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Pollux 22 by Vapwiz and Youde

The Pollux 22 is a 22mm diameter Sub Ohm tank and represents a joint collaboration between Youde and Vapwiz. The tank features an adjustable top separate upper airflow system, top filling and it has a 2ml capacity. What’s more the manufacturer claims that it is 100% leak free.

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Pollux 22 by Vapwiz and Youde

The Pollux 22 is a 22mm diameter Sub Ohm tank and represents a joint collaboration between Youde and Vapwiz. The tank features an adjustable top separate upper airflow system, top filling and it has a 2ml capacity. What’s more the manufacturer claims that it is 100% leak free.  While it certainly sounds very promising let’s find out for sure.

Vapewiz Pollux 22 features

  • Top Separate Adjustable Air Ducts System
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 2ml Capacity
  • 100% Leak Free
  • Height: 39mm

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Pollux 22 Tank
  • 1x 0.2ohm MOCC Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1x Spare 0.2ohm MOCC Coil
  • 1x Accessory Kit

Vapwiz Pollux 22 styling and build quality

The overall construction of this tank is really good and it feels well put together. The Stainless Steel has a nice finish and there was no trace of any sharp edges or imperfections. The glass feels fairly thick and is protected by a Stainless Steel frame but due to this design it does mean that you cannot completely strip it down for cleaning. The Pollux 22 is 22mm in diameter and has a TPD compliant 2ml capacity.

The tank is fitted with a sloped Delrin drip tip that is similar in style to the one on the Royal Hunter RDA but much smaller. Unfortunately it cannot be swapped out for a separate drip tip which is certainly a shame but in its defence it does feel very comfortable on the lips when vaping.

Located beneath the drip tip is the top cap which when removed allows easy access for filling. There are two large fill slots so you shouldn’t have any issues with larger nozzles or droppers. Directly beneath the top cap is the tank’s unique adjustable airflow system. The slots allow air to flow in from the side then down to the base to then turn once more sideward before travelling directly upwards through the coil. While we have seen other atomizers before that have a similar system it is always nice to see some form of innovation and it is directly due to this system that the tank is kept leak free.

The base of the device unscrews to reveal the coil which does need to be unscrewed before you can remove it. This also reveals the six air holes directly beneath the main section of the tank.

On the whole the Pollux 22 has a nicely streamlined design but I did find a couple of things that could do with some improvement. Namely the airflow adjustment ring is very stiff to adjust and ideally could have used some knurling. You can get around this by unscrewing the top cap slightly but ideally you shouldn’t have to. Secondly the base can come loose on occasion when unscrewing the tank from your device so I suggest you take care to never over tighten the atomizer.


This tank certainly is not short of airflow and despite the stiffness that I have already mentioned it certainly works well enough. The airflow ring has three large slots on each side and you can close these off as much as you wish. At its most open setting you can definitely get a direct lung inhale with some slight restriction and quite obviously it becomes even more restricted the further it is closed. Heavily closed down it borders on offering a mouth to lung vape but it isn’t ideal and still a little loose and since you cannot swap the drip tip for a smaller one I doubt it really appeal that much to MTL vapers.

Ease of use

I have already mentioned the filling system and the airflow so let’s talk about the coils. As I already said you do need to unscrew the base first and the coil does have to be unscrewed. Due to the small section of the coil that is exposed it does make it a little fiddly to grab and unscrew but I am sure you will get used to it with frequent use. The coils do have large wicking holes so high VG juice won’t present a problem.

How does it vape?

After having primed the coil I filled up the tank with some Savage E-Liquid Walter White which is a high VG pink lemonade flavour. I allowed some time for the coil to saturate and started vaping at 25W using my Asmodus Minikin V2. At this Wattage there was some good clouds produced due the tank’s excellent airflow but the flavour was lacking and so was the heat. I ramped up the Wattage to 35 Watts and flavour started to improve slightly but the 0.2ohm coil really did need a lot more power so I increased the Wattage. In found 55W was pretty much spot on for this coil since I got pretty decent flavour, a good amount of heat and excellent vapour production.

The 0.2ohm coil is rated from 40-70W and I did push the coil slightly further to 75W just to test the limits of the coil and while it was still a good vape I noticed that I was bordering on a dry hit so I quickly went back down to 55W. I would say anywhere from 50-60W offers the best vape. Keep in mind that while flavour is pretty good it certainly isn’t the most flavoursome tank on the market but it does make up for that by having seriously good airflow which creates very dense clouds when fully opened up.  Another good thing about the airflow that is worth mentioning is that I never experienced any form of spit back. One interesting thing about this tank is that while I was vaping at 55W I never really felt like I was absolutely hammering my juice like some Sub Ohm tanks so in all honesty the 2ml capacity bothered me slightly less than usual, of course it still does go down fairly fast.


The Pollux 22 is a good tank but it does have a few minor shortcomings namely a very stiff to adjust airflow ring and also the fact that the base can sometimes come off when unscrewing the tank from your mod so do take care not to screw the tank down too tightly. As you might expect the high Wattage required for the coils and the small capacity of the tank means you will drain the juice really fast so be warned if you are on a budget but it is no worse than comparable Sub Ohm tanks and the top filling at least keep things convenient. Another minor issue is that fitting the coils feels a little fiddly since you have to screw/unscrew them by grabbing a very small section of knurling on the base of the coil but it isn’t that bad and you will quickly get used to it. Another consideration is that the glass and steel middle section are machined as one piece so you cannot completely strip it down for cleaning.

Now that the slight issues are out of the way let us consider this tank’s positive aspects. In terms of vapour production and airflow this tank really delivers and you can dial it down to some extent to be slightly more reasonable if you find it too airy. Flavour is nothing amazing but when I say that I mean it is decently average and more than acceptable for a tank that is really aimed at high VG cloud chasing fans. Machining of the tank is very good and it feels suitably durable. The top filling works well and the large diameter sloped Delrin drip tip feels comfortable on the lips when vaping. Another good feature is that the airflow is at the top of the tank and Vapewiz’s claim that the Pollux 22 is 100% leak free was certainly accurate in the short time I spent trying it out.

All in all it’s a nice product but one aimed primarily at cloud chasers. Providing you are mindful of its shortcomings this is certainly well worth picking up if it interests you! Thanks to the team at Youde for sending this in to Planet of the Vapes for us to check out.  You can find more information about it on their site here

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