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TECC arc Evo Kit

The TECC arc Evo is a 4400mAh lipo-powered mod capable of pushing up to 60W of power and can handle variable power or temperature control vaping. The kit comes with the Slider 2 tank which takes ML atomiser heads which come in three different varieties.

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The TECC arc Evo is a 4400mAh lipo-powered mod capable of pushing up to 60W of power and can handle variable power or temperature control vaping.  The kit comes with the Slider 2 tank which takes ML atomiser heads which come in three different varieties.

With TECC celebrating their 10-year anniversary today I was really pleased to be asked to review this product for them.  I don’t tend to do many reviews these days unless pushed as I don’t have enough time to test new devices as I would like – but I am happy that I agreed to do this one I was surprised by how good this product is!

TECC arc EVO features

  • Battery capacity - 4400mAh
  • Tank capacity - 2ml
  • Atomizer resistance - 0.5ohm / 0.3ohm
  • Output modes - VW /Bypass / TC (Ni/Ti/SS) / TCR
  • Output wattage - 1-60W
  • Resistance range - 0.05-1.5ohm (TC modes) / 0.1-3.5ohm (VW/Bypass mode)
  • Dimensions - 132.5mm x 42mm x 22mm
  • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) - 182g

Slider 2 Tank features

  • Tank capacity - 2ml
  • Atomizer resistance - 0.3ohm / 0.5ohm
  • Comes with the 0.5ohm coil installed

Good to see a spare glass included in this kit as well as some spare o-rings. The glass is of very good quality, really thick so it should withstand a few knocks, hopefully the replacement won’t ever be needed!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x arc Evo battery
  • 1 x Slider 2 tank
  • 2 x ML2 atomizer heads (0.5ohm installed, 0.3ohm spare)
  • 1 x Spare glass
  • 1 x QC USB cable
  • Spare parts
  • 1 x User manual

ARC evo styling and build quality

The description on the TECC site states:

Chunky yet compact, the arc Evo e-cig kit seamlessly integrates performance and style. Designed for comfort, it maintains the consistent quality of the arc range. Powered by an internal 4400mAh battery, the arc Evo can output up to 60W of power, supports quick charging and integrates a crisp top display.

This mod reminds me a lot of the original iStick mod in terms of feel, the old iStick 50W was a ground-breaking mod at the time, a serious amount of power and a huge battery were massive plus points for vapers at the time and it was a hugely successful device.  The ARC evo feel thinner than I remember the iStick 50W being, and it is taller and narrower.  This makes the device fit really nicely in the hand, it does not feel bulky or hard to handle so when you compare this to how big a bulky a lot of dual battery devices feel this is a real bonus.  Even the biggest capacity 18650s don’t get you anywhere near the 4400mAh size of this mod.

With the device being narrower and thinner the display sits on top of the mod.  The display is lovely and crisp and even after having been in my pocket and bag for the last couple of weeks the screen is scratch free and there are no scratches on the mod itself.  I am pretty careful with my gear though and don’t put my gear in pockets with coins or keys and tend to have them in their own pockets in any bags I use – treat your gear with care and it will last a lot longer!

The menu is easy to access, three clicks of the fire button brings up the menu and the + and – buttons allow you to cycle left and right through the different power settings, from Wattage to three temperature control setting where you can set your own TCR values through to the set Ni, SS and Ti temperature control values.  Finally, you have a Bypass mode where the mod will simply fire based on the resistance of the coil in the attached atomiser and the charge in the device.

The mod can be powered off with five clicks of the power button – something that I have got used to doing now when out and about with any device.  Whilst the button is not massively raised, and the button takes just the right amount of weight to fire it shouldn’t be prone to accidentally going off in your pocket - but I have fried enough coils to have learnt my lesson in that regard!

This is a 22mm mod, so if you have bigger tanks than this then you will get some overhang, but with a maximum output of 60W the chances are that if you are wielding 24mm tanks or bigger then you might well be looking to push more power anyway.  Personally, I don’t think the 60W limit is an issue for the majority of people and most of the time I was firing it at 35-40W with the Slider 2 tank and had no need to consider going any higher unless using the 0.3ohm coil – more on that in the next section…

In my opinion this is a great device, easy to use, feels good in the hand, good menu system with pretty much every option you will ever need.  The mod is robust and hasn’t caused me any issues in the couple of weeks I have been using it.

