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Aspire Gusto Mini

One of the most exciting starter kits to hit the market in recent times is a collaboration between two of the biggest names in the industry- hardware giants Aspire and E-Liquid behemoths Element. The result of this collaboration is the Aspire Gusto Mini, a lightweight pod styled device which takes pods designed by Element containing their new nicotine salt based E-Liquid range, named NS 20.

The Aspire Gusto Mini is a new style of all in one device, featuring a TPD compliant closed system design. It accepts the Element NS 20 pods, which feature a 1.5ohm coil head pre-installed, and the Gusto Mini outputs 17 watts through this. It boasts a very small and discrete form factor and a built in 900mAh USB rechargeable battery, making it ideal for out and about usage!


  • Designed in conjuction with Aspire and Element E-Liquid
  • Takes Element NS 20 nicotine salt based pods
  • Pods wicked with Japanese Cotton, 4.2ml pod capacity- filled with 2ml of E-Liquid within the EU.
  • 22mm x 47.5mm x 60mm dimensions
  • Mouth to lung/Direct lung hit
  • 900 mAh built in LiPo battery
  • USB charging
  • 17 Watts power output
  • 1.5ohm coil heads
  • Two drip tips included
  • One button operation
  • LED Light
  • 10 second cut off
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Over heat protection

About the Aspire Gusto Mini

The Aspire Gusto Mini comes boxed in Aspire’s trademark black packaging, inside the presentation box you get the Aspire Gusto Mini device itself, two Delrin drip tips, a micro USB charging cable, user manual and a warranty card. No pods are included with the Gusto Mini, these do need to be purchased separately, however the Gusto Mini has been priced very competitively at £19.99 with Sparks Ecigs, and the pods are available at £9.99 for a pack of three. Four different finishes are available at present, with Black, Grey, Red and Blue.

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Size wise, the Aspire Gusto Mini is a tiny little device, measuring in at 22mm x 47.5mm x 60mm. My hand swallows it up and it’s barely noticeable in my pocket, making it a great bit of stealthy kit!

At the top of the Gusto Mini, you have 510 threading for your drip tip, you do get two Delrin drip tips included with the kit (which are both the same) but you can use your own favoured drip tip if you so wish, which is a nice little feature. The front of the device features the power button, LED light indicator and the USB charging port, with a cut out on the side directly opposite which allows you to see how much E-Liquid you have left in your current pod.

Element NS 20 Pods

A huge selling point with the Gusto Mini is the collaboration with famed Element E-Liquids, and the pods for the Gusto Mini contain Element NS 20 nicotine salt E-Liquid with a 20mg nicotine strength. Each pod has a 4.2ml capacity and comes pre-filled with 2ml of Element NS 20 E-Liquid if purchased within the EU, outside of the EU the pods contain 4ml of NS 20 E-Liquid. These are currently available with Sparks Ecigs at £9.99 for a pack of three pods, and the flavours available are as follows-

  • 555 Tobacco
  • Honey Nut Tobacco
  • Strawberry Whip
  • Frost
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Watermelon Chill

I’ve found all six of the flavours to be excellent, and flavour delivery is up there with the best pod systems on the market. I got a very good nicotine hit from the 20mg pods, certainly enough to keep me going! Out of the six I have tried, 555 Tobacco and Frost were my favourites, but I would happily re-order any of the six flavours above!

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My only gripe was that the Gusto Mini seemed to get through juice quickly, which is mainly down to it being one of the more powerful pod systems on the market. I could get through a pod in half a day easily! Thankfully the pods are easy to refill, simply pop the rubber bung off the top then fill to near the top of the pod before replacing the bung. Element NS 20 e-liquid is how readily available within the UK in 10ml bottles and I’ve been refilling my pods with these, I have found that I can refill a pod around four times on average.

Using the Aspire Gusto Mini

The Aspire Gusto Mini is very simple to use, to turn the device on and off you simply click the fire button at the front five times, the LED lights indicator will blink once you have done so. 

Installing a pod requires you to pull the two silicone tabs off of the bottom of the pod, then tap the top of the pod until E-Liquid feeds down to the wicking holes. Install the pod in the side of the Gusto Mini, making sure it clicks into place, then leave it for five minutes to allow the juice to soak into the wick.

Pure Eliquids

Once ready, simply press the power button to fire it. I have found the draw to be a restricted lung hit/loose mouth to lung, if you would prefer a tighter draw you can use a narrower bore drip tip. 

Note from junglist - the draw on the Gusto is pretty loose IMO, not full on clouds by any stretch of the imagination but certainly not a lung hit device.  Unfortunately there is no airflow control on the device or pods either but you can put a bit of tape over a section of the airflow hole on the pod to give you a tighter draw. You can get this down to a pretty decent mouth to lung draw by covering over 70-80% of the air hole if you don't have a narrower drip tip.

A 900 mAh battery is built into the Gusto Mini, which has kept me going for a whole day. This is double or even triple the capacity of many other pod system batteries on the market to date, and it recharges in around an hour on average via USB.


I had seen and heard a rather large amount of hype around the Aspire Gusto Mini recently, and after road testing one myself I’m happy to say that I do believe this little kit lives up to the hype - and then some! 

Thanks to Aspire’s collaboration with Element, the Gusto Mini boasts some of the very best tasting pods that money can buy- and having something enjoyable to vape will go a very long way to helping people switch from smoking to vaping! The 20mg nicotine salt pods provide a good nicotine hit as well, and a lasting one at that.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

The Aspire Gusto Mini has found a permanent home in my ever expanding collection of pod system devices, and it’s something that I have been using on a daily basis whenever I am in need of a quick nicotine fix. If you are searching for a reliable back up device, or looking to purchase your first starter kit to get you off of the smokes, the Aspire Gusto Mini comes very highly recommended!

Many thanks to Sparks Ecigs for sending the Aspire Gusto Mini and pods in for review, which can be purchased from

Sparks Ecigs have kindly provided us with an Aspire Gusto Mini with one of each Element NS20 pods to giveaway, you can enter the competition here!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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