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Defiant Sub Ohm Tank by Council of Vapor

The Defiant is the latest Sub Ohm tank from Council of Vapour. This tank is a top filling design and in addition now uses the longer lasting and more robust ceramic coils. Offering the same airflow as the Vengeance, an improved filling method and better flavour the Defiant looks to be highly appealing.

Defiant Sub Ohm Tank features

  • 22mm Diameter.
  • Height: 51.5mm.
  • Top Filling.
  • Adjustable Airflow.
  • Capacity: 3.1ml.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Defiant Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1 x Replacement Glass
  • 2 x 0.5 Ohm Ceramic Coils
  • 1 x Pack Of Spare O-Rings

Defiant styling and build quality

The Defiant is a discrete and form friendly atomizer. The tank capacity is reasonable and holds up to 3.1ml of juice. The 510 pin is non-adjustable but the Defiant did sit flush on all of the mods that I tried it on. Much like the Vengeance that I recently reviewed the coils sit directly underneath the drip tip making for a very short chimney section that does yield improved flavour!

On the whole the build quality is good but it does fall down in a few areas. Firstly the drip tip and top cap are machined as one piece which means you will not be able to use your own drip tips so this will be a slight negative for some users. Secondly to fill the tank you need to remove the drip tip/top cap and it proved extremely awkward to remove on the one that I was sent for review. On the plus side of things the drip tip is made from Delrin which will help to minimise the amount of heat that reaches your lips.

We Vape


The Defiant features four Cyclops style airflow slots that are fully adjustable. The adjustment ring works well and is neither too stiff nor too loose. This tank is primarily aimed at lung hitting vapers and even though you can just about get away with a mouth to lung vape with the airflow heavily closed down I suspect it will still be a bit too loose a vape for most people.

Ease of use

Fitting the coils is straightforward but on the tank I received the coils did not screw into the base very well so I found it easier to screw them into the chimney first before attaching the base. Filling the tank should actually be very easy but as I have mentioned already the drip tip/top cap was an absolute pain the remove.

How does it vape?

Despite some of the machining issues the Defiant really is a very good vape! I filled up the tank with some Neighborhood E-Liquid Respect and I got a great vape at 40-50W. The ceramic coils give you deliciously rich flavour but the slight downside is due to the Wattage required the tank’s capacity tends to drain quickly. Of course if the top cap had been easier to remove then this would have been less of an issue for me.


Regardless of this little flaws the Defiant certainly offers a very enjoyable vape that I think most people will be extremely happy with. Vapour production is excellent and quite surprising considering the overall small size of the tank.

In my opinion the Defiant is a great improvement on the Vengeance but I would like to see a further increase in overall capacity and I do think the top filling method can definitely be improved.


On the whole the Defiant is a decent tank. The ceramic coils certainly do give you really good flavour, the draw is nice and the cloud production is excellent. The only real let downs are the capacity although 3.1 ml isn’t exactly bad but could be better considering the Wattage required to get the best results from the included coils and this of course tends to drain the juice quickly.

The top filling is certainly a bonus but sadly the drip tip is incorporated into the top cap and it makes for an extremely tight fit.  On the tank I received I had to use a pair of pliers every time I wanted to refill it which became somewhat irritating. The O-Ring that fits at the bottom of the tank glass could also be better because it feels very flimsy but at least you get spares. Hopefully these issues only occur with a few isolated models. 


The Defiant is probably worth picking up if it really appeals to you. It will certainly give you a great vape but do be mindful of its minor shortcomings.

Many thanks to Council of Vapor who sent this tank to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. 

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