The Slider 2 tank

Included with the arc Evo kit is the Slider 2 tank.  This is a TPD complaint 2ml tank that features a sliding top refill mechanism.  There is an arrow on the top of the tank that shows you which direction you need to push the top lid in to get it to open.  The lid slides part way open to reveal a rubber-lined filling hole.  This is the same as a fair number of tanks on the market and works well, just push the nozzle of your juice bottle into the opening and squeeze gently.  If you start to get juice leaking out of the top before the tank is full just take the nozzle out, clear any excess juice from the hole and go again, making sure you use gentle but constant pressure to get the tank filled.

The coil screws into the bottom of the tank and the glass sleeve presses on to the bottom of the tank, so if you want to change coils then the tank will need to be empty, you can then unscrew the top cap, pop off the glass sleeve by pushing on the side of the sleeve at the top, pushing in towards the middle of the tank.  This will pop the sleeve off and you will have better access to the coil.  You can then unscrew the coil and pop your new one in.  The usual priming rules should be followed, squeeze a few drops of juice into each of the holes in the side of the coil and then put a good few drips down into the middle of the coil to get it in a better state for pulling in juice from the tank.  Now you can screw the top back on, slide the top back to reveal the fill hole and fill up the tank.  Then suck through the drip tip a good few times and you will see bubbles rising in the tank showing you that the cotton is pulling the juice in.  I don’t usually wait the ten minutes that tends to be recommended, using this method with the Slider 2 meant it was good to vape in a couple of minutes!

I tested the 0.3ohm head and the 0.5ohm and settled with the 0.5ohm one, for me it was the best flavour and more than enough clouds for me.  With the 0.3 head I was able to push the power on the device up to around 55W to get the best vape for me out of it, so there is a bit of headroom with the Arc Evo if you like a hotter vape but for me it was more than adequate. 

The 0.5ohm coil that comes with the kit really took me by surprise to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to taste as good as it does!  I have been mainly squonking and using my Billet Box with an Exocet atomiser, these really are flavour machines, so when I had my first few toots with this set up I was quite taken aback with the level of flavour the set up produces.  It reminded me very much of my first experiences with the old Aspire Atlantis tanks – they were flavour heaven at the time and still stand up today!

The 0.5 standard coil at 38-42W pushes out a pretty much perfect vape for me in terms of flavour.  The heat is just right, not too hot, just enough warmth to feel it, the level of vapour is good, not massive clouds but that isn’t for me anyway.  I first tried this device when I was in the grips of a massive hay fever attack two weeks ago.  I have suffered with this miserable allergy since I was pretty young, nine or ten years old, and to be brutal with you I stream nasal mucus at this time!  I can go through two boxes of tissues a day and can rub my nose red raw.  As you can imagine vaping can be pretty miserable during these times, flavour is dulled through only really being able to breathe through my mouth – so when I took my first few hits on this device, loaded up with some BLAQ Origins juice (one of my favourite ever Strawberry juices) – to get the full on flavour put a massive smile on my face.  I have now loaded up with antihistamines – double dropping the recommended dose is not big and clever but it works for me – and I still find myself going back to this tank.  It is that good!

A quick note about coil life as well – Origins is a pretty sweet juice but not a coil killer by any stretch of the imagination.  Even so it will still gunk up after a time – I have put about 80ml through the tank so far and there is no sign of it stopping yet for that coil.  Really good performance in my opinion.  I have tried a few stock coil devices over the last year or so and nothing has stood up as well as this one – superb coils from what I have seen of them so far.


As you can see, I was more than pleasantly surprised by the performance of this set up! If you are new to sub ohm vaping or are a smoker looking to quit and not quite getting the right hit from a mouth to lung setup then I have no problem in recommending this kit to you.  Even if you are a seasoned vaper and you want something for out and about or a no-nonsense set it and forget it device that delivers on flavour then I think it’s worth checking out. 

Currently priced at £57.99 on the TECC site it is a good price for a set up that should last and last -  TECC are having 10 days of offers and discounts so keep your eyes peeled on their social media accounts and forum and you might find it even cheaper at some point!  POTV readers can also get 20% off non-nicotine containing products and their components by using the code POTV20 at checkout!

Follow TECC over the next 10 days via their website, Facebook page or Instagram account or  on the forum here – there should be some excellent bargains to be had so keep your eyes peeled!

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