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The KangerTech Subtank series really needs no introduction. Currently the most popular sub ohm tank on the market, and arguably the most popular tank on the market at present. For the few that aren’t aware, KangerTech are already an established household name thanks to the huge popularity of the series of clearomisers. KangerTech entered the sub ohm tank market at the end of 2014 with the original Subtank which took the vaping community by storm. With a huge up to 6ml capacity, hybrid clearomiser/rebuildable system and almost dripper standard vape, the vaping community bought this up in droves.

There were a few grumbles though. The Subtank has a 25mm width which overhangs on a lot of mods and a fair few vapers weren’t best pleased with this. In response to this feedback, KangerTech obviously listened and in early 2015 they released the Subtank Nano (18.5mm width) and, the most popular itineration at present, the Subtank Mini (22mm width).

Offering the option for standard clearomiser use with swappable prebuilt OCC coil heads at 1.2ohm or 0.5ohm resistance (0.15ohm Ni200 OCC coils are available should you wish to use your Subtank with a temperature controlled mod), or if you want to dive into the world of rebuilding (or already do rebuild) an RBA (ReBuildable Atomiser) base is included with the Mini and original Subtank allowing you to swap the Subtank from a clearomiser to a full blown Rebuildable Tank Atomiser (RTA) with ease. It’s a hybrid clearomiser/rebuildable, and it’s popular for a reason - it does its job very, very well.

This is the second part of three reviews on the Subtank series, comprising of the Subtank Nano, Subtank Mini and the original ‘full-size’ Subtank.  Last time around I reviewed the Subtank Mini, today I will be looking in depth at the Subtank Nano!

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Clearomiser (OCC Coil Heads
510 Connection
Pyrex Glass Tank Section
18mm Diameter
47mm Height (without Drip Tip)
60mm Height (with supplied Drip Tip)
3ml Capacity
Improved Airflow Control System

What's in the box?

1x Subtank Nano
1x Drip Tip
1x Replacement Pyrex Tank
1x OCC Sub Ohm 0.5 Ohm Coil (Japanese Organic Cotton Wick)
1x OCC 1.2ohm coil (Japanese Organic Cotton Wick)
2x Replacement O-Rings
1x User Manual


Thinner and sleeker than it's slightly larger brothers, but sporting the same red O-rings and trademark Subtank style, the Subtank Nano is one good looking tank. It looks perfect sat atop my IPV Mini 2. The width of the tank is 18.5mm which means it may look out of place on some 22mm mods, but I have tried it out on a range of different ones and been more than happy with the form each and every time. Some OCD vapers may however disagree!


The Subtank Nano holds up to 3ml of juice, which will require regular filling with heavy use, and may mean that you may need another tank for 'out and about' use if you do not want to be regularly refilling. Vaping at higher power (especially with a Sub Ohm coil installed) will very quickly drain the tank, you will find yourself refilling this at least once a day with heavy use! Your juice consumption may also increase, so if you are intent on chain vaping using the Subtank Nano then you may need to be prepared to spend out more on juice, or get into making your own juice to save money. As per the other itinerations of the Subtank series I have not had a single leaking issue with the Subtank Nano, I have carried it around in my pocket, deliberately left it sat on it's side for a period of time and not a drop has leaked out. When you do refill, unlike with the original Subtank, you simply unscrew the tank from the base, fill, screw back in and you are good to go. The chimney is sealed so as long as you fill to the side of the chimney, you have no need to worry about juice leaks through your drip tip.


The airflow works in exactly the same way as the Subtank Mini, albeit slightly reduced in size to fit the form of the Subtank Nano. A major upgrade over the original Subtank is the improvement made on the airflow control system. When moving the airflow control ring around each airflow option now comes into place with a ‘click’ and holds firm, so you need not worry about the airflow ring sliding around to a different setting, which was an issue raised on the original Subtank. All three of the Subtank iterations were designed with direct to lung inhaling in mind, setting the Subtank Nano airflow to wide open provides you with a very airy draw and huge cloud production. The excellent flavour is still there with the airflow wide open, which gets lost with many of the Subtank Nano’s competitors.

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OCC Coils

Coming box shaped with a single coil contained and a Japanese Cotton Wick, the

OCC coils wick exceptionally well. There were no issues with wicking juice up to 80vg, dry hits were an absolute rarity (and mainly came when I forgot to change the power setting on my mod after using my drippers!), the flavour and cloud production were absolutely spot on. For me, this is the best Sub Ohm tank on the market when it comes to flavour and clouds. You get a very warm vape at high power, excellent throat hit and outstanding cloud production. Some people may find the warmer vape takes a while to get used to, personally I love it.

You may want to consider dropping the nicotine content (and the PG content if you are used to high PG) of your juices when using the Subtank  OCC coils, these coils provide a lot more power than most new users are used to, people not used to sub ohm/ high power vaping may find that their vaping experience is uncomfortable using the same nicotine levels they previously used. This is usually remedied by dropping the nicotine content of your juices right down, and/or swapping to a higher VG mix if necessary.

Coil lifetime for me was great. I regularly swapped between the 1.2ohm OCC coil and the 0.5ohm OCC coil I got almost 2 weeks out of the 1.2ohm coil vaping at wattages between 14 - 20watts, and the same from my 0.5ohm coil vaping at wattages between 24 - 30watts. This will vary however as different juice types and the power used will affect the lifespan of your coils. There are plenty of guides out there on rewicking and rebuilding the OCC coils to get even more life out of then!


As with any Sub Ohm/High Power tank exercise great caution when using the Subtank Nano, especially with the 0.5ohm OCC coils. Ensure that your


batteries can handle the amp draw from the coil. Your safest bet is to invest in 18650 batteries with an amp draw of 30A (20A at least) and ensure you purchase these from a reputable seller. Make sure you have an ohms checker to hand when rebuilding and you read up on Ohm’s Law and Battery Safety. If you have any problems, refer back to the Subtank guide (linked to at the end of this review) to hopefully resolve your issues. If not, don’t be afraid to ask on the forum!


In my opinion the flavour is a touch better on the Subtank Nano than it's bigger brothers, and this would be down to the slightly reduced chimney. If you are not fussed about rebuilding and want to dive straight into the world of sub ohming with no faffing then this tank is for you! The 3ml capacity will require regular filling with heavy use, and the 18.5mm width means there will be a gap on top of some of your mods, but it performs just as well as it's bigger brothers. It doesn't lose anything performance wise by it's smaller stature. I personally believe that it is the best sub £20 clearomiser on the market.

If you have any difficulty getting good results from any version of your Subtank then read our handy guide New User Advice for the Kanger Subtank.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.