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Adventures of a genie newbie

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Mods and Devices' started by AnnaLaw, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. AnnaLaw

    AnnaLaw Postman

    Dec 13, 2012
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    I'm on my second hand-rolled wick and 8th coil (I think) although it's just a cheap genie clone from China.
    Mine came with a pre-fitted coil and wick but it took 5 rewinds to get it working - the original coil I think didn't touch the wick so I had flaming juice in my atty. The wick had a chunk out of it and a thick bit at the wick hole, don't know why and it still works but I made my first from scratch. It was too thin, no capillary action and although it vaped it only just did. So I made another today.
    I should have boiled the mesh first, the last bit was clean, this looks as if it wasn't by the pretty colours while oxidising and uneven oxidation on the cooker. So, this time oxidise mesh and quench in water (used juce before) got a friend to roll most of it as I have a congenital ability to make everything crooked, but gave instructions to check it fitted and to leave a hole in the middle. Ended up with a nice-looking wick that was a tight fit in the hole. Wound the coil freehand (my drill bits are so old they're imperial, so freehand and fiddle) fired up and - nothing. Either one end was loose or I had a short. So took the lot off and soaked wick and coil in juice then watched the pretty flame as it burned. Back in, after careful rolling of one end because somehow it got a little fatter and wouldn't fit. Then put the complete assembly back, checked resistance - about 2 ohm this time. Fired up and got a hot top coil, nothing else.
    So after a lot of fiddling and coil wiggling I managed to get rid of the hot spots, or maybe the coil is one big hot spot? Put a bit of juice in the atty and it spat juice everywhere, producing clouds of vapour plus hot juice. Thought to myself 'maybe it's wicking too well' so pinched the top of the wick.
    It now works fine at around 7 watts on my vamo but not as well on lavatube. I'm getting vapour out of the airhole as well.
    So I think I don't have a perfect technique yet, but getting there.
    I think this wick should last a while although it could get a little thinner with a slightly smaller hole in the middle. All of my coils start with hot spots at the top but if they're minor and don't affect the vape they seem to bed down. But never before have I made a wick and coil that drinks juice and throws it at me. :assassin:
    Any ideas on how I can improve my tecnique, knowing that practise makes perfect. I haven't tried cigarette paper yet, relied on burning old juice instead, and would love to find a former to roll my wick but I only have a paper clip, everything else is too short. I do have 1.8 mm and 2.5 mm drill bits (need to buy some new ones) but my coils are reasonably even though they tend to be tight at top and sometimes bottom. Plus the fact that I can't seem to be capable of rolling straight. Coils are OK, they aren't meant to be straight. But I haven't made a wick and coil myself that's as good as a vivi nova.
    My genie has those little knurled thumbscrews on the postitive post, metal deck, metal everything but insulators and O rings, and everything is so close together because it's tiny, about 3 ml max I think.

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