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Vengeance by Council of Vapor

The Vengeance is a Sub Ohm tank from Council of Vapor who are responsible for other products that we have covered such as the Royal Hunter RDA and the Kindred II mechanical mod.

Utilizing 0.2ohm coils and featuring four adjustable airflow slots the Vengeance is a tank designed for high wattage vaping and Council of Vapor claim it can be used at 100W.  

Vengeance features

  • 304 Stainless Steel construction.
  • Four adjustable airflow holes.
  • Shorty drip tip with non-adjustable airflow holes.
  • Honeycomb Shield (prevents spit back).
  • Heat Dissipation System.
  • Durable Pyrex glass tank.
  • Uses 0.2ohm Coils.
  • Coil Wattage: 30-100W.
  • Coils feature six wicking holes.
  • Capacity: 2.0-2.5ml approx.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Vengeance by Council of Vapor.
  • 1x Spare glass tank.
  • 2x 0.2ohm coils (one coil is pre-fitted).

Vengeance styling and build quality

The Vengeance is quite a squat little tank but the machining itself is excellent and everything fits together perfectly. It feature several of the diamond logos that you will recognise as the ones used on the Royal Hunter RDA. The glass is nice and solid and does not appear to be especially fragile. Should you have an accident there is a spare glass tank in the box.

The drip tip is especially unique and has additional air holes around the edge but unlike the Freemax Starre Pro these cannot be closed. Very much like the Royal Hunter the drip tip has an anti-spit back honeycomb guard but this one is much finer. In addition the rim features a rubber grommet that is designed to keep heat away from your lips. When I first removed the tank from the packaging this grommet was somewhat loose but after replacing it I had no issues with it. I would advise you to be mindful because if it is loose and you inhale hard it may end up in your mouth. On the whole the drip tip design is decent and I like most of the features but you are limited to only using this drip tip since none of my other ones fitted.

I have not found any information on this tanks capacity but if I were to speculate I would say that it holds approx. 2.0-2.5ml and I personally find that a little inadequate.


Have no doubt in your mind that this tank is intended for lung hitters. There are four large Cyclops style slots in total and while they can be closed down this tank will never suit mouth to lung vapers. In addition the drip tip features additional holes to maximise airflow and cloud production. The airflow is easy to adjust and is neither too tight nor too loose.

Ease of use

The Vengeance is very simple to use. Coil installation is trouble free and refilling is straightforward. The tank is filled from the bottom so you need to take it off your mod and unscrew the base each time. There is plenty of space between the main air way and the glass for you to fit the nozzles of you bottles. Strangely even when filled to capacity the tank only looks three quarters full. The coils do seem to prime quickly no doubt due to the six wicking holes.


How does it vape?

I will be honest and first state that I don’t typically enjoy Sub Ohm tanks with massive airflow these days mainly because my tastes have changed. Smok’s TFV4 was essentially overkill for me although I do understand why people might enjoy that. In many ways the Vengeance is quite similar but I did actually find it far more enjoyable to vape.

After priming the coil and filling up the tank with Manabush Coyote Coconut. My device of choice on this occasion was junglist’s Wismec Reuleaux, might as well run down someone else’s batteries right?  I took my first vape at 45W and gradually increased to 60W and then to 75W. Flavour is really good, much better than the TFV4 in my opinion. I didn’t feel it was quite as good as my Freemax Starre Pro, certainly close enough mind you. It was quite similar to the vape I get when using my Sense Herakles and all things considered it was probably slightly better and a little more flavoursome!

Vapour production is excellent and this tank creates some very dense clouds. It is something of a room fogger but it doesn’t put out as much as the TFV4, although it is close. Regardless it still puts out plenty of vapour and will no doubt please most cloud chasers!

Keep in mind the Vengeance is a very hot vape and can get extremely hot if you start chain vaping away on it despite the fact that it apparently is designed to dissipate heat. To be fair most of the heat is kept away from your lips but it is the vapour itself that becomes hot. This tank gave me a nicotine rush very quickly and I felt very dizzy after a few vapes so I think you could happily drop one nicotine level and still get a cracking vape from this tank!


One real let down for me is the capacity because at the wattage required you will find that you get through your juice in no time at all. I also found myself wishing the tank was top filling due to how often you will need to refill.

Even though it is claimed you can vape at 100W I found I just got a burnt taste once I went over 80W so I wouldn’t personally recommend you vape this tank at such a high wattage. The draw is seriously nice and the anti-spit back protection ensures that you never get juice in your mouth.

I personally found 65-70W would give me a very hot and flavoursome vape with excellent cloud production and I saw no advantages in pushing the wattage higher.

The design of the Vengeance is really quite clever since the coil is practically sitting just below the drip tip which is probably why this tank gives such good flavour. In the short time I have spent using this tank I have not come across any leaking issues.

We Vape


In my opinion the Vengeance is a seriously nice tank that offers a very good vape but sadly it has a few shortcomings. The first is the lack of top filling which isn’t really a big deal but considering how quickly the juice drains bottom filling it does become a little inconvenient when you have to refill often. Secondly this tank really does guzzle your juice so I wouldn’t recommend you use premium e-liquid in it because that could get expensive quickly. If you are making your own or buying budget juice it is less of an issue. The tanks capacity is sadly another shortcoming and if this tank held at least 4ml then I would be showering it with praise. Lastly this tank does require high wattage and I found the sweet spot to be 65-70W so if you only have a single 18650 device you will drain the battery fast if you use it often.

The heat sink on the drip tip is nothing more than a rubber grommet that may eventually come off over time and I feel it would have been better if the Vengeance used a stainless and Delrin drip tip. Another negative for some will be the fact that you are restricted to using the drip tip that comes with the tank.

One thing you can be sure of with the Vengeance is that it is very flavoursome even when the airflow is fully opened up and it really does create some very dense clouds, so if you enjoy massive vapour production and love a hot vape then this product will really appeal to you!

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