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OBS Cheetah II RDA

It wasn’t so long ago that we reviewed the Cheetah RDA which was a decent 22mm budget RDA, but now Chinese manufacturer OBS have released the Cheetah II. Unlike the original Cheetah, the version II is 24mm in diameter, has a completely redesigned deck and features traditional side airflow instead of top airflow.

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While the Cheetah II RDA has certainly undergone some revisions in comparison to the previous model I personally feel it is a significant improvement. The locking top cap on the original was a nice enough idea but not a very useful from a practical point of view because you always had to line it back up after removing it. The Cheetah II’s larger deck thanks to the 24mm diameter as opposed to the Cheetah’s 22mm and the new post configuration is also much better since it now allows for bigger builds and offers more space for wicking.

I did actually like the top airflow of the Cheetah RDA but I think that the traditional side airflow offers better flavour which is certainly a noticeable step up in terms of quality. Cloud production and airflow has also skyrocketed compared to the original though you can dial the airflow back to your liking. There are only a few things which I am not especially keen on. Firstly I don’t like the split well design because it means you have to keep angling your juice bottle when dripping through the drip tip or instead take off the top cap for more precise results. The second minor issue is the very thin top cap which can take some effort to remove sometimes and does tend to heat up significantly at high Wattage, fortunately the Ultem drip tip does alleviate things.

Other problems will depend entirely on your own preferences such as no Squonk pin option, the fact that the drip tip isn’t a 510 fitting and does not include an adapter along with the RDA supporting dual coil builds only. However on the whole and considering the low price point this is very good RDA which offers great flavour and clouds. It is much better than the original in my opinion and well worth checking out!

Also keep in mind that there is a 22mm mini version of the Cheetah II RDA available which I expect vapes the same but there will be far less deck space to play with.

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