Punch
    Mothers Milk
    Unicorn Milk
    Milk Mania.
    Rhubarb Custard
    Rhubarb Cake

    They all contain quite a lot of sweetener, which I admit seems common with a lot of bought juices.

    The Mothers Milk is disgusting and has gone straight in the bin.

    The Custard Cream (Although its hard to tell) is overwhelmed by menthol, yep menthol in a custard cream, no idea what that is about, but I have emailed E-Fast for an explanation.

    The jury is still out on the Sucker Punch, not looking good but good enough to keep and see if it improves.

    The Milkman Banana + Milk is actually not bad and tastes just like a banana milkshake.

    The Milk Mania like the Sucker Punch may have potential, but its a very chemical tasting 'Marvel' powdered milky flavor. If the chemical taste subsides the 10 ml might get vaped.

    The Unicorn Milk is another juice with a chemical taste, but again going to keep it and try again later in case it improves.

    The Rhubarb Cake isn't particularly to my taste, so the juice may be fine but I don't like it. Because of that it may affect my opinion, but I don't think its very nice. It is cakey but cant get any rhubarb, which is normally quite a strong flavor.

    The Rhubarb Custard does not taste like rhubarb or custard, its just a sweet indistinguishable flavor, which isn't very nice.

    To be honest I didn't expect much, which is just as well. I would not recommend E-fast.

    Its cheap enough so by all means try it as perhaps I was just unlucky, but the menthol in the custard cream would suggest you may be wasting your time.

    All juices tested on clean coils and new cotton with a simple single coil at 0.69 ohms vaped at 30 watts in a small dripper, which is my normal quick disposable coil setup I use for testing juice flavors.

    E-fast have had some good reviews by other apes, so I guess I could have been sent some cloned juice but the bottles look right and who would bother with 10ml costing £1.18, it would hardly seem worth it.
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  4. Vape lord

    Vape lord Postman

    Feb 23, 2018
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    Wow so really late reply but thanks for your feedback!! I posted this review in my early days of vaping when I didn’t really have a lot to compare these efast liquids to. When I started buying more pricey liquids I couldn’t really turn back. However I think you’re totally right, even though they are overly sweetened and get sickly very fast, there are still some flavours from their selection which deserve some credit. Red energy and mango were 2 flavours which I could deal with. I too tried mother’s milk and it got to the point where I got nauseated even looking at the bottle so I also threw mine out lol.

    but yeah thanks for sharing this, was interesting to read another vapers opinion on these juices!
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