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Phix by MLV

The Phix by MLV is one of the latest closed system devices to hit UK shores, and since it was released towards the end of 2016 in the US it has proven extremely popular indeed Stateside. The US version of the Phix contains pods with a 50mg nicotine salt content and flavours especially formulated by Brewell MFG, however due to this being above the 20mg limit imposed on us thanks to the TPD, Brewell MFG reformulated the pods so that the UK and EU version of the Phix has pods with an 18mg nicotine strength.

A ceramic cCell coil system is found within the Phix pods themselves with a 1.4-1.5ohm resistance range, and the Phix pods have a 1.5ml capacity. The chassis of the device has been designed to feel as ergonomic as possible, and a draw activated firing system means that you have no buttons to press, simply draw and the Phix will fire accordingly. A magnetic system is used for charging as well as securing the pod to the battery.


  • 110mm x 19mm x 10.75mm dimensions
  • All in one closed system device
  • Draw to fire
  • No buttons present
  • Prefilled Phix Pods with flavours formulated by Brewell MFG
  • cCell Ceramic Coil
  • 1.4-1.5ohm resistance
  • 1.5ml capacity
  • Plug and Play connection
  • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
  • Voltage based output
  • 3.7v Output Voltage
  • 280mAh battery
  • 220 puffs per charge
  • LED Light Indicator
  • Magnetic USB charging
  • 1A max charge
  • Hexahedron shaped chassis

About the Phix by MLV

An all in one, closed circuit loop system, the Phix measures in at a pocket pleasing 110mm x 19mm x 10.75mm and features a very stylish hexahedron shaped body making it comfortable to hold and easy to use. It is one of the taller pod systems available, but it is also very easy on the eye at the same time, and features hard wearing build quality meaning it stands up to day to day use very well, though the finish on the body can be prone to scuffs and scratches if you aren't careful with it.

Within the Phix kit you get the Phix battery itself, featuring an in built 280mAh battery which the manufacturer states is good for 220 puffs per full charge, a single 18mg Original Tobacco flavoured Phix Pod, a magnetic USB charging cable and a user manual as well. Additional pods can be purchased for the Phix, which are readily available from Custom Vapes in the UK. Five different Phix Pod flavours are available at present, which I will have a look at below...

Phix Pods

Especially formulated by Brewell MFG to provide the perfect mix of flavour and throat hit, there are five different Phix Pod flavours available in the UK at present. The Phix Pods have a 1.5ml capacity and they are the first to feature a cCell Ceramic Coil system for the cleanest possible flavour, with the coils having a 1.4-1.5ohm resistance. Phix Pods are only available in 18mg nicotine strength at present, and the flavours available are:

  • Strawberry Hard Candy
  • Spearmint
  • Ice Tobacco
  • Butterscotch Tobacco
  • Original Tobacco

Personally, I found all five of the flavours to be excellent, right up there with the very best I have tried in a pod system yet. Throat hit isn't too sharp or too heavy with any of the flavours I have tried, and I found them extremely easy to vape. At first the Phix Pods my seem to be pricey, but they last a good couple of days of heavy usage, whereas with a fair few other pod systems I would be lucky to get a day out of a single pod. My own personal favourites were Butterscotch Tobacco and Ice Tobacco, however I would happily vape all five flavours all day long.

Using the Phix

Using the Phix couldn't be any easier, you simply insert a Phix Pod into the magnetic port at the top of the battery and take a draw. As it is a closed system device, no buttons are present, a single LED on the battery lights up as you take a draw to indicate the device is firing. The Phix offers a mouth to lung vape, making it ideal for those switching from smoking to vaping. The Phix Pods available now are slightly revised over the earlier Phix Pods, offering a slightly looser draw than the first Phix Pod versions, and a metal chimney is also now found within.

The LED light on the battery also lights up when the battery is charging, and flashes repeatedly when the 280mAh battery is fully charged, but it doesn't give any indication as to how much battery life is left unfortunately, when the battery is dead the Phix will just refuse to fire and the LED will blink a few times. Thankfully, battery life is very good for a pod system, I use my Phix first thing in the morning, fairly frequently throughout the day and then last thing at night, and I'll get over a full day's use easily. The battery is charged using a magnetic USB charger, which connects to the base of the battery, and it fully charges in under an hour when plugged into my laptop.


I've got no hesitation in saying that I believe the Phix is the current cream of the crop when it comes to pod systems available within the UK market. It's a great looking and well built device, and it boasts some of, if not, the best and cleanest tasting pods I have tried to date. The Phix is a device that I take everywhere with me, and enjoy using at various points throughout my day.

I would highly recommend looking at purchasing a Phix if you are looking to give up smoking and switch to vaping, it's a device that couldn't be any easier to use, and the great tasting pods will go a long way to keep you off of cigarettes. The Phix is a high quality device, and in my opinion it is up there with the JUUL as the top dog in the pod system market!

The Phix by MLV is available from Custom Vapes, many thanks to Absy at Custom Vapes for sending the Phix in for review!