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Lost Vape Delirium V2 BF RDA

The Delrium V2 by Lost Vape is a 25mm bottom fed RDA. It features a two post Velocity style build deck and adjustable side and bottom airflow. You can either use this atomizer with your Squonking device or you can fit the included pin and use it as a traditional RDA.

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Lost Vape Delirium V2 BF RDA

The Delrium V2 by Lost Vape is a 25mm bottom fed RDA. It features a two post Velocity style build deck and adjustable side and bottom airflow. You can either use this atomizer with your Squonking device or you can fit the included pin and use it as a traditional RDA.

Lost Vape Delirium V2 BF RDA features

  • Diameter: 25mm.
  • Height: 35.8mm (Including Drip tip).
  • Side Adjustable Airflow.
  • Bottom Adjustable Airflow.
  • Squonking Ready.
  • Anti-Splatter Drip tip.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Lost Vape Delirium V2 BF RDA
  • 1x Bottom Feed Pin (Pre-Fitted).
  • 1x Standard 510 Pin.
  • A Pair of Clapton Coils.
  • Spare Parts.
  • 1x Allen Key.
  • 1x Pack of Organic Cotton.

Lost Vape Delirium V2 BF RDA styling and build quality

In terms of its overall looks the Delirium is fairly typical in its design. Being 25mm in diameter it tends to look good on most devices. Even though this RDA is quite standard in appearance, the overall production quality is very good and everything fits together well!

The Delirium also feels quite durable so it should last you some time. This is even more impressive when you consider its very reasonable price. The deck takes no radical chances with its design and uses the very popular Velocity style dual post arrangement featuring side tension grub screws, and the post holes themselves are wide enough to easily accommodate all typical builds.

There are two large air holes in the deck which are raised to reduce the risk of juice leaking out of the bottom airflow slots. The deck provides more than enough space for your coils and a good amount of cotton. In addition the well is reasonably deep so even if you prefer to use the Delirium in standard RDA mode you won’t be refilling too often. This RDA is pre-fitted with a bottom feed pin which allows the juice to travel from your Squonking device to the well.

Logos are kept to a minimum and this RDA simply has “Delirium V2” neatly engraved on one side. Lost Vape have provided a choice of two drips to use with this RDA. The first is a pre-ftted 11mm diameter Delrin drip tip which comes and the second found in the box is a sloped 12mm Delrin drip tip. If you prefer to use you own drip tips you won’t have any problems since the contents include a 510 drip tip adapter.


The Delirium certainly isn’t short of airflow and provides a good amount of options. The adjustment ring at the bottom of the RDA allows you to open and close the bottom airflow. It can be a little stiff to adjust and even more problematic when you have it fitted to a device.

In addition there are two sets of two slots on opposite sides of the sleeve. By rotating the top of the RDA you can adjust how open they are and you have the option to have either the upper or lower slot open or both of them. They can also be fully closed down if you would prefer to use the bottom airflow only which was actually my own preference when vaping.

One interesting design of the top cap is that it will only fit and certain way and you do have to rotate it to lock it into position. The good thing about this is the fact that when fitted the upper airflow slots will always line up with your coils.

As you would expect with all of these options the airflow is very airy but you can get a more restrictive vape by closing down everything but the bottom slots and only having those slightly open. One misstep of the airflow design is that it only caters to dual coil builds which is a shame for those who prefer single coil setups.

Ease of use

Since the deck uses the popular Velocity style post arrangement fitting coils is incredibly straightforward and most folks will be right at home. The screws worked well and held the wire securely and I had no problems making use of the pair of included Clapton soils.

Replacing the bottom feed pin is straightforward but I personally preferred to use this RDA with the Lost Vape Drone squonker.

How does it vape?

One thing this RDA does well is its ability to put out a lot of clouds and that really isn’t surprising considering how much airflow is available.

What I did find was that flavour was reasonably good but only at its best when restricting myself to just the bottom airflow. To really the most potential from this RDA you need to go with low Resistance builds and lots of power. Personally even though the flavour is decent enough I think it could actually be better. However when you consider how good this RDA is at producing lots of vapour I think the compromise is a fair one.

As a bottom fed device the Delirium works extremely well but since I am not what you would call a regular squonking fan I found it a bit easy to overdo squeezing the bottle and overfilled the well on more than one occasion. This made things a little messy with the juice pouring out the bottom airflow. Of course that is just one of those typical problems many folks run into when they are getting used to something new.


As a reasonably priced BF RDA the Delirium is certainly decently constructed and offers reasonably good flavour along with superb cloud production. What is also nice is that thanks to the included pins it can be used either with a Squonker or as a typical RDA. However what does limit its appeal in my opinion is the fact that the airflow only caters to a dual coil set up.

Another consideration is that given the large amount of airflow it really is suited to low Resistance, high Wattage builds and if you are specifically looking for something for high quality flavour chasing this doesn’t really cut it. What it does offer is a very easy to work with deck, solid construction, plenty of airflow and lots of clouds!

If you are on the look-out for a dual coil cloud chasing RDA to use on your Squonker this is certainly a very worthwhile one to consider!

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