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The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo

It’s not very often Si gets excited about a stock coil tank as he prefer RTAs, so it takes something a bit different to catch my eye. The Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank certainly did that. Check out what he thought

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Supplied by Dovpo for review purposes.
RRP = $39.99

The Ohmage is a collaboration by #Mr.JustRight 1 and Dovpo.
The “Ohmage” Industry's First Dual Stacked mesh coil Adjustable airflow with multiple resistance coils and balanced vapour/flavour production.

It’s not very often I get excited about a stock coil tank as I prefer RTAs, so it takes something a bit different to catch my eye. The Ohmage certainly did that, and I was keen to get my grubby paws on it to review. Did it live up to its claims? Read on……..

In the box

Straight away, the Ohmage was off to a flying start with the overall contents of the box. The packaging looks classy with its metallic silver writing and graphics, little things like notches in the box lid to make opening easier and are always welcome.

On the rear are the contents and contact info along with the authenticity label.

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo contents list

Upon opening, you are greeted with the Ohmage Tank and a bubble glass option.

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo box

Colour options:
Black or silver – I chose the silver one as it’s easier to match my mod collection.

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo colours

Underneath that is a game changer. Aside from the usual manual and spare O-rings, there is a key tool to easily strip the tank down, but the best part was yet to come. Not only was there a coil already fitted into the tank, but there were four additional coils (two of each) so that makes FIVE COILS IN TOTAL – just wow! I really hope this will become an industry trend now that Dovpo have paved the way.

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo coils

I have to admit I was impatient to get the photos done so I could get testing the coils, so I proceeded to strip the tank down into its components.

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo break down

I wouldn’t exactly call the assembly innovative, but it certainly is on trend utilising ‘Plug & Play’ coil changing which is becoming common in newer tanks and very is welcome. They have also adopted the no mess chimney which covers the coil, so you can remove the coil upside down without spilling your eliquid, which is another welcome addition, though this does have a flaw as you cannot see your coil.

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo juiced up

The overall quality is very good and the machining is excellent, no raspy threads, and it is very easy to put together (especially the coil changing). The only niggle I have is that the top cap is pretty sharp. I opted for the necessary evil and fitted the bubble glass for increased capacity though I was pleasantly surprised how well it suited it. In fact it looked better than the straight glass which is unusual.

Branding is minimal, in fact no branding shows when fitted on the tank and the only branding is etched on the bottom.

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo specs

I really love how it looks and feels, nice and weighty, with the resin style 810 drip tip which is the cherry on the icing. It feels very comfortable and the perfect bore size for this tank.

The included coils (all five of them!) offer two styles of vaping at reasonably low wattage:

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo coil choice

Visually it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two as they appear to be the same mesh inside. As mentioned in the specs, the mesh is double stacked vertically so they are narrow yet tall. The wicking ports seem small for mesh coils, so I was a little wary whether they would keep up when chain vaping.

The odd thing about these coils is the lower 0.16Ω requires less wattage compare to the 0.2Ω. I guess it must be down to the mesh style inside?

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo coil close ups

So after priming the lowest wattage rated 0.16Ω coil, I primed it up and impatiently waited for it to saturate. In the meantime, I chose a mod to lob it on. I first popped it on the Vaporesso Gen, but found it looked much better on my Uwell Valyrian mod, which seemed a match made in heaven so I enjoyed looking at it as the clocked ticked away (twenty minutes to saturate to be on the safe side).

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo filling

Filling is simple and mess free. A quarter turn anti-clockwise of the topfill cap reveals two large fill ports, squirt in your juice and quarter turn clockwise to tighten the fill cap. Though it’s sharp, it wasn’t that bad (though I wouldn’t like to wrap my knuckles on it!).

I have had zero issues of it becoming loose in my pocket etc.

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo on mods


So I popped outdoors to test it. I started off at the lowest wattage rating of 30 Watts – just no! – it was far too cool and flavour was muted. I crept up five watts at a time and 45 Watts was when it came alive. Flavour was superb though still not as warm as I would have liked, this coil is clearly for those who prefer a cooler vape but with plenty of flavour so it should deliver your needs perfectly. Cloud chasers won’t enjoy this as vapour production is moderate (which suits me – Flavour over vapour is my bag).

