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Wassis? It's not an AxMod!

Discussion in 'All Things Mod Making' started by ax, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. ax

    ax Mod Maker

    Feb 3, 2015
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    So, I've been rammed. New 3D Printers, shouting at suppliers and various other things. AxMod Towers has been rammed. However, I've been working on other stuff too here's a few of them.. first off, a poor lowly Flawless #tuglyfe box that had blown a 'fet. If you look at these things, from a technical standpoint, they're horrible, but this one got a total rebuild. I give you the AxMod (Ok, so I lied about not being an AxMod) Tuggie:


    Next up is a Mini monster, that may become an AxMod.. I give you the Pocket rocket,a 1590A Series Box :


    The above was done as a test of the v1 1590A Dual 18650 sled and the Stealthvape CloneTecs, although it's back in bits as I went to test another sled and managed to short the 510 and melt the new sled, D'oh!..

    And finally, a sample build for a store.. The Steambox, (choo choo, motherfekker), it's basically an AxBox P, but in different clothes..


    Sometimes, I wonder how the hell I manage to ram (sometimes quite literally, it can involve a few small taps with a pin hammer, a thick plastic cover and some tape around the box to keep it closed while the glue hardens(!)) a volt meter into a 1590G enclosure like that..

    There's another, (DNA200) but I can't show that one off due to various reasons, if you see me out and about, I'll probably have it with me ;)
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