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SMOK Mag Grip Kit

The follow-up to the immensely popular SMOK Mag, but can it fill the big shoes left by it's older sibling?

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Welcome back to another Sacred POTV review and this time we have something rather special. When you hear the name SMOK, depending on who you are, it conjures arguably mixed thoughts about the brand. Some swear by their products, others not so much. It is fair to say though that the quality of their recent releases have been fantastic and in this review we have potentially another entry in that series. The Sequel to one of the most diversive product launches in vaping history, the SMOK MAG Grip.

The SMOK MAG was one of the biggest selling mods over the last 18 months now give or take upon its release date. In fact they were still very popular for the best part of last year online. So the MAG Grip is the follow up to the successful device but not in the conventional way, certainly not in the SMOK way of doing things. Instead of going bigger and better, they have refined the Grip into something that is ergonomically designed to be an improvement but is it? Before we get into that, let’s dive down into the details of what you get and what the Grip actually is.

What’s in the Box?

  • SMOK MAG Grip Mod
  • SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 tank
  • Baby V2 S1 coil
  • Baby V2 S2 coil
  • Spare glass
  • USB cable
  • 18650 battery adaptor
  • Spare parts
  • User manual


MAG Grip

  • Size: 91.5x67x38mm
  • Battery: 1×18650 / 21700 / 20700 (not included)
  • 0.66in OLED display
  • Output: 85W (18650) or 100W (20700/21700)
  • Resistance range: 0.1-2.5ohm (VW) / 0.05-2ohm (TC)
  • Temperature range: 200-600°F / 100-315°C
  • Firmware upgradeable

SMOK Baby V2

  • Size: 30×54
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Coils: Baby V2 coils
  • Coils wicked with anti bacterial medical cotton
  • Sliding locking top fill cap
  • Bottom adjustable airflow

About the SMOK MAG Grip

The MAG Grip kit is a single 21700/18650 powered device partnered up with the new Baby V2 tank.

The MAG Grip is a single battery device capable of powering up to 100w with a single 21700 or 85W with a single 18650. The device is a handle shaped design that has deviated from the original gun handle and displays more like a remote control joystick. The device comes with a cylinder battery magazine released via the button found on the device. It has a top based screen with 2 navigation buttons and a trigger found on the body of the mod. Operating the device is through 5 clicks to lock the device and 3 clicks to take you into the menu with mode (watt/Temp options), puff counter, settings and power on/off.

The Baby V2 is the latest sub ohm tank released by SMOK that aims to give bigger and better vaping experience. It has a 5mil capacity with a top button release to reveal a kidney shaped fill hole on top. It has a replaceable 810 drip tip, bottom adjustable airflow and comes in at around 25mm as standard. The tank comes with 2 baby v2 coils, rated V1 0.15 ohm single mesh (40-80W) and V2 strip mesh rated 0.15 ohm (30w-70W)

SMOK MAG Grip Pros

Before I start I want to be honest, I was a big fan of the SMOK MAG back when it released, it is such a comfortable device that did work pretty well. So the MAG Grip represents a continuation of that same principle and first and foremost it is comfortable as hell. It really is, fantastic design to sit perfectly in your hand and even the fire trigger is perfectly placed. So any fears of the design change was soon nixed in place of just a really well designed mod for sitting in your hand. The device responds really well, quick firing and accurate in power compared to the slight power discrepancy on the original. Battery life is around 4-5 hours with a single 21700 which is a great length for a single battery device when used regularly, above average in my experience so not an all day device but a session device as it were. The menu system not being a typical SMOK menu (hopefully the SMOK menu is finally gone for good!) it is easy to use, easy to find whatever you want and simply holding the trigger to select options is a nice touch. The device has space on top for up to 30? mm tanks so another pro for me there, certainly the 25mm baby v2 is just sat directly in the middle of the base so plenty of room around it. Build quality on the device is really good, it feels solid and like it would survive a fall or two, with the hardened screen again an improvement on the previous design.

Onto the Baby V2 tank and honestly? This is the second time I have reviewed it (first was on the V9 Max, over on Youtube) and it is still a pleasure to use. It has a lovely smooth vape from the coils, nice flavour and great coil life which may come as a surprise to a lot of people. The top button mechanism works fantastic, again an improvement not having the rubber cover on the bottom rather than the top this time around. So no catching when closing any more making the process much simpler with plenty of use. There is plenty of airflow and the 5mil capacity is always a welcome addition.

SMOK MAG Grip ConsSmok Mag Grip outside

Starting with the device and it is a inconsequential con to start off with, the battery life now. Going from a dual to a single battery device is a bit of a strange decision as the dual would be the more popular of the two? Anyway, not a fan of that roll back to be honest, I prefer devices that give me at least a full day and the MAG Grip barely passed the work test (only mod when going to work, for context there). I don’t like the 5 clicks lock option either, I prefer a 5 clicks on or off and having to go into the menu to switch the device off is a little bit of a pain. The only other thing I can honestly say is the weight, I think it may be slightly heavier than the original, despite being smaller? No idea how they managed that but there you go, it is a solid and well built device but it does carry a little weight as a result.

Onto the tank now and the Baby V2 is rather a nice tank. So you are wondering how I can con it? Well the flavour is not strong when compared to other tanks on the market. I have noticed this coming from a couple of more flavour intensive tanks that the flavour isn't as strong as them. So You may get a nice vape but it isn’t the strongest on the market by a long shot unfortunately. The airflow is a little too big when considering the power of the coils, at around 75W, you will find yourself closing the airflow over to get more of a flavour as the giant airflow can overpower the flavour as well, too much when fully open. I can see that being an advantage with higher powered coils I imagine have released since this launched but not at the lower powered range.


So should you buy this mod? Honestly, this is one of those kits that are too niche to really appeal to mass market, but then again how many popular devices are like that? What you get here is a fantastic quality mod, performs really well, tank works great as a kit tank and comfortable as hell. It won’t be an all day kit considering the battery limitations unless you hardly use it throughout the day. However if it appeals to you, if you can find use for this as a single battery device then you will fall in love with it I reckon. Is it better than the original? Yes, everything is greatly improved to be honest.

Price on this is going to be around £49.99 for the kit in most places.  We are running a competition to give away the SMOK Mag Grip Kit and a SMOK G-Priv Baby - click here for details.

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My first ever proper set up was the vision spinner 2 and nautilus mini tank. That set up lasted me around 9 months believe it or not. Until I upgraded like everyone else to the Kanger Subbox Kit and I never looked back. I have had my ups and downs over the years from bad purchases, failures and setbacks but the most important thing is that I have learned. My hope as a fellow vaper is to pass all my knowledge on and help others as they have helped me over the years.  Nowadays I am a writer, reviewer , Youtuber and long standing member of this fine vaping community. I write as a hobby and review as a fellow vaper. I look to bring unbiased and honest thoughts which I hope you enjoy though my reviews.  Just remember, vaping is there to get you off the cigarettes so enjoy it and stay safe!

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