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Vaptio Fusion 3.8 Starter Kit

The Vaptio Fusion 3.8 is an all in one starter kit designed for new vapers. It features a self-contained 3.8ml tank, a 1500mAh battery and comes with two coils.

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Vaptio Fusion 3.8 Starter Kit

The Vaptio Fusion 3.8 is an all in one starter kit designed for new vapers. It features a self-contained 3.8ml tank, a 1500mAh battery and comes with two coils.

So let’s dive right in and see what it has to offer!

Vaptio Fusion 3.8 Starter Kit features

  • Dimensions: 63.5mm x 54mm x 24mm.
  • Available in six different colours.
  • Three Wattage Settings: 50W/40W/30W.
  • Zinc Alloy and Glass Construction.
  • 3.8ml Internal Tank.
  • Adjustable Top Airflow Ring.
  • LED Power Indicator.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Low Voltage Protection.
  • Over Charging Protection.
  • Over Vaping Protection.
  • 10 Minute Auto Lock Protection.
  • 5V/1A USB Charging.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Fusion 3.8 Kit.
  • 1x Fusion S2 0.25ohm Kanthal Coil.
  • 1x Fusion S2 0.8ohm Kanthal Coil (Pre-Fitted).
  • 1x User Manual.
  • 1x Micro USB Cable.
  • 1x Quick Start Guide.
  • 1x Authenticity Certificate.

Vaptio Fusion 3.8 styling and build quality

Constructed from Zinc Alloy the Vaptio Fusion is a highly compact device that fits comfortably into the palm of the hand. The overall construction is of good quality. It feels solid, with a little bit of weight to it but is very well balanced.

The device features a self-contained tank which is accessed by removing the top cap with its integrated airflow controller. While the tank is isolated from the electronics care will be needed when cleaning. The glass is well protected from any accidental knocks by the casing design.

You can purchase the Vaptio Fusion 3.8 in one of six different colours (I received the black version for review). I felt the design was very striking and the overall black scheme was contrasted by two colourful deep space nebulas on either side.

There is only a single button on the device which is well fitted and highly responsive. Directly above the fire button are three LEDS which light up when vaping and indicate which Wattage you have set. Unlike other devices which offer true fully adjustable Variable Wattage, the Vaptio Fusion 3.8 simply offers three pre-sets: 30W, 40W and 50W. The LED’s also change colour indicating the current battery charge. As you can imagine this makes the device extremely accessible for a new user.

The drip tip is made from Delrin and features a single O-ring. It is a standard 510 fitting so you can easily replace it with another one from your collection if you prefer.

Airflow is integrated into the top cap design and is fully adjustable. By simply turning the ring you can go from a restrictive mouth to lung style of vape to a very open and airy one, which will suit anyone who prefers to vape lung hitting style.

The Micro USB Port is sensibly located on the bottom front of the device. It is fitted in a horizontal position so you can stand the device upright while charging. If this is your sole device and you get really desperate for a nicotine fix you’ll be pleased to know that it does support pass through technology, so you can happily vape while you charge!

There is no apparent battery ventilation but considering the device only goes up to 50W and is loaded with safety features it isn’t really needed.

Ease of use

The box contains a quick start guide including how to prep a coil for the first time, along with a full user manual.

The device is incredibly simple to use.

  • Five clicks of the button powers the device on/off.
  • Clicking the button changes the Wattage. One LED lit indicates 30W. Two LED’s lit indicates 40W and three LED’s lit means you’re at the maximum 50W. The LED’s change colour to alert you to battery drain.
  • There is no lock on the device but it does power down after 10 minutes. Now some folks might find this a little annoying because it does mean you have to click the button five times to power back up. On the other hand it means even if you accidentally forget to turn it off before putting it in your pocket the device will eventually switch itself off.
  • Changing a coil is straightforward enough. One thing you definitely do need to keep an eye on is the juice level in the tank, because it gets to low you will get a dry hit or even worse potentially burn the coil out. Depending on the colour of your E-Liquid it can also be a little tricky to see at times if not in good light.

Given the size of the wicking slots in the coil I would say 50VG/50PG juice is your best bet in this device, but you could probably get away with 60VG/40PG but anything higher may be a stretch and lead to dry hits.

Vaptio Fusion 3.8 performance

I made use of the pre-fitted 0.8ohm coil which suits my vape style the best these days. I primed the coil and filled the tank up to the indicated juice level with some Red Vape Shade tobacco E-Liquid. I allowed at last ten minutes before taking my first vape.

Vaping at 30W I would say that the flavour was certainly distinct and very pleasant but there simply wasn’t enough heat for my liking. Changing the Wattage setting to 40W flavour was so much better, as was the amount of heat and I think it was just right for my tastes. Increasing it to 50W yielded a warmer vape and I personally preferred it set to 40W.

What really surprised me was the quite bonkers cloud production for such a small device. I mean it will never be the same as a dedicated cloud chaser but the vapour production was seriously good, although it can be closed down a lot if you prefer. I actually kept the airflow pretty closed down most of the time because most days I’m in mouth to lung vaping mood. As a MTL vape certainly it felt restrictive enough.

I think for a newcomer the device offers a nice amount of variation and allows you to choose between Mouth to Lung or lung hitting vaping. Given that a 0.25ohm coil is also included it gives a user the opportunity to fully explore the dedicated lung hitting option.

The 3.8ml capacity tank took a good amount of time to drain when using the 0.8ohm coil. Battery life has been impressive and while I have used the device occasionally over a few days it is still going. At present I haven’t had to charge it but from what I have read it takes approximately 2-3 hours.


As a beginner device I think this is a very worthwhile product and it’s really nice that it includes a choice of coils which offer a varied vape style. One advantage of this kit is that the adjustable airflow caters well to either a cloud chaser or a mouth to lung user.

My only issue is that the fact that the tank is self-contained, which does mean that you will have to take care when washing it or filling to ensure no liquid ever finds its way into the electronics. Yet in fairness this device has never leaked once while I have used it and as long as you are mindful it should not present a problem.

In terms of the vape quality, ease of use, discrete size and stylish aesthetics, I really liked it and felt it was a very good product!

Many thanks to Vaptio who kindly sent this product to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. For your chance to win the Fusion 3.8 Starter Kit please see our competition

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