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Review digiflavour siren 2 (24mm) mtl rta

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomisers and Genesis Tanks Reviews' started by eyeball kid, May 4, 2018.

  1. eyeball kid

    eyeball kid Legend

    Mar 21, 2016
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    WP_20180504_17_12_13_Pro.jpg WP_20180504_17_12_13_Pro.jpg WP_20180426_23_06_34_Pro.jpg
    Full disclosure, I was sent this little beauty by Maggie from @Healthcabin

    This is the latest mouth to lung version of the siren rta/rdta. It has a huge 4.5ml liquid capacity and goes from an eye wateringly tight draw up to a wide open mtl/ restricted lung hit (think kayfun 5) and everything in between.
    First up the build of this thing is first class and all the threads are silky smooth when taking this tank apart.
    The box comes with all the tools and spare's you'd expect plus two 3mm 1ohm ready wound coils.
    Airflow wise you have two choices. On one side of the tank you have a single hole in the airflow ring so you can choose any one of the five airflow holes which go from sub 1mm upwards. Or you can use the Cyclops airflow hole on the other side to gradually open more and more airflow holes up to a very open mtl / restricted lung hit. Very well designed.
    The supplied drip tip is very comfortable with a plastic tip to prevent any heat transfer or use one of your choice as it's a standard 510 fit.
    The chamber design is pretty clever. It's actually placed halfway up the inside of the tank which helps flavour as small chamber is closer to your mouth and also helps prevent leaks as it's placed well away from the airflow intake.
    This tank wicks anything. The deck is a single coil deal and the wick legs hang down into the tank like a rdta. I've had zero dry hits with this tank while using a 0.5 clapton coil 1.5 kanthal or the supplied 3mm 1ohm coil.
    I instantly thought Mrs kid would enjoy this tank as she likes a restricted lung hit for her tobacco juice but she's a bugger for leaving tanks on their side and getting leaks.
    So far no matter how she's abused it it still hasn't leaked a drop.
    Flavour wise I've no complaints at all and it's up against some tip top gear here at eyeball mansions. The berserker, prime, skyline and dvarw are all currently in rotation alongside my go-to strike rda and it's held it's own admirably.
    The absolute best thing about the siren 2 is the ease of top fill. No juice control to remember and the top unlocks and locks with a simple half turn. Something the berserker could look at.
    This could be a sleeper guys. If you need a leak free flavour full mtl tank that can hold its juice, this is for you.
    Currently available from healthcabin.
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  3. madh0us3

    madh0us3 Postman

    Nov 16, 2014
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    Love this tank, bought the 24mm in the silver and it matches my Lost Vape Triade, love the matchy matchy stuff. Saying that, its a fantastic vape, easy to build, easy to wick, no leaking at all and the restriction is just as I like it. My Custard juices have never been as good as in here.

    Got the Ares at the same time, one would stay, one would go, still have the Siren 2, Ares has terrible turbulence when fully open.

    Also have a 22mm black one which I use for a more MTL experience with my coffee vapes.
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  4. iqon

    iqon Achiever

    Mar 3, 2018
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    It`s only my second MTL, my first being the skyline, this is heaps easier to coil, wick & fill
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