I carried on with this coil for five days exclusive use and soon become used to the cooler vape, the flavour made up for it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually try to kill review coils by stress testing them, this coil performed up to 50-55 watts though the flavour wasn’t much better so 45 watts is the sweet spot. The coil was showing no signs of giving up any time soon, so I decided to move on to the other coil option.

Now this was more like it for me, sweet spot was 50-55 watts and it produced a really full bodied flavour, warm but not hot. Adjusting the airflow to suit me refined the vape, and I was very happy with this option. The airflow ring has a decent tension on it and is smooth to adjust. Again this coil is no cloud chukka so it’s clear this tank and coils were designed with flavour in mind, and I applaud them for that.

Coil life on this option is equally as good as the 0.16Ω and after one week of hammering it, there was little evidence of it giving in. Inspecting the coil, there was a little build-up of gunk on the mesh but the flavour was still as strong.

Though I prefer the 0.16Ω coil, I am also happy with the 0.2Ω and I have ordered both for whichever mood I’m in.

Airflow wise, it’s a little restrictive, but still clearly a DTL draw. I would say the airflow is matched to the lower wattage. It seems perfect to me, smooth and airy enough. I still found myself closing it off a little which boosted the flavour.

Does it leak? Not once in two weeks of use, and when changing coils or inspecting, I have found the base to be bone dry. I would go as far as to say it’s leak-proof. 

My earlier concerns about the small wicking ports struggling to wick while chain vaping were put to bed as it keeps up easily. I think they have found the right balance as I have experience no spitback from over saturated coils.

Overall I am very happy with this tank, though I still enjoy my high wattage DTL stock coil tanks such as the Freemax Mesh Pro (which is still my favourite higher wattage tank). The Ohmage sits somewhere in the middle of my vaping setups, it’s my go to for taking out and about due to the lower wattage for longer battery life and less clouds in public places.


Since reviewing regularly, I have found myself looking for how I would improve the products. This one is a tough one. Overall, Dovpo have done a great job with this product and it sticks out from the crowd. It’s different enough to become a good addition to my vape collection. My changes would be slight such as a less sharp top cap and maybe a view of the coil, but that would mean losing the benefit of the eliquid retention when changing coils, so the trade off is worth it. This is just an excellent design with superb coils, one for flavour chasers, but cloud chuckers won’t like it.

There’s only one unknown factor for me, and that is the omission of a fill line. As you cannot see the coil inside the chimney, I am left guessing when to fill. I have let it run out a couple of times and not had any dry hits so it does appear to wick until the tank has emptied, though I have mostly refilled when it’s about a quarter full just in case.

Highly recommended


  • Plug & Play coils
  • Straight & Bubble Glass options
  • Superb coil performance at mid range wattage
  • 5 Coils included – 5!!!!
  • Leak free
  • Smooth airflow
  • High quality construction and design
  • Contemporary styling
  • Coil change without draining the tank
  • Moderate vapour production (con for some but a pro for me)
  • Value for money
  • Lower wattage with high flavour


  • Sharp fill cap
  • Airflow might not be as loose for some users
  • Unable to see you coil (but worth the trade off)
  • Refill line?

As you can see, I struggled to fault this superb tank. There are simply no deal breakers for me.

Final Thoughts and Score

It’s clear Dovpo have done a superb job on the Ohmage along with #MrJustRight1, this tank is perfect for beginners and experienced users. It performs perfectly and it's no fuss, mess free design is a breath of fresh air (or vapour). The inclusion of FIVE coils makes this tank a no brainer for the money, the only people I can see not liking this tank are cloud chasers.

On the face of it, there doesn’t appear to be much innovation and it looks more like a refinement of other designs, though the main innovation is in the coils. The dual stacked mesh simply performs perfectly. Bundled in a complete package, it’s a winner for me.

  • Looks: 8/10
  • Ease of use: 9/10
  • Flavour: 8/10
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Coil Life: 8/10
  • Value for money: 9.5/10

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Thanks to Dovpo for supplying the Ohmage for review ☺

The Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank by Dovpo feel the force

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