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TECC Specter Kit

If you are looking to move away from smoking to vaping, you could do a lot worse than the TECC Specter kit. Check out our review to find out why

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TECC Specter MTL Kit

TECC Specter MTL Kit

Supplied by The Electronic Cigarette Company
Price = £44.99

TECC Specter MTL Kit review

TECC’s new MTL kit is a no nonsense old-school mod and tank kit aimed to lessen the confusion for new vapers and appears to be the ideal starter kit to help people quit smoking. We at POTV give it the once over to see if it achieves what it set out to do.

TECC Specter MTL Kit boxed

At A Glance

  • Variable wattage (power)
  • 2600mAh internal battery
  • Compatible with GT coils
  • 1-40 Watts
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • Plug & play coils


The Specter comes nicely packaged in a sturdy two piece box covered with an outer sleeve with simple artwork and specs on the back.

TECC Specter MTL Kit unboxing

The kit comes with everything to get you started (other than e-liquid), and the presentation looks good with the mod and tank held in place with a foam inlay. The box contains the Micro USB cable and two 1.2Ohm coils, the user manual is hidden underneath.

TECC Specter MTL Kit contents

The ‘mod’ (battery module) is nicely styled and is shaped to fit into your hand comfortably. The finish is anodised satin which feels really nice to the touch, and the top and bottom plates are chromed which gives it a classy look.

TECC Specter MTL Kit mod and tank

The buttons are also a chrome finish, and there’s a translucent black strip on the screen face which contrasts the whole look of the mod perfectly. Overall I really liked the look of the Specter mod, and it will also accept up to 24mm tanks should you wish to change the included tank in the future.

TECC Specter MTL Kit screen

The top face has a 510 threaded tank connection. 510 is the number you need to check for when looking for a new tank, pretty much all screw on tanks are 510 these days so it’s unlikely you will get caught out. The base has the Micro USB port which is a little surprising for 2021 but at least it is still fairly common and there’s a cable included. The base also has a series of holes as battery ventilation if it gets too hot.

TECC Specter MTL Kit tank and parts

The tank is very starter friendly and it all makes sense when taken apart for cleaning or changing the coil. The base has a male 510 threaded connection and the adjustable airflow ring. The main body is where you push the coil in, it is a simple press fit and can only go in one way.

TECC Specter MTL Kit coil fitting

Before you fit a new coil, it is best to ‘prime’ the coil by applying a few drops of your e-liquid into the wicking slots (basically, where you see exposed cotton), this helps a new coil to properly saturate before applying power to it. It is also important to leave the coil to prime for around ten minutes once you fill up the tank.

TECC Specter MTL Kit filling

The tank is top-fill and the top cap simply unscrews counter-clockwise which exposes two fill ports (slots), fill it up through these but take care not to pour any liquid through the centre hole, screw the top cap back on clockwise and let it sit for around ten minutes.

TECC Specter MTL Kit all angles


The controls are very basic but also very easy to use which makes it ideal for beginners. All you really need to know is what power setting (wattage or W) to use.

  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On/Off
  • 4 x Fire = Displays puff counter (4 x Fire to return)
  • Press & hold Up & Down = Locks the adjustment buttons
  • Press & Hold Fire & Down = Stealth Mode (Turns the screen off, repeat to turn it back on)

That’s all you need to know. With the included 1.2Ohm coils, I would advise starting off at 10 Watts so make sure you set this before you take your first vape as it is set at 25 Watts by default.

Adjustable Airflow

At the base of the tank is an adjustable airflow ring, if you are looking for a cigarette type tighter draw then expose one or two holes, exposing more will give an airier draw. I found just one hole exposed gave me a perfect tight MTL (Mouth to Lung) draw.


So with the coil primed and fitted, the power/wattage set to 10 watts and the airflow set to one hole, I took the Specter for its first vape. The flavour was pretty good but it got better once I tweaked the wattage up to around 12 watts. There was a short period where the coil needed bedding in (around 30 puffs), and the flavour really improved, I wouldn’t say it was the best flavour compared to many of my other devices but it was more than satisfactory and a new vaper wouldn’t know any different and would find to be very good. I would happily recommend this to any smoker looking to start vaping to quit the stinkies.

The battery life was superb, even with high usage it lasted me over two days before I needed to recharge it, and even then there was still a bit of power left in it. Charging time wasn’t as fast as I would have wanted due to it being Micro USB so it took 1½ hours from low, but for 2600mAh this was satisfactory.

TECC Specter MTL Kit comparison


TECC’s Specter kit is a very good choice for beginner vapers, it is no nonsense and simple with all you need to get started. The draw and flavour is just right for MTL vaping. Setup and operation is also so simple that even the worst technophobe should be able to handle it.

More experienced vapers will likely find it lacking in any innovation or in depth features, however I found it to be a decent addition to my MTL collection and enjoyed using it during the review period, and I will gladly pass this along to a friend looking to quit smoking, safe in the knowledge that I will have given them the right kit to start vaping.


  • Ideal kit for beginners
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Impressive 2600mAh inbuilt battery
  • Classy styling
  • No nonsense MTL setup


  • Zero innovation and old tech

Final Thoughts

The Specter achieves what it set out to do as a more than capable ‘starter kit’ which I would happily recommend to someone looking to quit smoking, more experienced vapers will likely find it lacking though. With that said, I still really enjoyed this kit.

TECC Specter MTL Kit thunderbirds are go

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