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Freemax Twister Metal Edition

Our review of the new metallic twist of the fantastic Freemax Twister Kit. Does it live up to the hype?

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Tea Fibre Cotton...Refresh your flavours!...

FreeMax are a company who innovated the mesh coil from time and time again and have now bought this new ‘Tea Fibre Cotton’ which is sure to hit the brew of any kind, their journey is phenomenal. This device is the first I know of and it worked well with the graffiti print and now metal wow...The principle Is great and is the first in its class, let’s drop down and see this In action…

Out the Box

So, we have the new FreeMax kit which Is the first know kit from the likes of FreeMax and what a bit of kit it is. The Pen device comes in 7 different colour options Stainless Steel, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Rainbow & Golden. Which gives the buyer chance to mix up the styles a bit. The kit retails at $50 with a UK price of £40.

The battery is built in with variable wattage controlled by the twist bottom.

The mod can reach up from 5-80w working on only the wattage function. Who needs anything else?

The kit includes a USB charger, a spare TX coil for the Fireluke Metal (which are awesome) and a spare glass which is TPD compliant.

Always at the bottom of the box is the user manuals along with a warranty card.


Freemax Fireluke (Included)

The Build

This is a stunningly-built of kit and not overboard. The construction is outstanding and really feels well built. The design is very cool and isn't off-putting (as some would say), I think it works very well. The colour designs are nice as well and work for me. The variable wattage twist action is cool and does work well but I find it hard to give an understanding of the wattage it's specifically set to.

On the front, above the fire button, the device lights up blue when firing or charging the device. The device will also enter a standby mode after 30 minutes of not being used and you can wake it up by clicking the fire button again

The built-in 2300mah battery works a treat! The charge rate is 1A, which is lower than some pens out there at the moment and it would have been good to see the standard 2A to keep in-line with everything else, but it may be that this is intended by Freemax and the device charges batteries better (and safer) at a lower rate.

The TX (Tea Fibre Cotton) Coils use a 90% tea fibre formula, which brings intense flavour and refreshes the flavour profile of the coil, even when switching flavours...awesome right? Well there's more! The coils have been upgraded to use a diamond pattern structure which increases surface area exposure to help balance the liquid flavour with the intensity of the cotton. The coils are also 40% bigger than before which can improve the air intake and gives bigger, denser clouds and boosts flavour significantly.

FreeMax have included the following protection on the device:

  • Short-circuit Protection
  • Resistance of the atomizer is lower than 0.08Ω,
  • Overtime Protection
  • Over-temperature Protection
  • Low-voltage Protection


  • Amazing coils
  • Quality workmanship and finish
  • A good weight
  • The mod feels great and sturdy in your hand
  • Consistent power output until the battery is nearly drained (safety protection)
  • Stylish
  • Perfect hit every time
  • Flavour
  • TX Mesh coils are awesome


  • Hard to gauge the wattage accurately
  • Drinks through your liquid!

FreeMax TX Coils


I’ve had nothing but enjoyment from this kit and the experience has been great throughout my time using it.

Now these TX (Tea Fibre Cotton) coils are awesome! Who would of thought this would or could have worked to provide such an amazing flavour to any liquid? I must say these are impressively innovative and I will certainly be buying them again.

The mod performs at its best through the entirety of the battery life and I think it’s a great addition to the vaping world.

Will it sell well?

I'm not sure, but it certainly deserves to! The design is great and it's extremely comfortable to use. The colours and patterning are fantastic, the tank is extremely well made and the device vapes very well. Its dinky but cloudy!

Overall, FreeMax have smashed this kit and I would recommend anyone to have one in their collection. The fact that it can be adjusted to suit you preferred vaping style is not new, but it is handled very well here. The ease of use will appeal to both new users as well as experienced vapers. Don't delay, go and grab one while you can!

Equipment/Products Used

Mod: FreeMax Twister Metal Edition (Green)
Tank: FreeMax FireLuke Metal Edition (Green)
E-liquid: Joes Juice – Bucket Slush - Blazberry – 3mg 70/30
Coil: FreeMax TX Mesh (0.2ohm)
Battery: Built-in 2300mAh

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