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Limitless Hextron

One of the latest releases from renowned manufacturers Limitless is the Hextron, a 24mm 2ml capacity sub ohm tank designed for big clouds and great flavour!

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One of the latest releases from renowned manufacturers Limitless is the Hextron, the second sub ohm tank from Limitless after the Verso, and the Hextron is a 24mm 2ml capacity sub ohm tank designed for big clouds and great flavour!

Limitless products have been cloned pretty rampantly in the past and interestingly Limitless have designed the Hextron in a unique way to limit clone production, and they have even gone as far as using a certain machine to produce unique machining cuts on the Hextron, which are difficult to replicate.


  • 24mm width
  • 2ml capacity
  • Unique machining cuts present to limit clone production 
  • Stainless steel construction with glass tank section
  • Childproof threaded top filling system
  • Two filling ports
  • Adjustable airflow comprising for six 4mm x 1mm airflow slots
  • 0.5ohm coil heads with integrated bottom airflow
  • Gold plated 510 contact pin
  • Wide bore drip tip

What’s in the Box?

There’s not a whole lot to be found here, inside the box you get the Limitless Hextron sub ohm tank with a 0.5ohm coil head fitted, as well as a spare 0.5ohm Hextron coil head!

Design and Build Quality

Manufactured from Stainless Steel with a removable glass tank section, the Limitless Hextron is a 24mm width tank, which features a 2ml TPD compliant E-Liquid capacity. It sports a very cool looking, futuristic design that boasts special machining cuts which aim to prevent the Hextron from being cloned! It is a very smart and unique looking atomiser, manufactured to high standards with no machine burrs or sharp edges present.

The 2ml capacity is top refilled, and the Limitless Hextron has a childproof refilling mechanism whereby you press down hard on the top cap and twist it counter clockwise to access the two large filling ports located underneath. Also present on the top cap is a black wide bore Delrin drip tip, and a groove is cut into the top cap to aid with heat dissipation. 

At the base of the tank is a fixed gold plated 510 pin, gold plating is used in order to improve conductivity. You can fully disassemble the Hextron to clean it, the tank section can be easy removed to access the deck and replace the coil, and the glass tank section slides out easily. Just be careful not to drop the tank section as no spare is included in the box!


Dotted around the base of the Limitless Hextron are six airflow slots each measuring 4mm by 1mm. These draw air up from the base of the tank to the airflow holes drilled into the base of the coil heads, to maximise flavour and vapour performance. You can't close off individual airholes, all six must be in use whilst you are using the Hextron, and the slightly stiff airflow control ring means you can adjust the draw from a restricted lung hit up to a wide open, airy lung hit.


The Limitless Hextron is designed to offer great flavour and big vapour, and it definitely delivers on both fronts! I was really taken aback with how crisp the flavour was from this tank! It offers a warm vape full of flavour, with little noise coming from the airflow slots as you draw in, and there's plenty of dense vapour produced as well!

You get two 0.5ohm Hextron coil heads included, which are rated for use at between 40-80W. I've found that you need to push at least 50W through these coils to get something out of them, and my own personal sweet spot has been in the 65-70W range. You can push them a little higher than the recommended range, I found that I could get 90W out of them before the vape got too hot for my own tastes. If you like a little more power, you can purchase 0.2ohm coil heads from Space Invapers in the UK, which have a recommended range of 40-120W.

Due to TPD constraints the Hextron is limited to a 2ml capacity within the European Union (the non TPD version offers an extra ml of capacity at 3ml total), which drains incredibly quickly! Whilst reviewing some E-Liquids recently, I managed to drain three tankfuls in under an hour, which tells you just how thirsty it is! Like many other sub ohm tanks, the exterior of the Hextron can get quite hot with extended use at high wattage, so do take note of that when using it.


I've come away feeling very impressed with the Limitless Hextron, it's been a while since I have had a sub ohm tank through for review, and I have genuinely enjoyed using this one a lot. The flavour is outstanding for a sub ohm tank and as you would expect from a Limitless product- it can definitely chuck clouds with the best of them!

My only bugbear with the Hextron is the total lack of spares that you get with it, the glass tank section is somewhat protected by the stainless steel, but if you manage to crack or break it somehow you'll need to source a replacement, and these don't seem to be readily available in the UK, meaning that you have a £30 outlay on a whole new tank. Aside from that, the Hextron is a cracking little sub ohm tank that I feel is worth every penny!

Many thanks to Space Invapers for sending the Limitless Hextron in for review, this can be purchased from

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