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Looking for resource on 3rd party testing of CBD vape products

Discussion in 'CBD' started by podster, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. podster

    podster Member

    Mar 20, 2020
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    Just interested in finding out if anyone knows whether anybody has done any actual testing of the popular CBD eliquid products out there? I've been reading user reviews and forum posts, but I'm not really getting a strong consensus that anyone really is sure whats really in the vape juice they are buying. i.e what type of cannabis has been used to make it and where it came from, what the process of making it was, what the level of terpenes and canaboids are in the product is, what levels of pesticides and heavy metals we are inhaling, etc etc.

    Does anyone know of a website or youtube channel that is actually breaking this stuff down and comparing the products? It all seems a bit "my mate tried it and said it was good" around CBD vaping at the moment, which is fine to a level but has anyone actually taken these products and analysed them in a lab to confirm really what we are getting or is everyone just trusting what the suppliers are telling them?

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