Council of Vapour: Aris Rebuildable Atomizer Review by Toby Kilroy

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Sibling of the Stratos tank, does the Aris RDA have the same great genetics brought to the rest of the Council of Vapor family?

The Aris is a rebuildable atomizer created by the “The Council of Vapor”. Designed in Los Angeles by a group of passionate vapers, their products are crafted in Taiwan. Founded in 2013, they have been creating a fair amount of buzz in the US and their products are now starting to filter into Europe thanks to Sky Throne Limited, owners of TruVape and Alchemy E-Liquid, who have won sole distribution rights in the UK and Europe and have kindly sent me this RDA for review.

Basic Info

  • Glass and stainless steel finish
  • 24k gold plated posts
  • 510 thread compatible
  • Dual coil
  • 6.6mm deep juice well
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 51.35mm (including drip tip)
  • Weight: 35 grams
  • Glass cap section
  • Glass drip tip

Initial Thoughts

Much like the Stratos, the Aris comes packaged in a dark wood effect box with the Council of Vapor logo embossed in gold on the front with a seal to prevent tampering.


Upon opening the box I let out a massive sigh of relief: the Aris is just as pretty (if not prettier) as its sister the Stratos. A beautiful construction of pyrex glass, stainless steel and 24 carat gold, it truly is a sight to behold. Again I find myself struck by the simple yet stunning design that The Council of Vapour have wielded to create an elegant but solid looking atomizer. The creations coming out of their offices are, in my humble opinion, pushing the design and quality of tanks and atomizers to the next level. Let’s hope the competition can keep up!

At 22mm in diameter and 51.35mm in height with the drip tip on, it finds itself on par with some of the larger drippers but it’s not massive and is still smaller than most 22mm tank setups. Height on this occasion can be excused as a fair amount of this is given over to the massive 6.6mm juice well. You’re not going to need to be constantly dripping with this baby. Depending on the type and amount of wicking material, I expect you could fit a millilitre of e-liquid in with room to spare.

Underneath the foam that holds the atomizer in the box you’ll find a nice little package with wire and a small screwdriver as well as a selection of spares for the atomizer itself such as seals and screws. From experience I know how frustrating it is when a screw or seal falls off on the floor. It's even worse when you're outside! So the inclusion of these parts is a most welcome addition.

Lastly, the drip tip. Oh I do love a glass drip tip! Warm to the lips and they add a great finish to any tank, but with the amount of glass on this RDA it just looks magical.

Ready for Action

Coiling up the Aris RDA was actually a bit of a fiddle! There are three posts in the Aris, one positive and two negative meaning you have to poke one side of the “tails” from both coils through a single hole from opposite directions. Some will find this a breeze but others may struggle a little to fit the coils in place, especially when using thicker wire. However, the holes are quite big and whilst not easy, once you have the knack it’s a minor concern. The shorter post in the centre feeds the air into the atomizer and actually splits the airflow off and onto either coil, an ingenious design that seems to work very effectively and leaves the glass cap undrilled thus avoiding ruining the look and stopping e-liquid from leaking out when the atomizer is placed on it’s side.

The posts are tightened using a small crosshead screw on the top of each post and are able to give a decent grip and therefore connection to the gold plated posts.

Once the coils were in place, the cotton was fed through and sat nicely in the deep juice well. Filling was simply a case of dripping liquid into the well until it looked full.

Now one of the things I love about this tank is the cap that sits over the top. It’s a lovely looking thing made from thick Pyrex glass that simply slips over the juice well in the bottom. The fit is nice and tight but no so much that you find yourself struggling to take the cap off and you’ll find no sharp edges waiting to slice an unsuspecting finger. Once again the engineering on this range of products seems excellent, with no corners cut and durability placed as high on the list as functionality and aesthetics.

The base of the tank features a spinning ring that has the airflow control hole in it. A nice decorative effect also adds a decent grip as you turn the ring to adjust the amount of airflow you require. The ring is quite easy to turn so I would advise caution when taking it out of your pocket as you may have shut the airflow off by accident. It’s not something that’s happened to me yet but I can see how it could be a possibility to the unwary vaper.


My Setup

I have tried this RDA on quite a few different mods and mechs as well as trying a number of different coil/wick arrangements. I eventually settled on my Sigelei 100W box mod with a dual microcoil and Muji cotton. With this setup I achieved maximum flavour and a very respectable amount of vapour.

Those of you that know me will already know that I’m not a massive fan of sub-ohming but I dutifully tried it with this RDA and have to admit it’s better than quite a few I’ve tried due to its excellent airflow. However, being the boring fellow I am, the winner for me was by far the dual microcoil coming in at around 1.6Ω.

Liquid for me was a nicely balanced 50/50 PG/VG mix at around 12mg, however, this is purely based on personal preference.

How does it vape?

I can’t explain to you how very cool it is just to fire it up and watch the vapour filling the glass chamber. Yes, perhaps I am easily pleased but it did look amazing!

As stated in my Stratos review, I love glass tanks and drip tips. They do enhance flavour and tend to give the whole experience of vaping a very “natural” feel. This RDA was no exception and with a bit of patience to get the coil, wick and wattage/voltage right for you, the Aris provides a very satisfying, clean vape.


Due to the raised airflow that sits in the centre of the posts I have had no problems whatsoever with leaking or flooding. Even when lying the atomizer on its side when full, you'll see some liquid on the glass but nothing comes out at all.

After use, the inside of the glass does tend to become covered in water droplets. I can't even begin to imagine how you could avoid this but it's an obvious downside to having glass all around the coil.


Well it seems the Council of Vapor have done it again, with another great product and in my opinion a strong contender in the busy RDA market.

I will say that your hardcore sub-ohmers probably won’t get on too well with this due to the inability to increase airflow beyond factory settings. I can only imagine the hassle of trying to widen the centre post or drill through the Pyrex. If you like to modify your kit, best stay clear.

On the flip side, if you’re new to RDAs or if you like an RDA that looks great and vapes well this could well be the one for you!

Pure Eliquids

Some may have a few issues with coiling due to the post configuration and the lack of a further post but to be fair another post may well have jaded the brilliant look of this atomizer and it does look nice doesn’t it?!

So back to my original question, does the Aris live up to the hype generated by the excellent Stratos? I think it does with an ease I've begun to expect from this range whilst providing another excellent addition to the Council of Vapor family.

The Aris will be available to purchase soon from TruVape and will RRP at £40.

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 Toby Kilroy
Article by Toby Kilroy
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