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Introduction to the Apollo Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank

This atomizer has an effective wattage range of 70 Watts and is designed to complement Apollo’s VTube 4.0 mod but can of course be used on a wide variety of devices.

Apollo Phazer specifications

  • 22mm diameter.
  • Stainless steel and glass construction.
  • Adjustable airflow with large rectangular slots.
  • Unique cooling drip tip made from glass and steel.
  • Tank capacity: 3.5ml.
  • Wattage Range: 15-70W.
  • Coils Available: 0.5ohm (5-50W) and 0.2ohm (30-70W).
  • Coils use 100% pure organic cotton.

 What’s in the box?

  • 1x Apollo Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank.
  • 1x 0.5ohm coil pre-installed.
  • 1x replacement 0.2ohm coil.
  • User Manual.

Apollo Phazer styling and build quality

In terms of looks this is an elegant tank. It is nicely streamlined and I really like the glass and steel drip tip. The drip tip is cleverly designed to incorporate two spaced material layers to keep the heat away from your mouth.

The onstruction of this atomizer feels very good and it is easy to put together or strip down. The glass is also fully removable for cleaning.

I tried four different drip tips from my collection and they all fitted this tank without issues and were wobble free.

Pure Eliquids

The airflow adjustment ring has a nice feel to it and feels firm but at the same time easily adjustable. The airflow slots are suitably large and can be closed down fully for those of you that wish to take primer puffs.

This tank is not a top filling design, nevertheless it is very straightforward to remove the bottom part of the tank and fill it easily. The coils this tank uses are quite unique in that they feature juice flow control. For thicker e-juice you should leave the juice flow wide open and for thinner juices you should adjust it slightly.

The replacement coils are different to most typical ones because you have to reuse the metal housing you get with your first coil. The coils are designed this way to save on the amount of materials used and means less overall wastage.

Ease of use

The Phazer is very simple to use and apart from the juice flow control and the unique nature of the coils that has already been mentioned there is nothing that should cause you any problems.

Due to the narrow design of the main chimney you have tons of room in there to fit the nozzle of any juice bottle you have which makes this tank very convenient.

We Vape

How does the Apollo Phazer vape?

I started with the pre-installed 0.5ohm coil (15-50W). I then primed the coil and filled up the tank with Druid’s Brew Bread of Heaven. What did surprise me was how quickly the coil was saturated compared to other Sub-Ohm tanks that I have tried.

Even though these coils are rated for a minimum of 15W you won’t actually get anything from this tank if you use it at that level. At 20W you do start to get a little bit of vapour but ideally in my opinion you need a device that can put out at least 30W to get anything from this tank.

At 30W it makes for a cool vape with average flavour. Increasing to 40W you start to get really nice flavour and the tank does produce some very thick vapour.

I did take the coil to 45W and then to 50W but at that point I seemed to be getting dry hits. My recommendation would be to use this coil at 40-45W or 35W if you prefer a cooler vape.

Using the 0.2ohm coil (30-70W) I started at 30 Watts which didn’t really do anything. Increasing to 40W the tank started to produce a little vapour but there was no heat and very little flavour.


Ramping up to 50W there was a lot more vapour and the flavour really started to come through. Increasing to 60W the tank does start to get very warm but the drip tip does work in keeping the heat away from your lips. Flavour was much better at this wattage but I did feel that the 0.5ohm coil seemed like it produced better flavour.

I increased to 65W and then to 70W and the tank got very hot at this level, the flavour was still quite good but I did start to get dry hits and discontinued vaping at this level since I suspected I was starting to scorch the cotton. Mind you there was certainly a great deal of vapour produced.

Personally I felt that in general the 0.5ohm coil made for a much nicer vape than the 0.2ohm. I have no idea why that is the case but the flavour seemed richer with the 0.5ohm.

I did find that while the drip tip itself does work admirably in minimising the heat at high wattage. However it is quite wide bore and to be honest I found it muted the flavour somewhat. I swapped it quite early on for a drip tip that was narrower and flavour was greatly improved.



In my opinion the Phazer is a very well made tank but it does seem to perform much better with the 0.5ohm coil than the 0.2ohm. With very large airflow slots the tank does produce plenty of dense vapour and it makes for an enjoyable vape.

Its real advantages are that it is very easy to use and the fact that it can be fully broken down for cleaning unlike some newer tanks we have seen lately. In addition the juice flow control does ensure that the tank has a little more flexibility than some.

The only real negatives are the fact that it isn’t top filling. I don’t find this a big deal to be honest but there are a lot of good top filling tanks out there that some users might prefer.

The way the coils are reused is a very good idea and I respect the design decision but I am sure that there will be some users who would prefer not to have to fiddle with them.

The Phazer is priced at £22.95 which is very reasonable for a decently machined and trouble free tank and replacement coils are priced at £12.95 for five - don't forger though, with the discount code below this brings the tank down to £18.36 and the coils to £10.36.


Many thanks to Apollo E-Cigs UK who sent this tank to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. It can be purchased from their site here - http://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/Apollo-Phazer-Sub-Ohm-Tank-Advanced-Users-p/phazertank.htm - and POTV readers can get a whopping 20% off all items with the code FUTURE!

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