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Odis Collection and Design O-Atty

Odis Collection and Design were formed in 2015 by Fadi Eweidah and Mark DeoCampo, and they have quickly established themselves throughout the industry with their high quality products. They have recently released their first atomiser under the Odis Collection and Design brand, in the form of the O-Atty.

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Odis Collection and Design were formed in 2015 by Fadi Eweidah and Mark DeoCampo, and they have quickly established themselves throughout the industry with their high quality products, which include drip tips, beauty rings, Billet Box accessories and perhaps most notably for their Hobo Drifter and Narda caps. They have recently released their first atomiser under the Odis Collection and Design brand, in the form of the O-Atty.

One of the most highly sought after rebuildable dripping atomisers to hit the market recently, the O-Atty from Odis Collection and Design sports a revolutionary airflow design whereby the 30 degree downward angle airflow holes maximise flavour and prevent leaking, alongside a 6mm deep juice well and two post build deck with clamps present to secure your coil legs.

Build quality is at the forefront of the design, with the O-Atty precision machined from 304 Stainless Steel. The deck is heat treated with gold plating present, which improves conductivity and the appearance. A bottom feeding pin is also available to purchase separately, to make the O-Atty compatible with squonkers, and there are different coloured slam caps also available.

There has been a lot of buzz around the O-Atty recently, so I dived in and purchased one myself, let’s have a look at whether it lives up to the hype...


  • 22mm width
  • Two post build deck with gold plated posts
  • Gold plated clamps to secure coil legs down
  • Single or dual coil
  • 6mm juice well
  • Conical top cap to reduce inner air turbulence
  • Precision machining from 316 Stainless Steel
  • PEEK Insulators
  • 30 degree downward angled airflow to enhance flavour and eliminate leaking
  • BF pin compatible
  • Different coloured slam caps available to purchase

What’s in the Box?

The original first batch release had the O-Atty packaged in a circular presentation box, however subsequent batches have the O-Atty packaged inside an Odis Creations small plastic container, which is housed within a black drawstring pouch. You also get a small spares baggie included, which has spare post screws and o-rings present within. Additional add ons that can be purchased separately include a bottom feed pin for squonking and different coloured slam caps.

Looks and build quality

Precision manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, the O-Atty just oozes class with its clean lines. It has a 22mm width and an adjustable 510 connector, for a flush fit on your mod. The first batch of O-Atties did have issues with the length of the 510 connector being too long for certain mods which to their credit Odis were quick to rectify, however the second batch, which I purchased from, has had no such reported issues. The stainless steel top cap sports two tear drop shaped airflow holes on each side with a black removable drip tip, however I did find that the top cap on mine did sit fairly loosely on the O-rings. Additional slam caps are available to purchase in clear, white, black and ultem yellow colours, which will reduce the height of the chamber. I also noticed that when using the slam cap this fitted snugly onto the base of the O Atty.

You have a 6mm deep juice well present in the deck, with two posts featuring gold plated clamps. The gold plating on the deck is visually spectacular as well as being functional, and the bottom feed pin ensures that juice travels seamlessly from your bottle to the deck with no issues at all. At the base of the O Atty you will find some outstanding looking precision engraving, with the Odis Collections logo central, unique serial number and the Odis Collection & Design text laser engraved.

Overall, I love the way the O-Atty looks, I think it is a beautiful atomiser that sports top notch looks and build quality.


Dual airflow is present on the O-Atty, with two teardrop shaped airflow intakes that funnel air down at a 30 degree angle to the deck, to maximise flavour and vapour production as well as reduce leaking and spitback. The airflow is adjustable, you can close down or open the airflow up simply by rotating the top cap, and this means draw options from a lung hit to a mouth to lung hit are available. Due to the angular airflow I haven’t run into any leaking issues when squonking either, which is a bonus!

Building the O-Atty

Sporting one of the most eyecatchingly designed build decks on the market, mainly thanks in part to the exquisite gold plating, the O-Atty has a two post build deck that is capable of supporting both single and dual coil builds and a 6mm deep juice well. Hex screws are used in the posts, along with gold plated clamps to secure your coil legs down.

The clamp system does take some getting used to however, and this does mean the O-Atty isn’t terribly user friendly. You do need to remove the post screw and clamp from at least one of the posts when building in order to trap down your coil leg, and you want to ensure you don’t overtighten the screws otherwise this could strip them. After a few builds, it does start to become second nature.

You have a couple of options when it comes to positioning your coils if using a single coil build. Your coil can be angled diagonally across the deck, with your wick tails at either end, however my own personal favourite is to have the coil horizontally across the deck, with the wick tails split into four and tucked into each corner of the deck, and the coil positioned fairly low so that the airflow hits the base of the coil.


The O Atty is primarily designed as a flavour centric atomiser and this is one of the absolute best flavour RDA’s I have experienced. I’d go as far as saying it is up there with the Hellfire Havoc as my current favourite! The flavour is incredibly smooth and intense, allowing you to taste and enjoy each individual flavour note in your juices, and this performs outstandingly well with any type of juice. If you are a flavour chaser, the O-Atty absolutely should form part of your collection, this really is amongst the best of the best in this department.

Despite the airflow holes appearing quite small, the O-Atty is no slouch when it comes to producing clouds. It does produce big clouds when you want it to, and handles low resistance sub ohm builds perfectly without too much heat being transferred to the top cap. I've tested builds as low as 0.2ohm, and I'm happily running a 0.3ohm SS 316L single coil build on a Frankenskull at the time of writing.

Adding a slam cap onto my O-Atty not only changed the appearance of it, but I seemed to get slightly more intense flavour from this too, which I really enjoyed. If you purchase an O-Atty and are considering purchasing a slam cap too, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so, as I really felt that with the reduced chamber size the already outstanding flavour got even better, and really bought the best out of this wonderful atomiser.


Invariably the O-Atty is going to be compared to the Narda, an RDA that the O-Atty draws more than a few design cues from, however having owned both the Narda and the O-Atty, I’m prepared to say the the O-Atty feels like a more refined and improved RDA. The Narda is a stellar performing RDA, one of the very best in class when it comes to flavour and build quality, however the O-Atty just takes the performance to the next level and matches the stellar build quality at the least. There’s a few reasons why I feel the O-Atty outdoes the Narda-

Firstly, the build deck feels much more forgiving than the one present on the Narda. When building the Narda, to really maximise flavour you needed to ensure the bottom of the coil was just about visible through the airflow hole, position it anywhere else and it feels a little muted. I’ve played around with a few different coil positions on the O-Atty, and I consistently get an incredibly flavoursome vape each and every time. Secondly, the airflow is less restrictive than the airflow present on the Narda, allowing for denser cloud production, a smoother vape, and more draw options. Thirdly, the O-Atty is virtually silent. There was an annoying whistle present on the Narda however with the O-Atty you get virtually no noise at all. Build quality on the Narda is exceptional, and I know there were a few issues with the initial batch of the O-Atty but these seem to have been rectified on the second batch, and the build quality on the O-Atty now rivals that of the Narda.

The price of the O-Atty may well be at the higher end of the spectrum, especially when you include all of the optional extras such as slam caps and the BF pin, however what you are getting for your money is a masterclass in design and performance, and a high end atomiser that is relatively easy to obtain, especially when compared to many of the O-Atty’s more elusive counterparts. It’s an incredibly well engineered RDA, that offers top of the range performance. Simply exceptional.

The O-Atty was purchased from www.vapor-z.co.uk for review.

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