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HCigar Maze RDA 24

HCigar are back with a larger version of the original Maze RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser), in the form of the HCigar Maze RDA 24. It’s manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, and sports a wider 24mm width than the original Maze did. There’s a two post Velocity styled build deck arrangement, a hinged top cap for easy dripping, a Stainless Steel drip tip with a smart resin inner, and it can also be used with a squonker by using the supplied bottom feeding pin.


  • 24mm width
  • 42mm height
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Has a bottom feed pin supplied for squonking
  • Two post Velocity styled build deck
  • Double deck adjustable airflow hole
  • Side airflow
  • Hinged top cap for easy dripping
  • Resin drip tip with stainless steel outer
  • Gold plated 510 connector
  • Gold plated bottom feed pin with hollow 510 connector

What’s in the box?

The HCigar Maze 24 comes in a fairly attractive presentation box, inside the box you get the HCigar Maze RDA 24 itself, a small information leaflet and a spares pack that contains an Allen key for the post screws, spare grub screws, a healthy amount of spare o-rings and a gold plated bottom feed pin for squonking use.

Design and build quality

The original Maze RDA was a bit of a stunner in the looks department, and although the Maze RDA 24 follows a similar sort of design, it doesn’t quite match up to the excellent looks of the original. It’s not a bad looking RDA, it’s just a little on the tall side, and the engraving around the base of the top cap isn’t quite as eyecatching as it was on the original.


Manufacturing wise, the Maze RDA 24 is built very nicely indeed, it has a solid 316L stainless steel construction, with smooth edges and a nice, robust feel to it. The drip tip is a particular highlight, sporting a lovely resin finish, with a stainless steel outer, however I’m not a massive fan of stainless steel drip tips, so I would have personally preferred an all resin construction with the drip tip. It does have a non standard fitting however, so you may struggle to find a different drip tip that fits, especially as no 510 drip tip adaptor is included. The drip tip fitting  actually sits on hinges on the top cap, and flips up so that you can easily drip juice down onto the deck. It doesn’t seem to click or lock into place however, and it does wobble around on the hinges.

At the base of the HCigar Maze RDA 24 there is a gold plated 510 connector present, to ensure maximal conductivity. A gold plated 510 pin is also included for use with a squonking mod, which is a great touch from HCigar. In practice however, I found that even though there is a pretty deep juice well here, it was too easy to oversquonk and end up with leaks from the airflow holes, due to their placement at the bottom of the RDA.


At the base of the top cap there are two airflow holes on each side, each measuring in at roughly 3mm each, for a total of four airflow holes. These feed four airflow holes at the base of the deck, which hit your coils from underneath. Airflow is adjusted by rotating the top cap itself, which in turn will close down and open up the air holes to your liking. There isn’t an option to close off one side of the airflow and leave the other open however.


Building the HCigar Maze RDA 24

Sporting the popular two post Velocity styled design, the HCigar Maze RDA 24 is a dual coil RDA primarily, however you can slot four coils in at a push. There’s a deep juice well present, able to hold an ample amount of e-liquid, and there are four circular airholes present, with two on either side of the deck, these feed air into the deck.

Post holes are of a generous size, meaning that you can get very creative with your builds, and the post screws trap your coil legs down nicely, although you do have to tighten the post screws up fairly firmly to ensure they don’t move about. Plenty of room is present here, and overall it’s a pretty easy deck to build on.


Flavour from the HCigar Maze RDA 24 is actually pretty decent, you can pick up some nice flavour notes from your E-Liquids, and it does provide a smooth vaping experience. It’s not mind blowing on the flavour front by any means, but when you consider that the HCigar Maze RDA 24 is available for £20 and under with a lot of vendors, you absolutely get your money's worth here. It certainly does provide better flavour than a fair few RDA’s that I have experienced costing triple or more than what the HCigar Maze 24 does.

Vapour production is pretty impressive, it does sport some pretty large airflow holes which when fully open, provide a very loose lung hit packed with a wealth of dense vapour, at first glance I wasn’t expecting a huge amount from the HCigar Maze 24 when it came to clouds, but I was left pleasantly impressed. The top cap does get pretty hot when this is used at high wattage, that heat however doesn’t tend to get transferred to your lips during use thanks to the resin construction of the drip tip.



I’ve been pretty happy with the HCigar Maze 24, it’s a solid performer that sports some very nice touches, with good build quality as well, and despite a few minor niggles that I have mentioned in the review there isn’t anything that I would consider to be a total deal breaker. The price is a massive bonus with this particular RDA however, I’ve seen this for sale for as low as £12 with www.gearbest.com, which to me is an absolute crazy bargain, and for that price it is well worth having a look at. 

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