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Review Geekvape Alpha Nova Kit - Black Onyx Resin

Discussion in 'VV/VW Mod Reviews' started by Vapin'Bolt, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Vapin'Bolt

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    Jul 6, 2018
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    Alpha 1...NOVAcaine…

    It’s been hard for me to put anything about GeekVape as I’m truly new to using their hardware. I have owned most coils they build which are very good entry coils and I have been pleasant pleased with how they perform. I’ve also owned the Blitzen tank which has been a dream but nothing mod wise. Why you may ask, I don’t bloody know…

    resize_DSC_1597.JPG resize_DSC_1598.JPG

    Out the Box

    The mod comes in 10 different colour options which are Silver and Flare Resin, Black and Flare Resin, Silver and Onyx, Silver and Cobalt, Silver and Ember, Gunmetal and Onyx, Gunmetal and Cobalt, Gunmetal and Ember, Black and Onyx and Black and Jade.The kit retails at $89 USD and £60 GBP. A good price for a new kit.

    The battery requirements are a dual 18650s, these do not come as standard and are sold separately to some readily available kits. I’ve used two sets of batteries fully and on the third as we speak lasting approx. Lasting two full days some may say do you vape honest I don’t chain vape to the max. I’m getting about 250-300 puffs at 70w.

    The mod can reach up to 5-200w which works on VW, V, TC, Curve and Bypass. The chipset in this kit is great it’s the new AS Chip, not heard much about these before but it really is great. The firing is fast with an overall performance of 0.001s.

    The kit includes a USB charger which is standard throughout the vaping world.

    There are no warranty cards, why, well it’s because this is the original unreleased version for testing and samples.


    The Build

    This mod is outstanding, and I must say I’m loving the feel it bringing. It looks old-school in the way it’s designed, but it really is good bit of kit. The device is very solid and feels good in the hand there are no imperfections the ripple effect resin I’m getting used to at first I was like does this need to be on. The magnetic door is good and there is no rattle here but slight movement in placement. Not an issue but I felt in the hand occasionally. The mod is measuring in at 88x52x25mm. So, it is a nice size and looks the part.

    The screen is small but really clear with changeable brightness to read this can be changed colour to suit your preference. On the screen, it displays the puff counter, battery life on each cell and the V and ohm’s. I used this mod at 60 & 75w both nice but 75w was the spot for me. It tastes and clouds really well

    Size tanks are 25mm no bigger it sits perfectly flush with the mod but is raised off the top I assume this is only to stop scratching wear and tear, but you can see the gap. 24mm tanks look nice they are slightly recessed on the tank personally I think they have a nice touch.

    There was no down power when coming to the last bit of battery life which to me is a must I know my batteries are running equal and well. Some mods include the lower output just to protect the batteries life but it’s a battery it’s going to depreciate over time. There is zero lag in between pressing the button and the atomiser firing. The battery life is amazing I cannot fault this.

    The fire button is great, small but its reaction time is unrecognisable. No rattles at all this makes me happy, it was spongy at first but nicely set in and works a treat.

    Some other features which are included are as follows;

    Battery reverse

    Preheat Function

    Material and Mode Selection

    Low resistance protection

    Over current protection

    Alpha Tank

    This tank is something extraordinary and I’m really pleased with how much it has improved from the Cerberus. I know it is a totally different tank but it’s much easier to use and there have been no leaks at all. The tank itself is very tall compared to the previous tank provided but it really doesn’t matter in terms of its build.

    The finish is great, and it seems very robust I have been using this for 3 weeks and the coils last an age I cannot stress how well these are made. Geekvape your legends I’m really starting to choose Geekvape as a number one brand at the minute.

    The flip side action of the top refill is great, and I love how it automatically opens when you press the button it’s pretty rapid too.

    resize_DSC_1599.JPG resize_DSC_1600.JPG resize_DSC_1601.JPG resize_DSC_1603.JPG resize_DSC_1604.JPG resize_DSC_1605.JPG


    · Compact design

    · Great Finish

    · Easy to use

    · Nice bright changeable screen with the time

    · A good fire button with instant fire

    · Amazing battery life

    · Light with batteries

    · Good vapour production

    · High quality Resin finish on the Alpha

    · Quality build

    · Automatic action on top refill, once button is triggered

    · Amazing flavour

    · Long lasting coils

    · Easy to maintain


    · I still can’t put it down…

    · Flaking of the lacquer from the resin



    Wow, Wow, Wow…really, I have no bad words about this kit not any. It really is a dream to vape a dream to carry and most of all a go to choice in everyday usage. I really can’t seem to put this down. I have tried and failed to always go back to it. Why? Because it is everything I want in a bit of kit. If you think this review is very perfect and too true to be true. Then go out and try it.

    I always say it would I buy thus mod? Such a silly question I really could buy all the colours they have to offer not just for the sake of it purely because you don’t need any other kit. Honest when I heard this was going to be the Drag /Killer I was like come on don’t be silly it can’t beat that, but it does hands down.

    The alpha tank is much superior to the Cerberus and it honestly is a great addition to the Nova kit. Be sure to get matching as it looks the part…

    The kit is expensive but worth every penny. I’m really in two minds to get shut of some of my other kits just to go purchase another one. Go out get it and enjoy.


    Equipment/Products Used
    Mod – Geekvape Nova – Black and Onyx Resin
    Tank – Geekvape Alpha Tank – Black and Onyx Resin
    E-liquid – Nasty Juice – Ballin’ – Bloody Berry - 70/30 - 3mg Nic
    Coils – Mellow Mesh Coil - Single Core - 0.2ohm
    Batteries – Samsung 25r 2500mAh & Sony VTC5a 2600mAh
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