Asmodus X Ultroner Luna Review by Adam Bolt

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Asmodus X Ultroner Luna

Asmodus X Ultroner Luna

On the Luna…

I'm a huge fan of stabwood mods as I am a joiner by trade, so they kind of have a good feel and represent me in terms of my career. They all look different and I haven’t seen one yet which is identical. Ultroner has been big on this scene for a while now and know how to make it right. With the likes of asMODus helping out, it sure is a good collaboration.

Asmodus X Ultroner Luna boxed

Out of the Box

The mod comes in seven different colour options - green, red, purple, blue, mosaic white, black and red, all of which gives the buyer a chance to show off with their RDA tanks and colour coordination skills. The kit retails at $59 and £45. But there are huge savings in places in and around the UK and China.

Asmodus X Ultroner Luna full contents


The battery requirements are a single 18650. 

The mod is an unregulated device which works on the power of the battery you provide based on the overall battery life, which is explained further down.

The kit includes two spare bottles. As always, at the bottom of the box is the user manuals along with a warranty card.

Asmodus X Ultroner Luna squonk bottle

The Build

So let’s start out with the shape. It’s a rectangular box design which is very light and feels great in the hand. It's constructed from an aluminium outer section but the main material used is wood. The action of the slip bottom housing is great and it’s very sturdy which I like a lot. For me, the design is great and it fits well into my hand with no problems.


A 510 pin is located offset but central to the mod, which would only carry a 25mm tank. I mainly used the STNG RDA as I thought it would best suit the configuration. The safety aspects are down to the users understanding of safe vaping. The battery is housed under a screw in bottom, which is made of SS and this has a fold-down flap so you can tighten the battery in place. 

  • To operate, you click the button five times to switch on and off. The ramp up time is really quick and there seems to be minimal lag from the battery to the RDA which is great. There is no option to alter the wattage as previously stated, as it is dependent on battery life. I roughly got one and a half days out of one single battery, which I thought was really good for an RDA and Mech mod. 

The squonking bottle is located to the front of the mod. This is very easy to squeeze and seems to work a treat every time. Taking the bottle out if you need to change liquid is a nightmare, the seal is really good and can cause issues. I would ensure that you keep an RDA to change anything as it will result in less mess. The bottle is removed by opening a magnetic cover which comes away easily and is then pushed in.

Asmodus X Ultroner Luna blue swirl

The chip protects the user from these issues:

  •   Negative Polarity: the LED will flash green when you install the battery correctly, the LED will not flash if installed incorrectly. 
  •   When the users battery hits 3.3V the mod will shut off, protecting the mod, battery health and, most importantly, the user: the LED will flash RED five times indicating your battery is at 3.3V. 
  •   The mod will automatically shut off when firing the mod for over ten seconds to prevent any auto-firing moments
  •  The LED will flash red if the Luna detects a short in the users atty
  •   When the Luna Squonker mod reaches over 85 degrees, the mod will shut off automatically to prevent any accidents

Asmodus X Ultroner Luna base



  • Quality workmanship 
  • A good weight
  • Great feel to the mod
  • Easy squeeze
  • 6ml capacity
  • Consistent power output until the battery is nearly drained (safety protection)
  • Stylish
  • Head turner stabwood


  • Hard to remove bottle 
  • Bottom magnets for bottle holder are not strong enough

Asmodus X Ultroner Luna side view


I'm a huge fan of squonkers and this is an amazing addition to my collection. It has been a dream to review and worked a treat from day one. The stabwood finish is awesome as it ages with time which is pretty decent as it gracefully ages. 

The battery life is really good, especially when you are using an MTL RDA as it doesn’t weaken the battery as much.

Overall, asMODus/Ultroner have done well. This kit is one to buy! If I broke it would I buy another? Damn right I would, it is great and I love the design. Plus the bottle holds 6ml of eliquid which is much better than most tanks at the minute! Now please be sure to go out and try it, or even better buy it! If you’re after a single battery squonker, it a good price in the UK and worldwide at the moment.

Equipment/Products Used

Mod – asMODus x Ultroner – Luna Squonker -
Tank – Wotofo – STNG MTL RDA - Black
E-liquid – Vampire Vape – Heisenberg – 70/30
Coil – Single Fused Clapton’s - O.8ohm
Batteries – Golisi S26 Pro Series


Asmodus X Ultroner Luna 510 connector

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 Adam Bolt
Article by Adam Bolt
I started vaping back in 2014 using the old pen devices...really hard trying to stop smoking with them for me I was on 10 cigs a day from the age of 13 and now 29, I'm Cig free and have been for the last year... I started sub ohming back in 2016 but gave up due to various issues with the pen than last year I finally gave up the cigs and bought a new stick device SMOK V8. This was when my passion for vaping began... I did start to look at the different devices but was dubious due to the fact they were too big but the dreaded battery life hit me and I decide to look at buying a mod.
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