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WonderVape RDA by iJoy

The WonderVape is the latest RDA produced by Shenzhen based company iJoy. This RDA is almost 24mm in diameter and features a dual post arrangement for easy building. In addition it offers a deep well, fixed bottom airflow and fully adjustable side airflow. The WonderVape RDA supports both single and dual coil builds.

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The WonderVape is the latest RDA produced by Shenzhen based company iJoy. This RDA is almost 24mm in diameter and features a dual post arrangement for easy building. In addition it offers a deep well, fixed bottom airflow and fully adjustable side airflow. The WonderVape RDA supports both single and dual coil builds.

It sounds very appealing so let’s have a really good look and see what it has to offer you!

WonderVape RDA features

  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Diameter: 23.8mm.
  • Two Post Build Deck.
  • PEEK Insulator.
  • Ultem Drip Tip.
  • Fixed Bottom Airflow.
  • Fully Adjustable Side Airflow.
  • Supports Single & Dual Coil Builds.
  • Gold Plated 510 Pin.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Wondervape RDA.
  • Organic Cotton.
  • 1x Screwdriver.
  • 2x Clapton Coils.
  • 4x Spare O-Rings.
  • 2x Spare Screws.

iJoy WonderVape RDA styling and build quality

The WonderVape RDA comes in a very basic looking orange box which for a few minutes made me wonder as to the quality of the contents. As they say you should never judge a book by its cover and the RDA itself is extremely nicely manufactured.

It is very sleek looking and streamlined with excellent machining. I was sent the Stainless Steel version but there other colours available such as gunmetal, black and rainbow. This particular RDA being 23.8mm in diameter tends to look really good on most devices.

The engraving on the WonderVape RDA is kept to an absolute minimum and only has Wondervapeco neatly engraved on one side. The entire RDA consists of four individual pieces: a base, the main barrel, the airflow controller/top cap and the drip tip. All of the parts fit together well but the main barrel is a very snug fit and does occasionally require some effort to press down. The reason is not due to any fault in the machining but due the two rather thick O-rings and the problem is still quite noticeable and a touch annoying even if you lubricate them. It make fitting and removing the barrel something of a chore which won’t be that big a deal if you tend to drip through your drip tip or via the top cap. Alternatively you could switch out the O-rings for thinner ones.

The deck is well laid out and has a deep well. The dual posts feature Phillips screws and the holes are sufficient for pretty much any build you care to fit. Lastly the 510 pin is Gold plated for excellent conductivity.


The barrel features three horizontal airflow slots which can be fully closed down with two catering to a dual coil build and the other intended for single coil use. In addition the base/deck section of the RDA features two fixed bottom airflow slots.

The only real issue with the airflow in my opinion is that when setting this RDA up in single coil mode there is no grommet included to plug the opposite unused bottom airflow. Now on the plus side of things it doesn’t really tend to affect the flavour in any serious way but does mean that things are still quite airy from a draw point of view. Keep in mind that even with the side airflow fully closed down this is an airy RDA. If you love that style of RDA’s then you will be right at home here!

Personally I found it a touch too airy for my tastes and I closed down the side airflow by 50%.

Ease of build

There is plenty of space for whatever build you have in mind and this RDA is very easy to work with. I would think that even a relative newcomer to rebuildables would get to grips easily with setting up the WonderVape in single coil mode. Like all bottom airflow RDA’s you do need to make sure that there is no cotton hanging over the airflow or you might get leaks and you do need to take care not to overfill the well.

The screws work well and the post holes have plenty of room. I set up the WonderVape with two 3mm ID 26 gauge coils which had final Resistance of 0.5ohm.

When dripping this RDA gives you three options. You can either drip directly through the tip (I personally avoid this since I’m a clumsy dripper), or alternatively take off the top cap, or lastly remove the entire barrel.

How does it vape?

This RDA vapes extremely well and is a serious contender to some which are double or even three times its price. In many ways the way this RDA vapes is a bit like a cross between my Kennedy Trickster and my CSMNT.

If you vape it in purely bottom fixed airflow mode with the side airflow closed down then personally I didn’t find the flavour as impressive as my Kennedy but once you open that side airflow up it makes a massive world of difference. The flavour becomes so much richer and it almost feels like you are chewing on each cloud of tasty goodness. The way the flavour just rolls into your mouth reminds me a lot of my CSMNT but this RDA costs a lot less. In addition to the excellent flavour you get some seriously impressive cloud production because as I said earlier this is a very airy RDA.

I did find I had to tweak my build a bit and shift the coils position slightly because I did get some spit back on occasion but that happens to me with my Goon if I don’t get the build right first time. I also had the typical problem I have with every bottom airflow RDA apart from my Kennedy (for some strange reason I never make that one leak) and overfilled the well a couple of times, but that’s likely down to me being a clumsy prat with no patience and not the fault of this particular RDA.

After having a very enjoyable vape session with the dual coil I ripped that build out and went for a single 3mm ID 26 gauge build which had a final Resistance of 0.7ohm. I set the side airflow to half open and only used the single slot which is intended for this type of build. I have to say that flavour was still pretty impressive. Certainly not as good as a dedicated flavour chasing single coil RDA but very respectable. In my opinion it would be perfectly satisfactory for anyone who wants to start with a single coil build before moving onto dual coils after a sufficient amount of practice.


This is a great RDA from iJoy that is well made and offers excellent flavour and superb flavour production. The option to set it up in either single or dual coil mode is certainly welcome since single coilers are often overlooked by many manufacturers. What is also a nice bonus is that flavour is surprisingly good in single coil mode.

In my opinion there is only really one flaw and that’s the fact that main barrel is a bit of pain to fit and remove due to the very thick O-rings which I suspect over time will get chewed up easily. I would suggest that you swap them out for thinner O-rings as soon as possible. On the whole despite that one problem this is a solid offering from iJoy given how well it vapes so do check out the WonderVape RDA!

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