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Lemo 2 by Eleaf

The original Lemo was released by Eleaf in late 2014 to great acclaim. What appears to be another Kayfun clone on first appearance is an absolute beast for flavour seekers - and priced extremely well for a genuine RTA.

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Introduction to the Lemo 2

The original Lemo was released by Eleaf in late 2014 to great acclaim. What appears to be another Kayfun clone on first appearance is an absolute beast for flavour seekers - and priced extremely well for a genuine RTA.

Eleaf say:

"The Lemo 2 is the advance version of the well-known Lemo series atomizers due to its new innovative design of a side e-liquid fill hole and the use of PEEK (the well-known high heat and corrosion resistance material) of insulating piece. Vaping becomes safer and more stable, and no more needs of detaching the atomizer during refilling. The fill process becomes easier and leakage can be avoided. The inheritance of RBA head also maximizes the fun of DIY experience and could bring cloud vapor production for you."

I will let you decipher that ;)

Hot on the heels of the explosion (no pun intended) of recent sub ohm tank releases, the Lemo 2 was released in April 2014. The Lemo 2 has been redesigned from the ground up to cater for the sub ohm crowd, and bears very little resemblance to the original Lemo. Since I have been using it I firmly believe it is a completely different beast to the original Lemo, which had built up quite the cult following due to the excellent flavour it produced and its easy build deck. Let’s have a look!

Lemo2 Specs

  • Side Fill Port
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • PEEK insulating material
  • Wide bore drip tip (10mm at widest point)
  • Glass and steel construction
  • 3.8ml capacity
  • 0.5ohm premade coil fitted with Organic Cotton wick
  • 76.2mm length
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 510 fitting

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Lemo 2 Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Lemo 2 Top Cap
  • 1 x Glass Tube
  • 1 x Atomizer Cover
  • 1 x Atomizer Tube
  • 1 x Coil stand
  • 1 x Atomizer Base
  • 1 x Pre-made Heating Coil
  • 2 x Screw (small)
  • 2 x Seals gasket (big)
  • 3 x Silicone rub rings (small)
  • 1 x Length of 0.5mm Kanthal
  • 2 x Organic cotton
  • 1 x Screw Driver

You get plenty of extras here with the Lemo 2, Eleaf have really gone all out to ensure you aren’t short of spares here!


Massive, massive improvement on the original Lemo, which I thought was ugly as sin but a hell of a flavour machine! The drip tip is massive (which seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment), measuring at 10mm wide at its widest point. This is still 510 fitted so you can swap the drip tip out if it isn’t to your tastes. I actually think that the Lemo 2 is a really nice looking tank. The Lemo 2 in my opinion has been designed to complement the iStick 50w perfectly, coming from the same manufacturer I would imagine Eleaf designed it with one eye on the aesthetics of the iStick. I keep looking at it sat atop my silver iStick 50w and thinking that they were made for each other! Not to say this doesn’t look good on any other mods, it definitely compliments other mods, and with a 22mm width it is compatible with the vast majority of the mods available today without leaving any gaps.

Capacity has been reduced on the Lemo 2 from 5ml to 3.8ml, but for someone like me who likes to switch between flavours throughout the day, this isn’t a major issue. It means the length of the tank in general is reduced from 85.52mm on the original to 76.2mm, reducing the chimney length slightly and resulting in an improvement on the already impressive flavour in the original Lemo. The styling still gives a nod to Svoemesto’s famed offerings, but with the redesigned airflow slots, side fill port and wider bore drip tip the similarities aren’t so obvious anymore.

Using it at sub ohm resistances and high wattage coupled with the reduced capacity will mean you are refilling it more often than the original, but this takes mere seconds now with the excellent side fill port that I will cover below.

Lemo 2 - Side Filling

Yes, that is right; the Lemo 2 is filled from a handy fill port located on the side of the tank. Going against conventional top or bottom fill methods, the first thing that sprung to mind with me was ‘that is going to be prone to leaks’. Not so, not at all, it’s revolutionary. I haven’t had a drop leak out of the fill port and it is an absolutely excellent addition to the Lemo 2. It is so easy to refill on the move, it literally takes seconds, just close off the AFC ring, slide open the side fill port, squirt in some juice (not all the way to the top, you want an ever so small pocket of air in there), close off the fill port and slide the AFC back to your desired setting and away you go.  The quicker the better if you want to avoid air getting into the tank and having a few drops leak out.

