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TECC's Tab kit is designed as an ideal starter kit or pod system device for nicotine salts, and it features refillable pods, no button operation and a 380mAh battery capacity. TECC have sent us one to review, check out what we thought!

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TECC's Tab kit is designed as an ideal starter kit or pod system device for nicotine salts, and it features refillable pods, no button operation and a 380mAh battery capacity. Let's have a look at what it has to offer...


  • 380mAh battery capacity 
  • Automatic draw operation 
  • Mouth to lung draw
  • No buttons
  • Sleek and discrete form factor
  • Easily refillable pods
  • 2ml pod capacity 
  • 1.2ohm resistance
  • Traffic light LED system
  • USB recharging 

What's in the Box?

  • TECC Tab
  • 1x Refillable pod
  • USB charging cable 
  • Spare silicone filling plugs
  • User manual

Design and Build Quality

The TECC Tab vaguely resembles the famed JUUL pod system in appearance, however it's much longer than the JUUL and slightly wider too. It features a sleek silver body with a small and simple LED at the front, and a black mouthpiece at the top.

At the side of the TECC is a small notch which clearly shows how much E-Liquid remains in the pod, and further down from that is the micro USB charging port.

Even though it's a little on the long side compared to a lot of other pod systems on the market, I still think it's a good looking little device, and it's comfortable to use too!

Using the TECC Tab and Performance

Refillable pods are used with the TECC Tab, with a large 2ml capacity for your E-Liquid. A silicone rubber bung is found at the base of the pod, simply open this up to fill and close when done. After filling it for the first time, leave the e-liquid to sit in the pod for 10 minutes before first using it. I've found the pods will last at least five refills before needing to be disposed of, and you only get one included with the kit meaning you will need to purchase spares.

No buttons are found on the TECC Tab, you simply draw on the mouthpiece to fire. A tight mouth to lung draw is found, with very good flavour from the 1.2ohm coil. I like the fact this offers a tighter draw than the majority of the refillable pod systems I have tried, with better flavour as a result!

A 380mAh in built battery offers good battery life, and gets me through most of the day. The TECC Tab recharges quickly via USB, and a traffic light LED system shows how much battery life is left. This goes from green when fully charged, to amber, and finally down to red.


At £16.99, this is a real bargain for someone looking for a cheap starter kit or a refillable pod system for nicotine salt E-Liquids. It's easy to use, and well made too, definitely worth having a look at!

Many thanks to Rick at TECC for sending the TECC Tab in for review, you can purchase one here! You can use POTV20 to get 20% off- not to be used on products containing nicotine!

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