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IJOY Captain Sub Ohm Tank

IJOY have been making quite a name for themselves within the industry over the past year, releasing extremely popular high quality and affordable hardware such as the IJOY Limitless RDTAIJOY Tornado RDTAIJOY Tornado Nano and the IJOY Asolo to name but a few. One thing is for sure is that these guys are constantly busy, and always looking to innovate and stay ahead in the vaping market. 

IJOY's latest tank is the Captain Sub Ohm tank, which has been designed to pair off with the IJOY Captain PD270 mod that IJOY have recently released, and I've also recently reviewed this device. The Captain Sub Ohm tank is a 25mm width atomiser, which has a TPD compliant 2ml capacity (4ml is present on the non-TPD version), a quick release top filling cap for easy filling, and a channel present in the base of the glass tank section which cuts down on heat transmitted. 

A unique coil system is used with the Captain Sub Ohm Tank, these don't have threading so they are easier to swap in and out of the tank. There are two styles of coil available, the CA2 coil head is composed of Kanthal and Stainless Steel wires and is designed to offer top notch flavour, and the CA8 coil head has a quad dual coil configuration present for maximum vapour production.

The IJOY Captain Sub Ohm tank certainly looks to be an interesting offering, so let's have a look at how it performs...


  • 25mm width
  • 2ml capacity (TPD compliant version), 4ml capacity (non-TPD compliant version for markets outside of the EU)
  • Threaded top filling system
  • Huge filling ports
  • Thread-less coil heads
  • 0.3ohm CA2 coil rated for 60-80W
  • 0.15ohm CA8 coil rated for 60-100W
  • Groove cut into the tank to aid with heat dissipation
  • Large adjustable cyclops airflow
  • 16mm x 2.5mm airflow slots
  • Wide 13mm bore drip tip
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Glass tank section
  • 510 drip tip adaptor

What's in the box?

Inside the IJOY Captain Sub Ohm tank box you get the IJOY Captain Sub Ohm tank itself pre installed with the 0.3ohm CA2 coil head, a spare 0.15ohm CA8 coil head, a replacement glass tank section, an assortment of different coloured o-rings, a vape band and a 510 drip tip adaptor.

Design and build quality

IJOY's Captain Sub Ohm tank is manufactured from stainless steel, and it has a glass tank section with a replacement included in the box should you manage to break the original, and is a 25mm width atomiser. The Captain Sub Ohm tank is available in a range of four different finishes, with black, stainless steel, gunmetal and rainbow finishes all available.

Capacity is 2ml for the TPD compliant version, 4ml for the non TPD version, and refilling is done through a quick top filling system. The top cap has only a couple of lines of threading, so it screws on and off quickly. On the top cap a large tapered 13mm bore drip tip is present, and a 510 drip tip adaptor is included in the box should you wish to use your own drip tips. Two massive filling ports are present allowing you to fill your Captain Sub Ohm tank quickly and easily. A groove is cut underneath the glass tank section, which helps to aid with heat dissipation. 

Interestingly, the coil heads are designed without threading, making it quick and easy to change coil heads. Simply unscrew the tank section from the base, pull out the old coil and slide in the new one. This makes things really simple when changing coils on the move!

IJOY designed the Captain Sub Ohm tank to go with the newly released IJOY Captain PD270 mod, and it looks great on top of this device. Build quality overall is really solid, it feels well manufactured with no sharp edges, and I think it is definitely a good looking tank. You can fully strip down the Captain Sub Ohm tank to clean it, and the threading on this atomiser is really smooth too!


Two cyclops airflow slots are present on the IJOY Captain Sub Ohm tank, each measuring in at a generous 16mm x 2.5mm. A very smooth airflow control ring allows you to finely adjust the airflow to your liking, but given the size of the airflow slots it is one airy tank! Even with the airflow closed right down it still produces a restricted lung hit, and just gets more unrestricted as you open it up.


You get two coil heads included with the IJOY Captain Sub Ohm tank, the CA2 and CA8 coil heads, which at the time of writing are the only two coil head types available for this tank. Given that the Captain series is becoming a flagship product line for IJOY, I would suspect that there will be more CA coil head versions available imminently. 

The IJOY Captain Sub Ohm tank comes pre installed with the CA2 0.3ohm coil head, which has a mixed Kanthal and Stainless Steel coil construction, and it is rated for use at 60-80W. Let me tell you, this is one of the best pre made coil heads I have ever tried in the past four years of vaping! The flavour from this coil is absolutely exceptional, it delivers flavour incredibly smoothly, and you really do taste the individual flavour notes perfectly. You get a thick and dense amount of vapour produced as well, this was my favourite coil out of the two without a doubt. I found that I got the best results from it at 75W, though it performs superbly well at anywhere from 50W right up to 90W!

Also included in the box is the CA8 0.15ohm coil head, which has a quad coil configuration present, and this is rated for use at 60-100W. I found that below 80W I really wasn't getting much out of it, there was a lot of vapour but not much in the way of flavour, and it really needed to be used in the 90-100W region for best results. I could even push it up to 110W without troubling it. If you are looking to maximise the level of vapour you get from the Captain Sub Ohm tank then the 0.15ohm coil is the one you want to use, as it does kick out a phenomenal amount of vapour, but the vape is a lot hotter than the CA2 coil head and I felt the flavour was a touch muted compared to the CA2 also.

Lifespan from both the 0.3ohm CA2 coil head and the 0.15ohm CA8 coil head has been great, they have both stood up perfectly well to a couple of weeks of heavy usage. Both coil heads have absolutely no trouble wicking even the highest of VG eliquids, but they are both incredibly thirsty on your eliquid as a result, requiring regular refilling. Impressively, the groove cut into the tank to aid with heat dissipation works really well, the IJOY Captain Sub Ohm tank stays a lot cooler than other similar tanks under high wattage use!


IJOY are a company that has really begun to impress me over the past year, they have been knocking out high quality products at very affordable prices and the IJOY Captain Sub Ohm tank is no exception to this. It's a very well made tank capable of serious high quality performance, and it's an atomizer I have really enjoyed using. With a string of quality releases under their belt, IJOY have positioned themselves as a serious player within the market, and I for one look forward to their upcoming releases.

As I've mentioned the CA2 coil head has given me some of the best flavour I've ever experienced from a pre made coil head and I would happily purchase this coil head time and time again. It offers a rebuildable level quality of vape, and really does get the best out of your eliquids. If you want to switch it up and chuck some serious cloudage, then the CA8 coil head will happily oblige you. All in all, the IJOY Captain Sub Ohm tank is one of the top performers out there, and one I would highly recommend!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.