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Everything You Need to Know about Kimsun TC40W MINI KIT

Discussion in 'Kimsun' started by kimsun, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. kimsun

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    Jun 20, 2016
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    Hello , everyone ! I am glad here to introduce you the Kimsun TC40W MINI KIT. It is the star product of Kimsun, the international brand of Kimree.

    TC40W MINI KIT is the most special mini mod and huge vapor in KIMSUN’s products, 9.9cm is totally less than standard e-liquid bottle’s height, but it can provide huge vapor. polka dots design on surface is more fashionable nowadays and gives you more comfortable touch feeling.


    Built-in STMicroelectronics chip with low power consumption, the mod adopt high-end aluminum alloy and apply with titanium coil thus to ensure the excellent performance. topside screen shows temperature or power directly so that users can easily control the mod status anytime. and users can choose between Temperature Control Mode (℃/°F( and Power Control Mode (Wattage). The product also comes with dry-heat protection function when you are careless to heat the new coil without the e-liquid inside. Two airflow valves adjust the air volume efficiently, also it supports both of mouth vaping in public and lung vaping in private perfectly.


    Press the power button 5 times fast, it begin to work in case that users open it unconsciously and operate it similarly, it doesn’t work. Connected with adapter or the computer by USB cable ,it can be charged. Built-in standard No.18400 battery with 1100mAh capacity, it can support vaping for 2400 seconds .


    In general, TC40W MINI KIT is highly welcomed by people ,the great performance and easy operation make it outstanding and unique.

    If you know wanna know more about KIMSUN TC40W MINI KIT, please click:
    If you wanna buy it and be the agent or wholesaler of KIMSUN, please email: [email protected]
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