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First and foremost POTV is a forum and community of like minded friendly vapers and e-Cig Users. Providing sound advice and support to new users and seasoned vapers alike, you'll find our forum a friendly place to be!

Planet Of The Vapes - Marketplace

The POTV Marketplace is a unique first of its kind collection of vendors all in one place primarily aimed at UK Vapers. No more going from site to site for different items - get all your vaping and e-cig products in one easy to use website. Look out for product updates on our vaping and e-cigarette forum.

Planet Of The Vapes - Classified Ads

POTV are proud to introduce the classifieds dedicated vaping and e-cigarette related free to use classifieds! This option is open to all, POTV member or not. Want to sell that old mod to fund a new one, this is the place.

Planet Of The Vapes - Vaping and E-cig Wiki

The POTV Wiki is an ever growing collection of information for vapers, aiming to answer all your eternal vaping questions and tell you all about e-cigarettes. Containing information on Mods, Flavours, Reviewers, studies and much more. The most complete collection of vaping knowledge... anywhere.

Planet Of The Vapes - E-Liquid Mixing Utilities

Our UK and US Vaping forum and website has some excellent advice in out Mixology section and to help you on your E-Liquid mixing journey, a free E-Juice recipe book and E-liquid Calulator

Planet of the Vapes - Vaping Blog

Stay up with current Vaping and E-cigarette affairs with our mutli-user blog, providing insights and news from around the vaping community.