No scratching around for a screwdriver or having to unscrew the tank from the base needed to fill up!

Lemo 2 Build Deck

Still very kayfun-esque but it has had a slight upgrade from its predecessor. It’s still a single coil affair but you have a lot more room to play with over the original Lemo.  You can either trap your coil under the heads of the post screws or through the 2mm post holes and underneath the screws, as per the original Lemo. The size of the post holes allows you to use some pretty thick gauge wire in there.

The main addition to the deck is that the insulator has been upgraded to a PEEK insulator, allowing you to use builds as low as 0.3ohm without fear of the insulator melting and packing up on you, plus your vape stays cool. I have taken the Lemo 2 up to 40w without anything getting hot, I find vaping using the 0.5ohm build at 35w to be perfect for most of my liquids. The chimney, which was already pretty big, has been widened slightly to accommodate bigger builds. You can fit some very large diameter coils in here if that is your thing! The juice channels, in line with the other latest rebuildable sub ohm tanks that have hit the market recently, are massive, and perfect for high VG juice. I have used 80vg custard in this tank (at the time of writing that is the highest VG juice I have) and not even a hint of a dry hit, even when chain vaping.

My first thought when I saw the pre-installed coil and wick was ‘really, that much wick?’ but with the Lemo 2, I have found that the more wick the better. The pre-installed coil has a resistance of 0.5ohm, and comes pre wicked with organic cotton. Now normally, I would rip out a prebuilt coil and wick and put my own build in there, but I was feeling lazy that day and thought ‘what the hell’, let’s go for a toot on the pre-installed build! Now, this really impressed me, there was minimal cotton taste while the juice bedded into the wick, and the excellent flavour production remained from start to finish on my first tank. Usually I find a new wick can need up to a tank to bed in properly. There was minimal flavour bleed over from changing juices, and putting complex flavours through this tank really brought out the different flavour nuances. The coil even survived a dry burn when changing the wick, which is usually the downfall of most pre-built coils for me! I only rewicked the Lemo 2 five days after first use, I had been using it pretty heavily and had only just noticed the flavour drop off a touch, so I rewicked using cotton bacon, plenty of wick but with a touch less than the original cotton wick, covered most of the base of the deck but left the juice channels free of wick. Filled her up, let my juice sit in the tank for a minute, set the wattage on the iStick 50w to 28w and away we go. Wow, just wow, the cotton bacon really improves the flavour even more in the Lemo 2, it’s simply fantastic with this set up.


The Lemo 2 has two cyclops airflow slots located on the side of the tank, which is massive compared to the original Lemo’s airflow holes. It’s a huge improvement, and this caters to everyone’s tastes. You can mouth to lung by closing off the majority of the airflow, or if like me you love lung hits, crank it wide open and blow some big clouds! I have been impressed with the dense clouds I have been getting out of the Lemo 2 even with the airflow half open, and the flavour doesn’t seem to take a noticeable hit either if you fancy a spot of cloud chasing. The AFC ring stays secure at the setting you have chosen, however there is no audible or tactile click when setting it in place unlike other tanks out there. Rest assured however, it isn’t going to spin freely without any user input!


I am in love with the Lemo 2. There, I said it.

It hasn’t leaked a drop, I haven’t had a dry hit, the flavour is phenomenal and you can blow clouds with the best of them with the airflow wide open. It takes me mere seconds to refill. A true all-rounder and it genuinely does everything you could ask from a tank. Outstanding. I was a big fan of the original Lemo, it was my go to flavour tank for a long time, but the Lemo 2 just improves on the original in every way, bar the capacity reduction from 5ml to 3.8ml, but that in my opinion made an improvement in flavour with the reduced chimney length. The Lemo 2 has now become my go to tank for flavour, and my original Lemo has gone off to a vaper in need.  This is truly impressive again from Eleaf, who are fast building a name for themselves as a manufacturer offering excellent genuine products at affordable prices.

We have two Lemo 2 tanks to give away - enter the competition here.  Thanks to Eleaf World for supplying them!  You can get a 20% discount from items on their site by using the code PLANET.

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