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Frogman XL by Vaptio

The FROGMAN XL is a Sub Ohm tank designed by American company Vaptio Inc. and assembled in China by FirstUnion. It features dual adjustable airflow, simple top filling and incorporates a multicore coil design which allows it to be used with up to four different coil types.

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FROGMAN XL by Vaptio

The FROGMAN XL is a Sub Ohm tank designed by American company Vaptio Inc. and assembled in China by FirstUnion. It features dual adjustable airflow, simple top filling and incorporates a multicore coil design which allows it to be used with up to four different coil types. The XL version has a 5ml juice capacity but the EU models are restricted to 2ml.

In addition Vaptio state that the tank has cross compatibility with other multicore coils produced by other manufacturers. Designed primary for direct lung users this tank sounds extremely appealing. So let’s take a look and see if it delivers the goods!

FROGMAN XL features

  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction.
  • Height: 56mm.
  • Diameter: 26.5mm.
  • Fully Adjustable Large Dual Airflow Slots.
  • Multicore Structure- Up to 4 Coil Types Available.
  • Cross Multicore Coil Compatibility.
  • Easy Top Fill System.
  • Simple Coil Replacement.
  • Multiple Glass Tube Colour Options.
  • Heat Resistant Removable Drip Tip.
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatible.
  • Available in Stainless, Blue, Purple or Black.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x FROGMAN XL Sub Ohm Tank.
  • 1x W9 0.15ohm Multicore Coil. (Pre-Installed).
  • 1x W2 0.5ohm Multicore Coil.
  • Spare Clear Tank Glass.
  • Spare O-Rings.
  • User Guide.

FROGMAN XL styling and build quality

The VAPTIO FROGMAN is very chunky tank, being 56.0mm in height and 26.5mm in diameter. The good news is that despite the diameter it only ever so slightly overhangs when fitted to be Lost Vape Therion 166.

The tank seemed extremely solid and should stand up to a few knocks. Threading was excellent overall and everything fitted together really well. In my opinion the quality of construction was great and Vapetio have clearly put a great deal of thought into the design. The top filling mechanism which I will mention later is innovative and what’s more the inside of the tank even has small teeth machined to hold the coil in place when you unscrew the base.

As far as the TPD is concerned the FROGMAN sold within the EU is a 2ml capacity version which is fully compliant. Thankfully we fortunately received the XL version which has a 5ml capacity and if you’re really tempted you’ll have to order it from outside the EU.

I received the black version for review which has a lovely anodized finish. The tank glass feels suitably thick and is a jazzy red in colour. Of course if you prefer clear glass then a spare tank section is included in the box. The glass section does feature a large logo which has a stylised star with the word “FROGMAN” positioned in the middle.

The heat-resistant drip tip is fairly wide bore and is nicely tapered so it feels very comfortable on the lips. If you prefer to switch it out you can easily fit any 510 drip tip from your collection. The O-Rings seemed decent and there are spares included in the box. The 510 pin is non-adjustable and appears to be silver-plated.

Ease of use

I must admit I really love the top fill design on this tank. To open it you press down slightly and turn it clockwise. The top cap springs up and allows access to the generously sized filling holes. Then you just press the cap back down and tighten it by turning in an anti-clockwise direction.

The coils feature a lot of wicking so do make sure to thoroughly prime the coil and make sure to give it 10-15 minutes for the juice to fully saturate the cotton before vaping.

If you are new to vaping the included manual shows clear diagrams.


If you’re wondering why it’s called the FROGMAN it’s most likely because you can actually breathe through this tanks airflow. Now if you happen to buy one of these try a fun experiment and don’t vape, but breathe in and out through the drip tip, because it sounds just like a FROGMAN’s aqualung or if you prefer, a bargain basement Darth Vader! Jokes aside this tank has a massive amount of airflow which will certainly delight cloud chasers.

This of course means that it suits an extremely open direct lung inhale vape and while you can reduce this somewhat by fitting a smaller diameter drip tip or closing down the airflow, it will always be a very airy vape and not suited to anyone who wants something much more restrictive.

