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Advken Dark Mesh

The darkness is meshed up

Since using the Owl and Manta - two tanks I have used for ages - I can say that they have been tanks that are on regular rotation on my mods. They are two of my favourite releases in the vaping world. This beast of a tank reminds me of an old favourite, Advken have brought another beauty to the game...

Out of the Box

The Dark Mesh is a 28mm wide tank and comes in two different colour options at present. The colour options are Black and Stainless Steel – both come with a resin 810 tip. They can be picked up for around £25-30.  

The tank has a 5ml bubble glass and, with the single coil fitted, it goes up to 6ml - which is awesome! There are loads of spare O-Rings from Doctor Coil again and a spare coil which is the preferred triple mesh coil reading 0.15ohm along with the single 0.15 mesh I used the triple coil which worked a treat and flavour was awesome…

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Along with the warranty card and all the other instructions to cover use. 


  • Diameter – 28mm
  • Height – 54.5mm

Build & Styling

The build quality from Advken is sheer perfection every time. Their products always look and feel great and I always look forward to opening an Advken box! 

This is a big tank - but does it bother me? No. This is a good-looking tank and it suits a range of different mods – its styling is good; I like the look of it and it functions really well.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say!

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Using the Dark Mesh

The top filling again annoyed me every time…it’s that air tight there is no breather hole for the tank to let air out. No in the future think about a new design on that. The filling is slow meaning you have to tilt the tank slightly and drip it down the coil for it to fill and to get the best filling options.

I’ve tried the tank at numerous power settings - see below:

30W: I always start low so I can get the coil nice and prepped - not vapour much came at this wattage, but I would still recommend it if you like a light vape.

55W: the flavour was nice at this power setting and it became very productive vapour-wise as it settled in. Not a perfect vape but nice…more power please!

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65W: a nice, clean is flavour very noticeable on the first draw, the second pull - beautiful…and so on.

75W: it’s nice and works a treat, the wicking keeping up well, but it’s not the best as it needs to absorb the juice as its very quickly vaped in my opinion.

When priming the coil, it took a good 10-15 minutes before the flavour was coming through as expected. Something which I have found on previous Mesh coils is that it doesn’t take too long to start vaping at full flavour. The cotton was compacted well on this coil and did at times seems there wasn’t enough juice in the cotton but hey ho it still worked, chain vaping this at high wattage might be an issue but it kept up with me fine during testing.

The airflow is really is great and I’m really happy with how it mixes well with the flavour. The airflow, when fully open, is far too much, the sweet spot for me was to have it just slightly closed. However, this does produce a bit of an annoying whistle which might be a deal-breaker for some vapers. 

The tank fits together well and I haven’t had any leakages as yet!



  • High grade build
  • Flavour is perfect
  • Slide action top fill
  • Great airflow
  • Coil life is good
  • Feels true to the build
  • Looks half decent
  • Good liquid capacity (5ml & 6ml)


  • Small filling kidney, awkward to fill
  • You have to slow fill or let it drip down the inside of the tank
  • Very big


I’ll say it again. I love Advken tanks! My favourite RTA to date still is the Manta, but for me this beats the Owl as a stock coil tank. Why? It holds more juice and it just nudges it on the flavour. 

I’ve changed flavour a couple of times to see how the coils take it and it worked really well. If you switch from a menthol to a dessert then you will need a bit more breaking in time of course – but a quick flavour change along the same lines came through really quickly for me.

Now, would I buy it? Yes! The main reason for this is the capacity of liquid. It doesn’t beat an RDA by far, but it sure does put out a really high level of flavour. This is by far the best sub ohm tank Advken have produced to date.

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 Adam Bolt
Article by Adam Bolt
I started vaping back in 2014 using the old pen devices...really hard trying to stop smoking with them for me I was on 10 cigs a day from the age of 13 and now 29, I'm Cig free and have been for the last year... I started sub ohming back in 2016 but gave up due to various issues with the pen than last year I finally gave up the cigs and bought a new stick device SMOK V8. This was when my passion for vaping began... I did start to look at the different devices but was dubious due to the fact they were too big but the dreaded battery life hit me and I decide to look at buying a mod.
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