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Aspire Cleito

Aspire have only just released the Aspire Triton 2 and they have quickly followed this up with the Aspire Cleito, a revolutionary new tank that sports a new coil system that replaces the standard chimney and integrates it into the coil head itself, reducing the distance the vapour has to travel to your palate and vastly increasing the flavour. The Cleito also integrates vertical Clapton coils into the coil heads for maximum flavour, and has an easy top filling system for quick refilling. There’s also a 3.5ml capacity, and triple adjustable airflow slots. On paper, this is shaping up to be quite the flavour machine!

The Cleito certainly sports an intriguing design, geared towards maximum flavour performance, but how does the new ‘chimney-less’ system stand up? Let's find out.

Aspire Cleito Specs

  • Stainless Steel or Black
  • Unique design where the chimney is part of the coil head
  • Top fill design
  • Chimney style cotton coil heads
  • Removable 510 Delrin drip tip
  • Pyrex Glass tank with spare included in the box
  • Vape band & set of coloured ‘Cleito cuffs’ included in the box
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 3.5ml Capacity
  • RBA coil to come

What’s in the Box?

The Aspire Cleito definitely comes packaged in one of the more unique presentation boxes out there! Inside the box is-

Pure Eliquids
  • Aspire Cleito with pre installed 0.4ohm coil rated for 40-60W
  • Aspire Cleito 0.2ohm coil rated for 55-70W
  • Vape band
  • Replacement glass tank section
  • Different coloured rubber heat dissipation cuffs

An RBA coil is also on the horizon for the Aspire Cleito in the near future, which will be available to purchase separately. The Aspire Cleito is also available in Black or Stainless Steel.

Aspire Cleito Looks and Capacity

The Aspire Cleito is constructed of 304 grade stainless steel with a glass tank section, and a removable Delrin drip tip. The glass tank section allows you to see the full capacity of the tank, capacity of the Cleito is 3.5ml, and refilling is done by twisting off the top cap and refilling with your chosen juice. Removing the top cap exposes the whole tank section so you don’t need to worry about squeezing a bottle nozzle through a fill port, you can even just tip the juice in from a bottle if you so wish! Once done, simply replace the top cap and tighten it up, you'll find that it comes on and off very smoothly indeed. There is a tri slot airflow control ring at the base of the tank, and if you need to remove and replace a coil you do so by removing the glass tank section from the base of the tank, unscrewing the old coil and ensuring a new one is firmly screwed in.

You can disassemble the Aspire Cleito to clean, as there are minimal parts with the tank, and interestingly you can swap in different coloured ‘Cleito Cuffs’ that fit around the top cap of the Cleito, and help to dissipate heat as well. That gives you a layer of customisation with the tank that also serves a functional purpose as well!

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Aspire Cleito Airflow

Airflow on the Aspire Cleito is adjusted via three cyclops adjustable airflow rings, similar to the ones found on the Aspire Triton 2. Airflow can be tightened right down, to achieve a mouth to lung vape, or opened right up for a straight to lung hit. The airflow slots are very generously sized indeed and provide ample airflow should you wish to blow clouds with this tank. The AFC ring itself is buttery smooth and easy to adjust, you can also finely adjust the airflow rather than adjusting it to preset settings.

Aspire Cleito Performance

Interestingly, the Aspire Cleito sports a revolutionary new coil design that incorporates the chimney into the coil head itself. This in turn reduces the distance the vapour needs to travel to get to your palate, and places less restriction on the airflow. Combined with the new Clapton styled vertical coil set up this maximises the flavour production and vastly increases vapour production as well.

The pre installed coil has a resistance of 0.4ohm and Aspire recommend it for use at 40-60W. Personally, I actually preferred the vape at 32W with 50/50 and 60/40 juices, and at 40W with 70+VG juices. I did find that a small amount of spitback occurred with higher PG juice when taking the coil over 40W. The flavour though, is truly exceptional. Complex juices, such as the Manabush Spiritwalker range, really shone in this tank and it provided one of the most flavourful vapes I’ve experienced from a sub ohm tank, on par with many rebuildables. It’s a pretty warm vape too, which is just how I like it. Vapour production with this coil is pretty impressive too.

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The spare coil included within the Aspire Cleito kit sports the same vertical clapton coil configuration, but has a resistance of 0.2ohms and Aspire recommend this for use at 55-70W. Again, flavour was truly exceptional with this coil, as was the vapour production, and I noticed less of an issue with spitback when using this coil strangely enough. You will want to use one of the included ‘Cleito Cuffs’ with this coil over your top cap as it does get pretty hot when going over 60W, and the Cleito Cuff will provide a layer of protection against this.

Aspire do have an RBA coil planned for the Cleito, which will be available in the very near future, it will be interesting to see how this performs so as soon as I can get my hands on one, I will update the review with how it performs!


I’ve got to say, the flavour from the Aspire Cleito is a huge selling point. You experience flavour on a level that many top rebuildables provide, and that is down to the superb coil design incorporating the chimney into the coil itself, meaning that the vapour has less distance to travel. The result is absolutely superb flavour performance.  

The top fill system is one of the easiest to use, as you simply twist off the top cap and fill to the side of the chimney, without needing to squeeze a bottle nozzle through any fill ports. Build quality is very solid and the tank itself looks absolutely great. Add to the fact that this tank is available under £20 with the majority of retailers and this tank is a winner in my books!

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