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Suggestions for first DTL kit

Discussion in 'New User Questions and Discussion' started by SAW, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. SAW

    SAW Postman

    Feb 9, 2021
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    Either I can't do DTL or I just don't get on with my Drag S when trying to do DTL. It's ok when I use the Voopoo mtl pod and run low wattage and just do MTL but even that is no where as smooth or as good flavour as my T18ii, Nautilus GT and mini GT. I've tried 30-32w with the Drag S, VM1 coil, 70/30 3mg and all different air flow but it's still to harsh for me. Is it me or is it worth trying a different brand unit ?

    Also is RDL more harsh on the throat than a DTL ?

    I've been thinking of trying the Aspire K4 or Zero G.
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  3. onion

    onion Achiever

    Aug 10, 2015
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    if you’ve got a mod capable of running up to 80w I’ve got a cheap sub ohm tank with coils in the classifieds section. It’s mesh so you can run it at relatively low watts and I don’t think it’s got much in the way of throat hit ;)
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