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M-Atty FTW Edition

The M-Atty is one of the most widely talked about RDAs in the high end vaping community, it's also one of the most elusive too, with a very limited number of them in the wild!

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Introduction to the M-Atty FTW Edition

I would like to start out by stating I have been fortunate enough to have an M-atty in some form or another in my rotation for the last few years. In the FTW edition we have what is essentially a collectors edition bundled in with an array of hard, maybe nigh on impossible to get parts. There are a number of versions of this iconic American made atomiser in the wild but we will be specifically looking at the FTW Edition, 1/2018 Latest Version of All Parts S/N FTW 001 – FTW 200. The basic atty itself is or was $120ish plus shipping and taxes.

Here is a quote from Matt Brown, the creator of the M-atty, taken from his website Mebmods.com:

Since my first rebuildable I have forever been in search of innovation, quality & craftsmanship. Over the past three years I've been fortunate enough to own some outstanding gear and would like to take this as an opportunity to show my appreciation and respect for all current and past Modders.  It's is only through your efforts that we've seen such progression.  Thank you.

The M Atty is not all things to all people.  It is something I take great pride in but I don't believe it to be the end all be all.  More so it's just a new chapter in the journey I have grown to cherish; one that has forever changed my life for the better. 

MEB Mods will always be a small operation and I apologize in advance if you would like to purchase a product that is unavailable.  Unfortunately, such is the nature of short run manufacturing.

I am blessed to have found a machinist with an unyielding dedication to quality and attention to detail; one which I have had the pleasure of building a longstanding friendship with through past projects in the Mechanical Engineering field. All parts and assemblies are by my design; the two of us manufacture, assemble, finish & QC all components exclusively in Orange County, California, USA.  In short we put eyes & hands on everything that is MEB MODS.

The rarity and mystique of the atomiser has been fuelled by the limited availability and short runs of the atomiser since its inception in 2015. Despite its age it still remains one of the most sought after pieces in “High end” vaping through a dedicated fan base and people eager to try this vaping monolith. Even now there are less than 2000 original M-attys in the world.


  • Base 22mm stainless steel 24kt gold plated
  • 3 post dripper
  • Various accessories available
  • Multiple coiling options
  • Adjustable airflow
  • USA designed and manufactured

This can be used in a standard dripping mode or with the provided squonk post. I use my M-atty exclusively in squonk mode.

There are a lot of parts in this edition and here is a picture of what you get with this edition and breakdown of associated parts. Prices are in dollars-

Aesthetics and Build Quality

For me, and it all comes down to personal taste, but I fail to find an atomiser that looks as good as the M-atty does and delivers such good performance even after nigh on 3 years since it was first made. The build quality is exceptional with its bevelled edges and you can really feel and see the effort that goes into this atomiser compared to some if not all I have been fortunate to try since I began vaping.

The fit and finish really is exceptional in every way and could potentially be compared to a jewellery level of detail. Machine marks are minimal in the deck itself and everything fits exactly as it should with a reassuring click. You can tell this is not a mass produced product and can understand what values and standards the modder is working to due to its reassuring weight and robustness. It really is a beautiful piece of work and it looks fantastic on everything.

Building on the M-Atty FTW Edition

Well it’s a simple 3 post atomiser! What more can I say? The ease of build is perfect and you don’t need an engineering degree or the patience of a saint to get a respectable build in this. Contact is all done via the gold plated clamps with Phillips gold plated screws - it really could not be easier!

My go to build, and I have yet to find better, is 2.5mm inner diameter dual stainless, 6 wraps either side coming out at around 0.3ohm. This produces a lovely warm vapour which moves me onto the next part.

How does the M-Atty FTW Edition vape?

I'm a pretty uncomplicated person when it comes to atomisers, and as such I tend to use dual coils in dual coil atomisers and single coils in single coil atomisers. The M-Atty has the option to change it to a single coil atomiser with the reducer and single afc slot amongst other accessories. For me this atomiser really shines in its dual coil variant, as far as I'm concerned that’s how it should be used and how it was originally intended to be.

The M-atty really shines on complex flavours such as bakery, custards and tobaccos and immediately became my reference atomiser for these types of liquids. You really get a rich flavourful vape consistently and can pick out elements of flavours that you may not on other atomisers - almonds, vanillas, ry4s and so forth really pop on this atomiser without hiding other flavours. I'm yet to try any atomiser that matches the M-atty so consistently in terms of flavour delivery, it literally makes your mouth water on occasions!

Its not too shabby on fruits either but I do prefer some single coil atomisers for fruit based E-Liquids such as the Skyfall or NarCa/NarDA for example.

Despite it being reasonably short the atty rarely gets hot. This may be due to the base being separate to the top cap which is separate to the afc which consequently is separate to the drip tip/integral. All in all this leads to a consistent and pleasurable vape!


There are a wealth of accessories for all tastes, ranging from different coloured top caps, afc’s, drip tips, pins to match whatever mod you wish to pair this atty with. Some have more than cosmetic uses, such as a top cap that has a 1mm hole on one side for all of you mouth to lung tighter than a nun's chuff folk or the wider-aired DC honeypot. There are potential options for every style of vape.

Availability and Price

Now the bad part. The M-atty is incredibly hard to get and, if and when you get one, the frustration of getting the new parts/accessories that inevitably come out can be all-encompassing. As mentioned before there are less than 2,000 now and they will likely not be made again. There is a secret group on Facebook where you have to own one to get in and inventory does drop on his website occasionally so you can be lucky, but lottery winner lucky to get one when Matt sporadically makes them!

I won't lie - I have got rid of one in the past due to not being able to get a Black AFC to match my set up, then spent 5 months trying to get another as I missed it. Some have not been as fortunate in getting another.

Trade wise people tend to hold onto them with dear life and the “market value” as such is exorbitant. I have seen a standard one in the past go for over $2500 on raffles!

Price for the standard M-atty with no squonk post or pretty much any accessories was $120. As above the FTW edition was $695 plus shipping. There have been a few variations such as a single coil version (SBF), star decks (deck alone) all of which vary in price and exclusivity.


Many will read this and think about the dated 3 post technology, the cost and the availability and make their own conclusions. For me, and I consider myself very fortunate to have one, it’s a luxury RDA that really brings out complex flavours if that’s your thing. Also the level of customisation available to match your perfect set up makes even the most drab looking mod classy. For most, and quite rightly so, its an unjustifiable product not just due to cost but also time and effort needed to acquire.

I won't be letting mine go again in a hurry as it really is a solid, comprehensive and incredibly well made performer. I also won't hold my breath until something comes along that ticks all of the boxes like the M-atty does, a few come close and perversely and coincidentally they are also made in California!

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