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CUBIS Sub Ohm Tank by Joyetech

The CUBIS is the latest Sub Ohm tank from Joyetech which features an innovative and leak resistant cup design.  The CUBIS uses all new BF (Bottom Fed) 316 Stainless Steel coils designed for Temperature Control and Variable Wattage. In addition it also comes with a Clapton coil head which is intended for Variable Wattage use.

CUBIS Sub Ohm Tank features

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 510 Threaded
  • Top Filled Design
  • Innovative Cup Design
  • Hidden Adjustable Airflow Valve
  • 3.5ml Capacity
  • BF Stainless Steel 316 Atomizer Heads for Temperature Control or Variable Wattage Mode
  • BF Clapton Atomizer heads for Variable Wattage Only
  • Insulated Drip Tip
  • Nickel Coils now Available

What’s in the box?

  • 1x CUBIS Sub Ohm tank
  • 2x CUBIS drip tips
  • 1x BF SS316 0.5ohm coil
  • 1x BF SS316 1.0ohm coil
  • 1x BF Clapton 1.5ohm coil
  • Manual and Warranty Card

Styling and build quality

The CUBIS has a very interesting design and can be broken down into two pieces. The first is the bottom section which is designed to be cuplike and that screws directly onto your device. It features a non-adjustable 510 pin but the good news is that the atomizer sat flush on all my mods. The second part of the tank is the top cap and airflow adjustment section which also has the main chimney connected to it. What is unique is that the coil actually screws onto the chimney and not into the base of the atomizer. The beauty of this design is that you simply unscrew the top cap of the tank which allows you to literally pour juice into the cuplike main section.  This innovation eliminates a great deal of faffing around when it comes to filling.

The coil design is equally unique and Joyetech have done away with the typical side slots you would find on other coils. Instead they have gone for a bottom fed design and the coil has two vertical slots in the base. This means you no longer need to keep an eye on the juice level in your tank to avoid burning the wicking since the wicking is constantly drawing up juice from the bottom of the tank. It makes for a very sensible idea and is not one that I have come across before.

The two part design also make the tank very easy to clean and swapping coils is an absolute doddle. The CUBIS tank has a decent 3.5ml capacity yet despite this it isn’t overly large which will make it desirable to users who prefer more compact atomizers. I felt that the overall build quality of the CUBIS was very good, all of the parts fitted together well and I also thought the design was attractive.


The CUBIS comes with two drip tips, a Stainless Steel and a Delrin one. I did try other drip tips from my collection and all of them fitted this tank.

Ease of use

As previously mentioned the CUBIS can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Changing coils is simple and does not require you to remove the tank from your mod. The filling method is one of the best I have come across and is highly convenient.


Unlike a lot of Sub Ohm tanks the CUBIS has the airflow at the top. Beneath the top cap is an adjustable air control ring that can be easily adjusted. Turning the adjustment ring clockwise opens up the airflow and turning it counter-clockwise closes it down.

You can still vape it fully closed down because there is still a small amount of airflow but at this setting it makes for a very restrictive mouth to lung vape. Fully opened up the airflow is bordering on a restrictive lung inhale but I suspect it won’t be airy enough for most lung hitting vapers. For mouth to lung users this airflow is probably perfect and I happened to really like it. I would describe it as being very similar to a Mini Nautilus experience but with a few more options.

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How does it vape?

I first tried the pre-fitted 1.5ohm Kanthal Clapton Coil. I filled up the tank with some Black Note Adagio (Havana Tobacco E-Liquid) and after allowing a small amount of time for the wick to saturate I took my first vape. Initially I started at 10W and while there was some vapour there wasn’t enough heat or flavour for my liking. I increased to 15W which was much better but in the end I found 18W to be the sweet spot. Vapour production was very good considering this tank's limited airflow, there was a good amount of heat and flavour was very good.

At no point did I get a dry hit thanks to the excellent bottom fed coil design. After completely vaping all of the liquid I moved on to trying another flavour. This time I went for The Collective Seven No.3 by Manabush (Amaretto, raspberry, cigar flavour) and one nice aspect of this tank is that it didn’t take long at all for the previous flavour to go away. Vaping this juice was highly enjoyable and I felt the Clapton coil was really decent. It was also nice to actually vape this kind of coil at a relatively low Wattage which really helps to save on battery life.

I did also try one of the included Stainless Steel coils (0.5ohm coil) but due to my compatible devices needing charging at the time of this review I only used this coil in Variable Wattage mode and not in Temperature Control Mode. This time I filled the tank with The Collective Seven No.6 by Redwood Blend (Butter Mint flavour). Joyetech recommends that you vape the 0.5ohm coil at 15-30W but to be honest I had to ramp up the power to at least 30W to get the kind of vape I liked. In fact I even pushed the coil as high as 35W with no noticeable burning. The Stainless Steel coil does make for a cooler vape when used in Variable Wattage mode but the flavour in my opinion is much better than the Clapton coil being much cleaner and crisper. I also seemed to get far more vapour with this coil.

When I first read that Joyetech had only included one Kanthal coil in this package I did feel that perhaps they would be limiting the appeal of this tank by assuming everyone has a Temperature Control device which can support Stainless Steel coils but the truth is the coils are really good even in regular Variable Wattage mode so it is pretty much a non-issue. Of course one major advantage of Stainless Steel coils is their increased longevity so you won’t be constantly buying new coils.

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In my opinion the CUBIS is a very interesting tank that features some useful innovations. Firstly the ease of filling is very welcome and means you can literally just pour your juice in. Secondly the Bottom Fed Coil design means that you won’t have to keep an eye on your juice level like you would with typical side fed coils and you will heavily reduce the chance of burning the wicking material.

I do like this tank's airflow but then I happen to enjoy mouth to lung vapes. Of course if you are a lung hitting vaper this tak isn't for you due to the very restrictive lung inhale on its most open airflow setting. I also like the fact that the coils don’t require a silly amount of wattage to get a decent vape which certainly helps with battery life and the juice drains quite reasonably and not in five to ten minutes which is the case with some Sub Ohm tanks.

The CUBIS tank makes for a very enjoyable vape and it is highly convenient to use. Providing you prefer mouth to lung vapes this is a very worthwhile purchase and I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t enjoy it.

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