The airflow adjusts really nicely and is neither too stiff nor too loose. The airflow can only turn so far before it stops so you are extremely unlikely to mess things up.

How does it vape?

Make no mistake this tank can offer a very intense vape, but since you get two different types of coils you can set it up to suit your own preference. Nevertheless keep in mind all of VAPTIOs coils are aimed at direct lung inhaling vapers. In many ways the tank and type of vape it offers reminds me a little the original SMOK TFV4 tank which I personally found extremely overwhelming. The FROGMAN XL by comparison can certainly be quite a kick to the system with the lower Resistance coils, but the flavour is actually really good and way better than the old TFV4.

FROGMAN W8 Coil. 0.15ohm. Rated 50-110W. Recommended 60-90W

A W8 0.15ohm is pre-fitted and this might be somewhat overkill for some vapers. With this sort of coil vaping anything higher than 3mg strength juice would likely floor me after a few hits, because you really do feel the nicotine rush. The thing is if you’re a cloud chaser and frequently enjoying low Resistance builds, high Wattage and a very cloudy full on vape, then this type of coil is certainly for you!

Going by VAPTIO’s recommendations on their website I started vaping at 60W. At this Wattage it starts as a cool, modest enough vape and then quickly heats up and becomes more intense. It is an ideal Wattage for those who enjoy a fairly lengthy 3-4 second draw. Personally I tend to prefer an immediate hot vape so I pushed the Wattage to 90W. At this setting I felt there was a lovely balance of heat, flavour and vapour production. Flavour was really good and highly enjoyable! Vapour production was extremely generous even when using 50PG/50VG Manabush Waxahachie. Put 80VG in this tank and you’ll be lucky if you can even see the other side of the room after a few hits!

I was curious to discover how far the coils could be pushed so I went up to 130 Watts which was a brilliant vape, with the flavour certainly approaching RDA quality, but I found I could only really take 1-2 second hits due to the heat of the vapour. What is great is that the drip tip really does help to minimise heat transfer extremely effectively.

At that point and quite honestly because I was in a bit of a crazy mood, I wanted to learn what the ultimate potential of this coil was. I found that I could go as far as 167W, which is the actual maximum Wattage of my Lost Vape Therion 166. Keep in mind that this was truly nuts and for safety’s sake I suggest you really don’t try it, because I was literally taking half second hits and being extremely careful. Flavour was fabulous being extremely crisp and the vapour production was bonkers! I found it very interesting to note that the wicking kept up at all times. So this is definitely an extremely well made coil!

What really surprised me is that the juice didn’t drain excessively fast even with such a low Resistance coil, especially when you factor in the necessary high Wattage, the huge coils and the vapour production. It seemed far more balanced in terms of juice usage than a lot of other tanks of this type.

FROGMAN W2 Coil. 0.4ohm. Rated 30-80W. Recommended 45-65W

This coil was certainly a lot more modest and your average user could certainly enjoy this when vaping in the 50-60W region. I personally preferred 60-65W. Flavour was still very and vapour production was generous but nowhere near as cloudy. It still definitely suits a direct lung inhale style but you could reduce the airflow and enjoy a slightly restricted lung inhale vape.

Overall I think this tank offers a cracking vape and I was left highly impressed by VAPTIO’s coils. Keep in mind the also produce the FROGMAN W4 and W6 coils. According to their website the tank has cross compatibility with multi-core coils from other manufacturers.

Apart from the great vape it offers, one other thing I really loved about this tank was the fact that the box includes two coils, which is something some manufacturers tend to get a bit stingy about.


The VAPTIO FROGMAN XL is a big, hefty tank that is nicely put together, it also looks suitably jazzy with the red tank section and offers a very intense vape that caters specifically to cloud chasers. Other users who like a slightly restricted lung inhale might enjoy it a great deal too, providing you stick to the recommended Wattages and not get excessive testing its limits like myself.

This is an excellent high powered Sub Ohm tank that is definitely worth picking up!

Many thanks to VAPTIO who kindly sent this product to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. Vaptio have sent us a Frogman XL to give away to one lucky winner, so please see our competition.

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