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The Innokin iSub Apex Tank is the latest sub ohm tank release from Innokin, following on from their first Sub Ohm tank release, the iSub, which I reviewed as part of my MVP 3.0 Pro review. I felt the original iSub was a good starter sub ohm tank, and the iSub Apex promises to offer even more!

The iSub Apex tank boasts new coils featuring Innokin's patented new PRISM Flavour+ boost system promising to offer enhanced flavour in combination with the PRISM convection airflow system which draws in air through the airflow intakes, down into the chamber then back up through the coils, which also minimizes leakage. There's also a 3ml capacity, new top filling system, stainless steel and Pyrex construction and the excellent no spill coil swap system has been retained from the original.

The original iSub tank was a very good tank in its own right, does the iSub Apex better it?


  • PRISM Flavour+ Boost
  • Quick & Clean Top-Fill
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • Removable Drip Tip
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • iSub Coil Compatible (2ohm, 0.5ohm and 0.2ohm coil heads)
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • 3ml Capacity
  • 510 Connector

What's in the box?

Inside the iSub Apex packaging you'll find:

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  • iSub Apex tank with 0.5ohm coil installed and Stainless Steel wide bore drip tip
  • Extra Pyrex drip tip
  • Spare 0.5ohm coil head

It's worth noting that the iSub Apex coils are the same as the original iSub tank, so if you own the original iSub tank and have spare coils lying around, these will work with the iSub Apex tank, meaning you have no need to rush out and buy brand new coils!

iSub Apex Looks and Capacity

The iSub Apex does bear some similarities to the original iSub G tank, however it’s been remodeled in a few places. First off, the tank is now a top fill rather than bottom fill, and this is one of the easiest top fill systems in place with any tank. Simply rotating the top of the tank counterclockwise will open up two fill ports, and you simply fill through either of these. The fill ports are generously sized and you will have no trouble filling through these holes. It’s 3ml capacity which can drain quite quickly, especially when using the tank at above 30 watts. You also have 510 threading at the base of the coil head so it is compatible with pretty much anything- it looks especially good combined with Innokin’s new Disrupter unit!

You will also notice that adjustable airflow is now present on the base of the drip tip allowing you a cooler vape when used at higher temperatures. Drip tips are interchangeable and you actually have two options present in the retail package- a stainless steel drip tip and also a Pyrex drip tip option, which I do personally prefer to stainless steel as I believe you get ‘cleaner’ flavour from non stainless steel drip tips. The adjustable airflow itself has also been moved from the bottom to the top of the tank- helping to eliminate leakage and also to increase flavour with the new PRISM Flavour+ boost system.

Constructed of Stainless Steel it looks very clean, the tank section itself is constructed of a Pyrex glass inner and polycarbonate outer shell in order to protect the Pyrex, as the iSub tank is sealed to prevent leakages it cannot be disassembled to replace the glass, so this adds another layer of protection. This did cause me a slight issue, I filled my tank with Van Dyke Vapes Buttered Nips, which is a tank cracker due to the menthol content and as such should not be used with polycarbonate tanks, and as I was vaping I spotted what I believed to be frosting on the polycarbonate outer. A quick email to Ash at Innokin cleared everything up, this was actually condensation between the polycarbonate outer and Pyrex inner section, and a quick rinse of the tank once empty did away with this. I have noticed condensation build up quite frequently, which does disappear over time, however this does mean it can sometimes be difficult to see how much juice you have left in the tank.

Lastly, the excellent no spill coil swap system from the original iSub tanks has been kept, which I will go into more detail about below!

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No Spill Coil Swap System

The No Spill Coil Swap System was a fantastic feature of the original iSub tanks, you simply inverted your tank and slid the coils in and out as and when you needed to change them- no spills encountered and no need to empty your tank of juice. This worked so well as the 510 threading is actually present on the base of the iSub coils, rather than being a part of the tank itself.

You simply unscrew the cap at the bottom of the iSub Apex, pull out the old coil and slot in the new one. Not a drop of juice is spilt (as long as you have inverted the tank), and this takes mere seconds to do. An excellent feature from Innokin!

iSub Apex Airflow

Airflow on the original iSub tanks was present on the base of the tank, it’s now been moved to the top allowing air to be drawn in through the top, down into the chamber then back up through the coils, minimising leakage and maximising flavour. Innokin have tagged this as their PRISM Flavour+ boost system, and boy does it work well. Bearing in mind that the coils are the same as the original iSub, the flavour is increased tenfold with this new system, meaning that the iSub Apex offers one of the most flavourful vaping experiences around! Airflow is also present in the drip tip base, allowing you to cool the vape down by opening this up if you feel that things are getting a little on the warm side.

With the airflow closed right down, and the 2 ohm coils, you are able to mouth to lung hit with the iSub Apex tank, opening the airflow right up allows for lung hits and some impressive cloud production. I can definitely say that cloud volume has increased over the original iSub tanks, and those were capable of putting out some impressive clouds!

iSub Apex Coils and Performance

As mentioned before, the iSub Apex uses the same coils present with the original iSub tanks, and these are available with 0.2ohm, 0.5ohm and 2ohm resistance variations. Thankfully, these coils are also now more widely available than they were when the original iSub tanks were released, and lifespan is still very good even when using them with the iSub Apex tank. You get two 0.5ohm coils with the iSub Apex tank when you purchase it, which Innokin recommend for use at 20-35w, and you would expect around two weeks lifespan from these using them at 32.5-35w. I got just over two weeks with my first coil, and the substitute is still going really strong a week and a half into use. 70/80 VG juice will wick just fine, I’ve been vaping the 80VG Fallstreak range in this happily, so if that is your preferred ratio then this tank won’t let you down!

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Cloud production doesn’t suffer from having the airflow moved from the base to the top of the tank. In fact, I think that comparing this tank against the iSub G, clouds are even denser then they were previously, and I’ve definitely noticed an increase in cloud volume when using the same coils and same juice at the same power and comparing the two tanks together. It’s mighty impressive stuff.

Thanks to the PRISM Flavour+ system, flavour has been boosted with the iSub coils from what was an above average experience with the original iSub tanks, to an outstanding experience with the iSub Apex! I’ve really been amazed with how good the flavour has been, this has become one of my favourite flavour tanks. It’s really exceptional, and can be ranked amongst the very best around, it’s performed incredibly well with any juice I have used in it. And looking around online, there's a fair few others in the same boat as me...


I’d happily rate the iSub Apex tank as one of the very top performers for flavour in the clearomiser market, I’ve been hugely impressed with the flavourful vapes I’ve experienced when using this tank, and Innokin have produced a real top notch tank here. The No Spill Coil Swap system is a fantastic user friendly feature, that many manufacturers should take heed of, that really allows you to swap coils quickly and easily without getting covered in juice. It’s a very user friendly tank all round, from the top fill feature to the adjustable airflow, and in this package is something for everyone, from the mouth to lung vaper, to the flavour chaser and even the cloud chaser will feel impressed with the vapour production from this tank!  I’d have no hesitation recommending this to those seeking a flavour chasers tank, but don’t want to faff around with rebuilding coils. It offers great flavour and usability in a wallet friendly package, and you won’t be disappointed should you take the plunge!


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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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