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Vpark Maxtank Pro

Vpark are an American company based in California. They are quite new to the vaping market and so far they have released several box mods (the Vpark Box TC150 is covered here) as well as two new Sub Ohm tanks.

One of which is the Maxtank Pro which features a 2.5ml capacity with four airflow slots for excellent cloud production. The Maxtank Pro includes two coils, one for regular wattage vaping and one for use with temperature control. Featuring top filling and an easy coil swap system this looks to be quite an interesting tank but how does it perform? We shall see!


  • 22mm diameter.
  • Height: 64mm.
  • Capacity: 2.5ml.
  • Coils: 1 x 0.3 ohm Kanthal & 1 x 0.1 ohm Ni200 (200-600 Fahrenheit).
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Coil Wattage: 0.3ohm 30-60W.
  • Easy top filling.
  • Top cap features rubber grips to assist with unscrewing.
  • Easy swap coil system (non-threaded coils).
  • Fully adjustable airflow featuring four airflow slots.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Maxtank Pro.
  • 1 x 0.3ohm Kanthal coil.
  • 1 0.1ohm Ni200 coil (pre-fitted).
  • 1 x Delrin drip tip.
  • User manual.

Styling and build quality

The Maxtank Pro is 22mm in diameter and can hold 2.5mm of juice. It is very well built and all of the parts fit together really well. The glass feels suitably durable but sadly spare glass is not included in the box so take care not to have any accidents.

The Maxtank Pro features a top filling design and the lid itself has two rubber grips to aid in unscrewing. While these grips do spoil the tank a little in terms of styling I would rather have them than not due to how useful they are. The box contains two drip tips, one is made from stainless steel with a Delrin base and features an adjustable air slot to provide cooling at high wattage or extra airflow should you desire it. The other drip tip is made entirely from Delrin and does not feature an airflow slot. It is always nice when a company provides a couple of extras like this so as to provide more choice for users! The drip tips are 510 so you can happily replace them with any of your own.


One slight disappointment for me was the fact that this tank only has a 2.5ml capacity. Due to this you will end up having to refill often and while that is easily accomplished via the top filling system I feel that this tank should have had at least 4-5ml capacity.

There were absolutely no issues getting this tank to sit flush on my mods. I tried it on my Lavabox DNA 200, my iPV4s and also on junglist’s Wismec Reuleaux.


The Maxtank Pro has four airflow slots but they are not as large as the ones on the Vengeance I recently reviewed. Nevertheless there is more than enough airflow to satisfy cloud chasing fans and you can also get slightly more airflow if you fit the drip tip with the adjustable air slot. Lung inhales are really the order of the day with this tank but if you really heavily close down the airflow you can just about get away with a mouth to lung vape but it is still quite airy and would probably be too loose for most people.

Airflow adjustment is easy and I didn’t find it to be too tight or too loose.


Ease of use

The Vpark Maxtank coils use an easy swap system. There is absolutely not threading on them so you don’t have to screw them into the tank. After priming them with a little juice you place them in the base and screw on the tank. In practice it works really well and I feel it is highly convenient for both new and long term vapers!

When it comes to filling the top of the tank is very easy to unscrew due to the rubber grips and there is plenty of space for your juice bottle nozzles. In the short time I have used this tank I did not have any leaking issues.

How does it vape?

I first primed the 0.1ohm Ni200 coil that is pre-fitted and then filled the tank with some Manabush Wenebojo which a delicious combination of maple and pecan. When it comes to temperature control I typically like to vape at 40W with a temperature of 240°C. For some reason I didn’t quite get the vape I was looking for at this setting with the Maxtank so I increased the temperature to 280°C and ramped up the wattage to 55W. At these settings I got a very flavoursome and hot vape with excellent cloud production and it was highly enjoyable!

The draw on this tank is really nice and it puts out lots of dense clouds! If I were to compare flavour between tanks I would say the Maxtank is not as good as the Uwell Crown or Freemax Starre Pro but it certainly is on par with the Sense Herakles (which is highly flavoursome) and as another bonus the Maxtank does put out more vapour than that tank.

What I did really like about this tank was the ease of swapping coils and it was very quick to change over to the 0.3ohm Kanthal coil. From what I have read the coils are fully compatible between the Maxtank Pro and their other tank the Maxtank Mini.


The 0.3ohm Kanthal coil was a great vape and I found the sweet spot to be about 50-55W. The flavour was superb and initially I found it very hard to decide whether I preferred this coil or the Ni200 one. I think in all honesty the flavour was slightly better with the 0.3ohm coil and I certainly could detect more background notes in the juice I was using which is probably why I preferred it, but there isn’t a huge amount of difference between them and both offer a very flavoursome vape.


I didn’t expect a great deal from this tank but it actually surprised me. As a first effort from a new company this is a very decent tank. Flavour is really good and there is plenty of cloud production! When you factor in the easy swap coil system and the convenient top filling the Maxtank Pro is highly appealing.

There is only one particular issue and that is the small 2.5ml juice capacity. Now while the tank is easy to fill you do get through that juice very fast. I would suggest to Vpark that if they increase the capacity to at least 4-5ml then this would improve their product from being simply very good to truly excellent.

As it stands if you are prepared to live with the smaller capacity then the Vpark Maxtank Pro will serve you well.​


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