Dinner Lady Mango Ice Disposable E-Cigarette Review by Antony Lord

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Dinner Lady Mango Ice Disposable E-cigarette

Dinner Lady Mango Ice Disposable E-cigarette 

A little while ago Michelle reviewed Dinner Lady’s range of prefilled disposable pod systems, well they’ve added a new flavour to the lineup which they asked us to take a look at, and this time it’s Mango Ice.

Every Dinner Lady disposable pod device comes packaged in a small cardboard box with product details clearly marked on the front and warnings etc. on the back. Inside there’s a sealed packet containing the device which mirrors the outer packaging.

Once you remove the pod from the packaging, you’ll need to remove a small plastic bung from the drip tip and a sticky protector from the bottom to begin using the device. Having used similar devices in the past, I know they’ve been placed there to minimise the chance of leaking in transit and storage. Once you’ve removed these, the Dinner Lady disposable pod is a simple draw activated system with a medium tight mouth to lung draw.

The pod uses an aluminium outer sleeve with a prominent Dinner Lady logo just below the semi-transparent pod which you can see your e-liquid through easily. Once you take a draw, the clear plastic section on the bottom lights up blue. The airflow also comes up the body through this bottom section so be careful not to cover that up in use. On my particular pod there was definitely something loose, I could both feel and hear it moving around. I’m not sure if this is a part of the design (part of the draw activation system perhaps) or a build quality issue on this particular example, it didn’t affect performance though. All the disposable pods contain 1.2ml of 20mg e-liquid along with a 300mAh battery, you’ll run out of liquid before the battery is flat so no wastage there, but there is of course the issue of safe/environmental disposal to consider.

With these kits it’s all about the flavour, and there’s a sweet mango on the inhale with a hint of koolada on the exhale which isn’t too overpowering. It initially felt a little muted, but that’s not uncommon for this type of kit, and the flavour seemed to improve after a few draws transforming this into a very relaxing vape to settle down with in front of the TV for the evening.


Dinner Lady Mango Ice Disposable E-cigarette close up

Whilst I wouldn’t use these disposable pods as my all day vape, they're perfect for a new vaper to try out or for those situations where you find yourself out and about with a busted kit. They’re not unreasonably priced and as Dinner Lady gear is widely available at places like ASDA, these should be easy to find in an emergency as well. They are also available to order directly from Dinner Lady at a not unreasonable £5.99 each with discounts for multiple orders of two or more and it’s nice to see them expanding the range of available flavours.

Dinner Lady Mango Ice Disposable E-cigarette packaged

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 Antony Lord
Article by Antony Lord
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