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Ceravape Cerabis 44

Ceravape brings you their latest Sub Ohm Tank, the Cerabis 44 featuring their highly regarded ceramic coils that deliver fantastic flavour and superb vapour production. Typically a ceramic coil should last you longer than other conventional coils and it can actually be completely cleaned rather than thrown away.

The Cerabis 44 features dual airflow, a top filling design and a TPD compliant 2ml E-Liquid capacity but the question is does it deliver the goods and will it actually impress you? We shall see!

Ceravape Cerabis 44 features

  • Height: 44mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass Construction
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
  • Top Filling Design
  • 100% Ceramic Wick/Coil
  • Pull-Push Design
  • Anti-Leaking. Anti-Spit back. Anti-Dry Hit
  • Self-Cleaning Coil Feature
  • Invisible Air Holes

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Cerabis 44 Tank
  • 1x 0.5ohm Coil (Pre-Fitted)
  • 1x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 6x Spare O-Rings
  • User Manual

Ceravape Cerabis 44 styling and build quality

The Cerabis 44 is a very compact 22mm diameter atomizer made from Stainless Steel and it has a very clean looking design so tends to look good on most devices. The construction on the whole is decent but there is definitely some room for improvement. Some of the threading appears a bit rough in places and the coil replacement feels a bit awkward nevertheless providing you purchase this atomizer at an attractive price they are certainly things you could live with!

The atomizer consists of five pieces, the base which also features the airflow, the ceramic coil, the chimney and tank section; the top cap and the drip tip. Arguably you could say that the glass makes up a fifth piece but to be honest I couldn’t actually manage to remove it. The base section which includes the airflow felt a bit wobbly and loose to me when the tank is disassembled but it is fine when everything is screwed back together.

To begin with I was really wondering where the airflow actually was because the Cerabis 44 uses a cunning pull up airflow which exposes the two large slots, given that was also initially very stiff it did confound me further. In terms of size the airflow slots are similar to those on the well-known Kennedy RDA’s.

Like I said I could not actually remove the tank glass but it did feel pretty durable and since there is a fair amount of room in there it should not be too troublesome to clean. The Cerabis 44 holds 2ml of juice which is a sad result of those annoying TPD regulations but at least this atomizer does have a relatively straightforward top fill system so it is less of a pain for the user to regularly top up the tank. Realistically if you’re using high VG juice in this tank you will get through it fast if you are a fairly heavy vapour and it may not even last you 20-25 minutes. All in all it makes the EU’s TPD and their rules a bit of nuisance for newcomers to vaping but if you’ve never used anything with a larger capacity it might not even bother you compared to some of us long term users who have enjoyed 5-6ml tanks for ages.

Moving on the drip tip is the large chuff cap wide bore variety and made from Delrin which minimises heat transfer to your lips but thankfully you can remove it and fit a standard drip tip into the 510 fitting located on the top cap. This is much better than some other tanks which might limit you to a wide bore drip tip only and it allows you to chop and change according to your preference!

Unlike typical tanks which use Kanthal coils with organic cotton wicking material the Cerabis 44 coil is entirely made from ceramic and features no wicking at all so you don’t have to worry about accidentally burning it. What’s more the included manual details exactly how you go about cleaning and maintaining it. The methods vary and while the manual suggests you just dry burn it and blow off the crud you can apparently also wash it in hot water and leave to dry naturally or even boil it for several minutes. This means that you won’t be constantly stuck in the perpetual cycle of constantly buying replacement coils because hopefully you will get a much longer lifespan out of them!

The 510 pin on this tank is non-adjustable but I found it still fitted flush on the various mods I tried it on.


The airflow consists of two fairly large ports and you pull up from the top to reveal them. The airflow can be adjusted by turning the tank but I did find on occasion it could come a bit loose so I would have to tweak it a little more to get the exact setting I wanted. For most of the time I was quite happy to leave it completely opened up.

Fully open the draw is suitable for a direct lung inhale style of vaping and this gradually becomes more and more restrictive as you dial the airflow down. Personally to some extent you could vape it mouth to lung providing you used a suitable drip tip of your own and closed the airflow down heavily but I do feel it might get a bit too hot and I am somewhat reluctant to say it would be right for you since some people prefer a very restrictive tight draw and I still feel the Cerabis 44 is a bit too airy.

Ease of use

Removing coils can be a bit of a pain because the installed coil really did not want to come out without using a pair of pliers to get a good grip. I’m not certain if this will be the case with all of these tanks but the one I received was certainly a little problematic. Fitting the coil was actually way easier and you will not have any issues with it.

To fill up the tank you simply unscrew the top cap, squeeze in your juice and then retighten the top cap. Ceravape tanks feature an anti-leak system and the coils do not have to be primed but since ceramic does take a little time to break in I would suggest you start at a lower Wattage initially before gradually increasing to your desired preference.

I have already mentioned the coil cleaning feature so just remember to consult the manual if you want more information.

How does it vape?

At 55 Watts using the pre-fitted 0.5ohm coil this tank vaped extremely well offering extremely delicious flavour and good cloud production and I was highly impressed! In many ways the flavour from these coils puts many similar Sub Ohm tanks to shame because it really is noticeably better.

Just about every E-Liquid that I tried resulted in an excellent vape that certainly won’t disappoint but I did find that this tank did some weird things to certain menthol juices. I had recently received the Iced Out range from Grey Haze to review and all of them but one contain menthol so I decided to first try them out in this tank but for some bizarre reason the menthol was unnoticeable. Now this got me really concerned and I was tempted to contact Grey Haze about it to see if I had got a dodgy batch. I also spoke to Junglist (my boss) about it but funnily enough after putting the juice in one of my RDA’s I could taste menthol.

What I think was happening is that because the ceramic coil results in a very hot vape I feel it can lead to specific ingredients not being as noticeable. I had much the same result when using Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg in this tank but since the menthol in that juice is far more potent it wasn’t quite as lacking. Now this weird oddity might be the way my taste buds work when using this specific tank so it’s really no big deal or it’s just a direct result of how hot a vape you get but to cut to the chase if you enjoy menthol vapes this tank might not be as well suited to them. It could have just been me on that particularly day especially if I had been vaping a lot of menthol flavours recently but it’s definitely something to make a note of in case it ever happens again. Regardless providing you love other types of E-Liquids rest assured that the Cerabis 44 delivers flavour in spades!

Vapour production was excellent and when the airflow is fully opened up and you are using the wide bore chuff cap this does put out some quite dense clouds! As you might expect when vaping at this Wattage the tank does drain very quickly but at least the top fill design keeps refilling convenient. In the time spent using the Cerabis 44 it never leaked on me once.


I think it’s fair to say that in some ways this tank did not give me the best first impression in terms how well parts fit together yet it offers an excellent highly flavoursome vape which outclasses or certainly rivals what you would get from a lot of other Sub Ohm tanks!

Another feather in this tanks cap is that the coils can be cleaned and should last you much longer. Unfortunately the Cerabis 44 is not without its fair share of a few minor problems namely, the initially hard to pull up airflow, the less than ideal coil removal and the somewhat loose base section/airflow when taking the tank apart; yet despite the issues the vape is so good that I’m sure a lot of users will be willing to put up with them.

At the end of the day the design and construction of the Cerabis 44 is probably not going to blow you away but the quality of vape you get is without a doubt up there with the best!

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