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Innokin Riptide Crios Kit

The Riptide Crios Vape Kit is a brand new product by well-known manufacturer Innokin which aims to deliver both power and performance. Featuring a 22mm diameter soft to the touch battery with a large 3000mAh capacity internal battery and combined with the Crios Sub Ohm Tank this is a very attractive kit. It should certainly appeal to any would be vape newcomer who is looking for more full on airflow, intense flavour and very generous vapour production. So let’s take a good look and see what it has to offer!

Innokin Riptide Crios Kit features

  • Simple to Use.
  • 22mm Diameter.
  • 3000mAh Battery Capacity.
  • Constant Fixed-Wattage Output
  • Rubberised Soft-Touch Finish.

Crios Sub Ohm Tank

  • 22mm Diameter.
  • 2ml Capacity.
  • Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass Construction.
  • Top Filling.
  • Fully Adjustable Triple Airflow Slots.
  • 810 Tapered Delrin Drip Tip.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Innokin Riptide Riptide Battery
  • 1 x Innokin Crios Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1x 0.25ohm Coil (Pre-Installed).
  • 1 x Spare 0.25ohm Coil.
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable.
  • Warranty Card.
  • User Manual.

Once again like other Innokin products everything is really nicely packaged, with the box divided into two separate compartments. One side contains the device and tank, and the other includes all the accessories. The fact that two coils are included in the package is another plus point and great for a new user who might accidentally burn out a coil by not priming it properly.

Innokin Riptide Crios Kit styling and build quality

The Innokin Riptide battery is very much like a 22mm diameter chunky vape pen but I feel it has more of the style of a traditional mechanical mod. The design is really stunning and Innokin have done a lovely job. The device itself is constructed from Zinc alloy but features a soft to the touch rubberised coating which is so very comfortable in the hand, and also makes for a superb non-slippery grip.

There is a single fire button on this device which has a good feel and is highly responsive. Just like the battery it has a rubberised coating. Anyone who once owned a ZX Spectrum (showing my age now) with its rubber keys will feel right at home here!

Despite the fact that the Riptide features a large capacity 3000mAh internal battery the weight distribution is perfect. It feels robust, but not all unwieldy. The black finish is complimented really well with blue accents on both the fire button and the tank O-rings. Everything looks extremely stylish and this is further heightened by the tribal style tidal wave logo on the bottom front of the device and even on the surrounding rim of the top cap around the Stainless Steel 510 connector. It’s a shame you’ll only ever see that when you remove the tank. The base features the stylised word, “Riptide” and also the manufacturer’s name, “Innokin”.

The overall attention to detail is exemplary and Innokin have really gone to town with this product. The included Crios Tank is 22mm in diameter and a perfectly flush fit when attached to the battery. The construction of the tank is good, the parts fit together well and the glass is fairly thick. Should you ever have an accident, the box does contain spare tank glass.

There are three bright blue LED lights positioned just above the fire button which alert you to the current status of the battery.

You can replace the fitted Delrin drip tip but keep in mind the Crios uses an 810 fitting. Personally I feel the drip tip is just right, not too wide bore and nicely tapered to feel comfortable on the lips.

Ease of use

This device is perfectly suited to the vaping newcomer.

  • To switch the device on/off press the fire button three times.
  • To vape hold down the fire button.
  • As mentioned earlier there are three LED indicator lights above the fire button which alert you to the current status of the battery.
  • When three lights are lit the battery is 31-100% charged.
  • When 2 lights are lit the battery is 11-30% charged.
  • When only one light is lit the battery has less than 10% charge remaining and you should recharge.
  • To charge the device attach the included Micro USB cable to it and then connect the other end to a USB outlet. When the device if fully charged all the LED lights will go out.

The Crios tank is dead easy to use, changing coils is simple as is filling due to top fill design. The manual explains both processes clearly. Just make sure that the tank is completely screwed together after replacing the coil or refitting the top cap. Allow at least 15 minutes after priming the coils for the wicking to fully saturate.

One thing to note is that while the Crios features knurling it is actually quite difficult to adjust the airflow while the tank is fitted to the Riptide battery. It adjusts one way but if you turn it the other you can just end up loosening the tank from the battery. The best solution is simply to set it before screwing the tank onto the battery. Of course the possibility exists that the tank I received simply has a stiff airflow ring.

Innokin Riptide Crios performance

I primed the coil and filled up the tank with some of Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg. I gave it at least 15 minutes to let the wicking completely saturate, because I had read that they can tend take a little longer to break in.

Unlike Variable Wattage the Innokin Riptide fire’s at the most appropriate Wattage based on the Resistance of the coil. Essentially it functions as a mechanical mod, but one which is loaded with safety features.

The vape I got was highly impressive, perfect amount of heat, lovely flavour which was very crisp so the juice tasted just how I expected. What was also really nice is that I got a really good throat hit with 3mg strength juice, but I can attribute some of that to the menthol content in the juice used. Nevertheless given the airflow and the coil Resistance it will hit pretty hard, but that might be a quality you really need.

With triple airflow slots the Crios is quite full on and ideally suited to anyone who enjoys a direct lung inhale style of vaping. You can of course close it down to a more restricted vape, but I don’t feel this is suited to mouth to lung users because it’s still too loose and airy, nevertheless there are numerous other starter kits produced by Innokin that will cater to you in that department. Now keep in mind this tank does put out a lot of vapour when filled with 80VG juice and can be quite the little room fogger!

Given the heat when vaping and also testing the tank on my SX Mini Q Class to compare I would say the device is firing at 60W with this Resistance, perhaps as much as 65W.

Now this might seem a bit high but the battery is 3000mAh capacity so will definitely last you a good few hours. All in all I got somewhere in the region of 4 hours with regular heavy use, because quite honestly I found it really convenient and couldn’t leave it alone! More modest users will likely get 6-7 hours or more. Charging takes about 3-4 hours, but I didn’t pay too much attention and just let it get on with it while I used other devices.


Overall I really find the design quite striking and love the attention to detail with the little abstract tidal wave motifs. I thoroughly enjoyed using this device and in many ways it is very much the vaping equivalent of a large Havana cigar. For anyone who prefers something different to the plethora of starter box mods out there and needs a more intense kit to kick their smoking habit, this one comes highly recommended!

Many thanks to Innokin who kindly sent this product to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. The Innokin Riptide Crios Kit is currently stocked by a variety of vendors. Innokin have also generously provided us with a Riptide Crios Kit to give away to one lucky winner. For your chance to win this great prize please see our competition.

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